Afternoon coffee: US accuses China of piracy; UK could amend Brexit deal at EU border; more Covid vaccines sent to Asia

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the Allies of the United States and the West formally claimed on Monday that China is working with hackers to perform Microsoft Exchange hacking and other illegal cyber activities.

“US officials allege that China’s State Security Ministry used criminal hackers who engaged in cyber extortion and theft schemes for their own benefit,” the AP said, attributing information to responsible.

Russian hacking is another threat the United States is trying to combat, the PA said.

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Also on Monday, the United States charged four Chinese nationals with coordinated state hacking including business espionage, such as the theft of trade secrets and business information.

UK revises terms of Brexit deal in Northern Ireland

Reuters reports that the UK may seek to change Brexit terms in Northern Ireland, questioning how the UK will trade with the EU. The UK is seeking more flexibility from the original EU terms, which focused on Northern Ireland, as it has a physical border with an EU country, Ireland. The region remains a political balancing act for the UK as the Brexit deal effectively keeps Northern Ireland in the EU for trade and inspection purposes, but pro-British loyalists in Northern Ireland North said the Brexit deal threatened to break the terms of the 1998 peace deal between Ireland. and Northern Ireland.

COVID-19 vaccine shipments accelerate in Asian countries struggling with record infections

As some Asian countries grapple with their worst outbreaks of COVID-19 infections, a flow of vaccine shipments around the world are accelerating, according to the Associated Press.

Countries around the world, such as the United States, Canada, and those in Europe, deliver vaccines to Asian countries. Others are coming with the UN effort COVAX, which has pledged to send vaccines to countries with fewer resources. About 1.5 million doses of the Moderna vaccine arrived in Indonesia on Thursday, which has become a hotspot with a record number of infections and deaths, the AP reported.

Yet many vaccine promises go unfulfilled and infection rates are rising in several countries. Many experts have noted vaccine inequalities.

“It’s a shame it didn’t happen sooner and can’t happen faster,” Alexander Matheou, Asia-Pacific director of the Red Cross, told the AP of the surge in deliveries. . “It’s not too late – vaccinating people is always worth doing – but the later the vaccines arrive, the more people will die.”

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