Aladdin bail bonds Fresno -Workings of a bail bond

Aladdin bail bonds Fresno -Workings of a bail bond

If a family member or friend is detained by Immigration, the ICE or a judge may set bail. You can pay in two ways: yourself or through an authorized agency.


Workings of a bail bond

Sometimes it is convenient to pay through a bail bond agency like  Bond Cliff: bail bonds. For example, because relatives and friends do not have legal status. Or because they do not have all the money they ask for bail to deal with it. In general, the family member or friend pays between 15 and 20 percent of the total bail in cash and guarantees the rest with collateral. 

In cases like these, you have to contact an authorized company for this type of business. To be able to contact several and learn about the conditions.

It is very important to know how much you have to pay, what the collateral and other economic conditions are.

For more information on paying bail bonds through an agency or bondsman read the article on everything there is to know about immigration bonds.

In addition, people who came to the United States as children and meet a series of requirements could benefit from Deferred Action and avoid deportation (in addition to other benefits).

Likewise, the spouses, children, and parents of military or veterans of the United States can benefit from the parole in place and thus avoid their deportation.

Finally, keep in mind that if a procedure for deportation is initiated and there is a notification to appear in court, the delay times may vary depending on the state and depending on the type of case.


What should be done in the event that a friend or family member directly pays the deposit?

Must be legally in the United States, to be able to be an American citizen or a legal permanent resident.

You must pay the entire amount set by the ICE or by the judge as security by means of cash or bonds of the United States Treasury (bonds, notes).

You must make an appointment by phone with the local ICE office (appointment to pay the bond).

On the day of the appointment, go to the place indicated and at the appointed time. It is very important that only a relative or friend of the detainee who has legal status in the United States is present.

Must go with the means of payment, a valid ID, type driver’s license of the state, passport, green card.

And the original card (not worth a copy) of your Social Security Number.

There he will sign the documents I-305 – original of the receipt of having paid the bond – and the I-352 – a copy of the bond contract. These documents must be kept because it will be necessary to recover the bond later.


What is the amount of the deposit? 

It depends on several factors such as:

the seriousness of the accusation against the foreign person

your criminal history

if you have relatives in the United States

your immigration status

possibilities of “disappearing” and not showing up at hearings in the Immigration Court

In general terms (but there may be large variations from case to case):

the departure bonds are set at approximately $ 500

the deliver bonds have an amount that can range from $ 1,500 to $ 10,000 or more



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