18 Best Deals: Cafe Equipment, Grills, Fire Pits & Sex Toys

It’s the weekend ahead of Labor Day weekend, the calm before the storm. Next weekend it will be barbecues, hot dogs and huge sales. That doesn’t mean you can’t start early. We’ve already rounded up a few early Labor Day sales this week, but this weekend we found a few more discounts on BBQ gear, coffee grinders, and sex toys.

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Coffee & Outdoor Deals

Hario Skerton More

Photography: Seattle Coffee Gear

This is one of our favorite hand grinders, an adorable little thing for grinding coffee by hand when you’re away from the convenience of electricity. The Hario Skerton Plus features an ergonomic shape and internal ceramic burrs to ensure you get an even, flavorful grind from your coffee, wherever you are. Read our guide to the best coffee grinders for more recommendations.

The Solis Scala is a killer and super accessible burr grinder. With conical burrs, it is able to grind your coffee fine enough for an espresso or coarse enough for a French press. Besides using fresh beans, a burr grinder is the number one way we recommend to up your coffee game at home. You will get so much more flavor from your coffee if it is ground.

You might scoff at the idea of ​​using a Keurig to brew your coffee, and that’s totally fair, but if you want to try your hand at making lattes and cappuccinos without spending a fortune, this is a good one. starting point. This hassle-free Keurig (8/10, WIRED Recommends) makes espresso-style shots that taste almost as strong as the real deal, but its foam is what makes it special. It froths milk perfectly for lattes or cappuccinos, and cleanup is super easy. Keurig coffee pods are also now 100% recyclable.

Solo Stove Bonfire

Photography: REI

A fire pit can be a great addition to any garden. You can build one yourself, but the Solo Stove bonfire is a nice, hassle-free option. It’s nearly smokeless but still burns hot wood, is virtually indestructible, and is fairly easy to move around. Solo Stove is offering up to 40% off all of its fire pits for Labor Day, so check out the Yukon (7/10, WIRED recommends) or the Ranger if the bonfire isn’t for you.

It was a little cheaper over Memorial Day, and it’ll probably go back on sale on Black Friday, but it’s still a good price. The FirePit+ is one of our favorite portable grills. It folds flat for easy transport, and the hybrid design provides warmth as well as a nice, friendly cooking surface. There are even USB ports that will allow you to charge your gadgets near the campfire. Talk about the best of both worlds. We tested the previous model, but the new version is hotter and has a bigger rechargeable battery.

It’s pricey, but Traeger’s Wi-Fi Powered Electric Pellet Smoker lets you become the neighborhood pitmaster without leaving the couch. It’s well built, and the companion app lets you control nearly every facet of the Ironwood 650 (7/10, WIRED Recommends) anywhere. Traeger recommends only using their own pellets though, which isn’t great. Read our Best Grills guide to learn more.

George Foreman Electric Grill

Photography: Amazon

You don’t have to have a garden to get in on the grilling action. This simple and inexpensive George Foreman Electric Grill will do the trick and can hold four servings. It has a drip pan to catch grease and can be used as a panini press.

This hybrid grill can switch between charcoal and gas, so you can try to end the coal vs. gas debate once and for all (or just enjoy both styles). There’s a side burner for warming up side dishes, and while you probably can’t load up enough charcoal for smoking, it’s great for searing.

Sex Tech Deals

We-Vibe Melt and Pillow Talk Sassy Set

Photography: Peepshow Toys

This is a set that includes an air pulse stimulator (the We-Vibe Melt) and a curved vibrator for G-spot stimulation (the Pillow Talk Sassy). Both are quite small which is great for anyone with small hands or gripping issues, and when used together they provide quite the experience. But even when flying solo, each is a terrific addition to any room.

The Power Play is for fans of the original Great Magic Wand. It can massage the knots in your muscles just as easily as it can stimulate the erogenous zones. It’s almost as big as a Maglite flashlight, so make sure you have the forearm strength to wield it properly.

I myself am much more of a fan of mini chopsticks. They feel great in the hand and they’re easy to move around for use on yourself or a partner. This one doesn’t quite reach the intensity of its bigger cousin, but it’s still super powerful for a vibrator. That doesn’t mean it’s high intensity all the time, though – at its lowest setting it’s still delightfully gentle.

This vibrator is a little weird. It has an odd overall shape, but that makes it ideal for anyone looking to explore new sensations. Both pins have rollers so you can roll them up and down over your body or over a sore muscle, providing indirect stimulation. This is a thoughtful design for anyone whose erogenous zones are too sensitive to touch directly or anyone who really likes a good tease. Plus, the other end of the vibrator is designed for internal use so you can really get a lot of exploration fun out of it.

Penguin Satisfyer Pro

Photography: PeepShow Toys

Always a satisfying combo, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Air Pulse Stimulator and Pillow Talk Sassy are a perfect match. This pack is a bit different from the other pack above because the Satisfyer Pro Penguin offers a different experience than the We-Vibe Melt. Its mouth is smaller and its body is rounder, allowing it to fill the palm a little easier. That small mouth means it’s ideal for targeted stimulation of small erogenous zones, and it even comes with 11 intensity levels. Plus, he looks like a cute little penguin with an adorable bow tie.

These curved vibrators are designed for simultaneous internal and external use. One part fits inside, while the other part rests against the vulva and clitoris. They are small and discreet so they can be worn during all kinds of activities. On top of that, this one includes a remote control for more fun with a partner, or just laying back and having some hands-free time.

Strokers like this eschew the sometimes showy designs you find on others. It’s not molded to look like anyone’s genitals, it’s just a soft silicone sleeve with some extra fun textured bits inside. These are great fun for anyone with a phallus, and they’re even fun to use as a way to apply lube to an insertable toy.

Another entry into the category of non-traditional vibrators, this one is modeled to look like an adorable little bunny. It’s a different take on the traditional “rabbit” vibrator, making indirect and direct stimulation easy to achieve with just one hand. You can feel the vibrations through the two small ears, or through the head or body, making this another good choice for anyone looking to explore themselves a bit more than a traditionally shaped toy would. would allow.

It might sound a little strange, but the Blush Neo dildo isn’t like those old, flesh-colored, veiny dildos. This one is a dual density dildo. This means it has a soft silicone outer sheath and a harder silicone inner core for a more realistic feel. The base is flared so safe for vaginal or anal use, and it will fit most harnesses. Plus, it glows in the dark, making it super easy to see in a dark room, but also a great experience with a partner.

Another longtime favorite of ours is the Harness briefs from Temptasia. They’re super affordable for first-time strap users, and they’re as comfortable as any other pair of briefs. The built-in o-ring and pocket can hold just about any dildo, but is also great for packers. There is also an internal pocket, where you can store a small vibration bullet for extra stimulation.

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