As gas prices soar, AAA shares gas-saving tips – NBC Bay Area

As gas prices soared to a shocking average of $5.92 a gallon in the San Francisco metro area on Saturday, the Automobile Association of America offers tips on how to save on gas.

The association reported an average price of $5.92 for regular unleaded gasoline in metro San Francisco, which includes San Mateo County. The price was $5.84 per gallon in the East Bay, $5.83 in the South Bay, and $5.92 in the North Bay. All prices are the highest recorded on Saturday.

California drivers pay the highest average price per gallon in the country, AAA said.

According to AAA, one of the most effective ways to save gas is to slow down and obey the speed limit. On the highway, aerodynamic drag causes a significant drop in fuel economy when speed exceeds 80 km/h.

Those craving a quick coffee or a burger should avoid the passageway. Prolonged idling is one of the biggest wastes of gasoline – plus, it releases pollutants into the atmosphere.

AAA also advises drivers to avoid “unicorn” starts and hard acceleration, which quickly consume gas.

When driving in the city, motorists must adjust their speed according to the time of traffic lights. This reduces repeated braking and acceleration that consumes extra fuel, AAA said.

When approaching a red light or stop sign, drivers should slow down until it is time to brake.

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