10 places to have coffee in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Get ready for a nice cup of coffee; here are 10 places to have coffee in Savannah that aren’t Starbucks.

1. Espresso Gallery

This cafe has been in hostess town for decades – since 1993 to be exact. In addition to drinks, this unique cafe offers lunch, desserts, and artwork for you to view while you enjoy your treats.

The drinks from Gallery Espresso tend to cost less than $ 6, with their most expensive drink being a Maloney cappuccino. This drink is made with Irish wine-based cream and sells for up to $ 7.25. The best deal, however, is a regular cup of coffee, which costs just $ 1.75.

To learn more about Gallery Espresso, you can scroll down their website here.

2. Foxy Loxy Café

You can grab a taco and a cappuccino without making two trips by heading to the Foxy Loxy Cafe. Posing as “a Mexican cafe, bakery and canteen on an equal footing,” Foxy Loxy offers a fun combination: Tex Mex and coffee.

Most drinks cost $ 5 or less, and tacos will set you back under $ 4. A basic Americano will set you back $ 2.50.

For more information on Foxy Loxy Cafe, you can check their website here.

3. Mix a coffee shop

Blends a Coffee Boutique sells coffee from all over the world, including Guatemala, Ethiopia and Sumatra. The hand-selected coffee is roasted on site and served fresh to customers.

Drinks are all under $ 5, with the exception of an espresso sampler, which costs $ 6.99. A basic Americano from Blends will set you back $ 2.75.

Javier Carro, president of Blends a Coffee Boutique, said customers of his coffee shop should expect prices to rise in the new year. He did not say how much those price increases would be, but noted that the cost of coffee and raw materials has increased recently.

Located on East Broughton Street, the store is a short walk from Reynolds Square. For more information on Blends, you can check out their website here.

4. Savannah Roasters

Established in 1909, Savannah Coffee Roasters has been in the city for over 100 years. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to their drinks.

Their most expensive drink is a $ 7 French press. Their drinks come in many sizes and a 12oz drip coffee will set you back $ 2.50.

Located on Liberty Street, Savannah Coffee Roasters is a short walk from Pulaski Square.

To view their menu, visit their website here.

5. PERC roasters

This cafe was established in 2010 in a space that was once the icehouse for the Old Starland Dairy in Savannah.

Drinks on their menu cost $ 6 or less, with a standard cup of joe costing you $ 3. You can also buy coffee by the bag on their website.

The PERC Cafe is located on East Broad Street, about a five-minute drive from Forsyth Park. For more information, you can check their website here.

6. Blue Door Coffee and Waffles

It’s your one stop shop for coffee, waffles, and nostalgia. Blue Door Coffee and Waffles is a great place for the nerd who wants to reminisce about the glory days of sci-fi and superheroes.

Drinks come in multiple sizes and cost no more than $ 6. A single cup of coffee costs $ 2.49.

Like many of the places on this list, Blue Door is located on Bull Street.

For more information, you can check the Blue Door Coffee and Waffles website here.

7. Superb flowering

Superbloom is a collaborative store that started in 2016. The store gives customers the opportunity to drink their drinks while they shop. According to their website, Superbloom offers products from more than 30 local designers and artists.

You can get many different drinks at Superbloom, all for $ 5.50 or less. A filter coffee from the store costs only $ 3.

Superbloom is located on De Soto Avenue. For more information about the store, you can visit their website here.

8. Vic’s café-bar

Looking for something that has coffee and cocktails? Then Vic’s Coffee Bar is for you. You can get a cup of coffee for $ 2.50 or a mimosa for $ 8.50.

You can even get alcoholic coffee drinks like a Cloud Nine, a drink made by mixing Irish cream, hazelnut liqueur, coffee liqueur, and regular coffee.

Vic’s Coffee Bar is located on East River Street and is part of Vic’s On the River, a restaurant that serves southern classics, from fried green tomatoes to shrimp and oatmeal.

More information about Vic’s Coffee Bar can be found here.

9. Mirabelle Savane

Located on Abercorn Street and a short walk from the iconic St. John the Baptist Cathedral Basilica, Mirabelle Savannah serves coffee as well as Liège waffles.

What is a Liège waffle? Mirabelle’s website explains that it is a Belgian-style waffle sold as street food in the region.

But what about the coffee? A cup of Mirabelle only costs $ 2. While they don’t offer as many options as other cafes in town, Mirabelle Savannah’s coffee drinks all cost $ 5.75 and under.

To learn more about Mirabelle Savannah, you can click on their website here.

10. Cup-to-cup coffee

One of Savannah’s top-rated cafes, Cup to Cup Cafe sells coffee by the cup and by the bag.

“There is something about sitting down and enjoying a good cup of coffee that breaks down barriers and opens the door to friendship,” wrote James Spano on the Cup to Cup Coffee Roasters website.

Spano said this experience is important to Cup to Cup Cafe and reflects the consistency they hope to have with every cup of coffee.

Regular coffee costs $ 2.50 a cup, and drinks are no more than $ 5. Cup to Cup is located on Abercorn Street near Oglethorpe Square.

The cafe’s website can be found here.

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