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Just as different regions of the country tend to have their own, often unique, cuisines, such as spicy Cajun cuisine in Louisiana, or barbecue and Tex-Mex in Texas, so do fast food chains.

The popularity of regional fast food chains, those found only in certain parts of the country, has grown steadily in recent years with brands preferring to keep their footprint smaller but their food in high demand.

Here’s a look at five regional fast-food chains that are all scoring points with customers while experiencing increased sales, increased foot traffic and regional expansions.

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Best known for its ButterBurgers, ice cream, chicken sandwiches and hand-breaded fish, Culver’s is a regional favorite serving up Midwestern hometown hospitality since 1984.

According to the Technomic Top 500 Restaurant Chain Report, the chain has more than 800 locations in 25 states and ranks 2nd in sales growth among the top 10 hamburger chains in the United States.

Thrillist called Culver’s “The Best Regional Fast Food Chain in the Country,” highlighting its ButterBurger, Cheddar Sauce, and even coffee. It was also named millennials’ favorite channel by catering company.

As a private company, Culver’s does not disclose its quarterly results, but the slinger burger regularly tops the fast food charts – this year it took fifth place in USA todayannual list of favorite regional fast food chains.

Culver’s most recent revenue estimates are more than $3.2 billion.

in-out-out burger restaurant
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Founded in 1948, the venerable In-N-Out Burger has developed something of a cult following by focusing on a straightforward menu of fresh, unfrozen burgers, hand-cut fries, and real frozen shakes.

Being a private company with no franchise restaurants, the company does not disclose its annual revenues, but catering company estimated the channel’s sales at $1.073 billion in 2020.

RSQ magazine ranked In-N-Out number 33 on its 50 Big Chart, an annual ranking of fast food companies based on their systemwide sales.

In-N-Out fans continue to sing the channel’s praises on social media. Customer Bradley Evan said on In-N-Out’s Facebook page, “I used to eat here everyday after growing up in high school, but then I moved out of state where it’s not. “there’s no location. The first thing I do when I get back to SoCal is going straight to one of your locations.” He is not the only one !

The channel was also included on USA todayList of top 10 regional fast food chains.

What is the secret of In-N-Out? Apparently, the company limits its restaurant locations based on proximity to its meat distributors, maintaining its commitment to using only fresh, never-frozen beef and other premium ingredients.

The chain currently has 365 restaurants in seven states, mostly concentrated in California and Nevada.

freddy's frozen custard and steakburgers
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Like Culver’s, Freddy’s makes its regional presence known with its simple but popular menu of single and double burgers, chicken, hot dogs and frozen custard. Popular meals, such as the double bacon and cheese combo, include a side and a medium drink for around $8.

This year alone, the chain announced further growth saying it will add a total of 64 new Freddy’s locations in new and existing markets including Chicago, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and California.

Additionally, the company recently announced the opening of its first airport site at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. As part of its overall expansion, Freddy’s plans to double in size over the next four years, bringing the total number of restaurants to 800 by 2026.

Founded in 2002 in Wichita, Kansas by two brothers, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers has more than 430 locations in 36 states nationwide.

burger grill habit
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Habit Burger Grill, with its award-winning grilled burgers, chickens, sandwiches, salads, sides and desserts, is quickly becoming a “habit” with its dedicated patrons.

Yummy parent company! Brands said Habit increased system-wide sales by 17% in the first quarter of this year, while opening 13 new restaurants in the United States and Cambodia. Same-store sales also increased 3% this year compared to the same period last year.

Customers gave the chain four out of five stars in America’s Favorite Restaurant Chains 2022 awards, based on taste, quality and transparency of ingredients, among other factors. The chain prides itself on serving simple, high-quality dishes paired with reasonable prices and excellent service.

Founded in California in 1969, the chain now has nearly 300 restaurants across the country and abroad.

pdq restaurant
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PDQ, or People Dedicated to Quality, has built its reputation serving tasty, high-quality chicken sandwiches, tenders, salads and artisan shakes.

The channel took third place on USA todayfrom the list of the top 10 regional fast food chains, and was also praised by former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, who is part of an investment group that now owns seven PDQ locations in Florida.

PDQ was founded in 2009 in Florida by Nick Reader and Bob Basham, one of the founders of Outback Steakhouse. The chain now has 65 franchises in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and North and South Carolina.

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