Ammon Bundy appears to be winning the race for Idaho governor

A few months ago, I told you that I did not believe that Ammon Bundy could be elected governor of Idaho. I changed my mind. This morning, I read an article about his campaign in the Deseret News. As the writer rehashes much of the history of the old Bundy family, it is the nominee’s quotes that resonate across the page. First, I said his mother had not named him “anti-government activist Ammon Bundy”. These first three names are a media trick used to scare you. He made it clear in the interview that he just wanted more accountable government.

Once again the media has planted seeds but when many people hear the man talking he doesn’t seem to mind.

After an appearance on my show a few weeks ago, people told me Bundy looks normal. Once again the media has planted seeds but when many people hear the man talking he doesn’t seem to mind.

Other candidates leave room

Another factor currently playing in her favor would be the recent downturns Janice McGeachin has been experiencing. For a while, the primary looked like a duel between McGeachin and Governor Brad Little. Then came candidates Bundy and Ed Humphreys. Both run disciplined and professional-looking campaigns. Both communicate well not only with the public but also with the news media. I see regular updates in my daily email.

Once you get three or more candidates in a primary, it’s quite possible that the winner doesn’t need a majority. Add a few more candidates who won’t be as well funded but still siphon off regional votes and next May could be a real barn burner.

He is well versed in problems

Personally, I find Ammon friendly and very caring. I have never objected to what happened in Bunkerville or the Réserve faunique de Malheur. The occupants did not harm anyone. It was like a cold camping trip.

Friends told me that was not the right approach and that we should have waited years for a member of the government to finally release Dwight and Steve Hammond. Sounds good, but what justice is there for the good people who lose their youth or their lives behind bars?

Old friends won’t give up on him

On the other hand, I read a lot when it comes to social media. I was working assuming that for many, Bundy was the news yesterday. I was wrong. Its base is still vocal and they will show up when it is time to vote.

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