BaristaValet brings joy back to the morning coffee experience

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed all aspects of daily life. Health, travel, work, family celebrations and many more are completely different from what they were just over 14 months ago. But it’s not just the great things in life that have been disrupted; it was also the little things. Like daily routines and rituals including having morning coffee on the way to work.

Like many others in these changing times, David Leong’s daily life has been turned upside down due to the pandemic. Before the pandemic, Leong was the CEO of Oren’s Daily Roast in New York City and used to deliver a high-quality coffee experience to his customers in his stores. He experienced first-hand the joy that coffee brought to their daily lives. When the pandemic hit and the in-person offers were put on hold, Leong was inspired to find a way to bring joy through coffee with an innovative new offering: BaristaValet.

Leong founded BaristaValet, the equipment that delivers coffee drinks directly to tenants’ doors in eco-friendly insulated containers, to reinvent the morning coffee ritual for a post-Covid world. A “modern coffee milkman,” BaristaValet helps homeowners bring joy to their tenants by making their lives easier with what they do every day. With BaristaValet’s service, landlords help tenants avoid high delivery charges (often for over-temperature or spilled drinks) and save time that would otherwise be spent online during peak coffee hours in the morning.

As the owners know, the equipment arms race is on. Now that Covid-19 vaccines are increasingly available and an influx of tenants returns to the New York area, residential buildings and offices are looking to differentiate their offerings. Luxury gyms and conference rooms are no longer doing the job for tenants, and landlords are looking for ways to make tenants’ lives easier through ‘Covid-proof’ service offerings. BaristaValet solves this landlord need and instantly improves the tenant experience.

“BaristaValet’s goal is simple: to bring joy with coffee,” said Leong. “We know how important good coffee is in people’s lives and our goal is to improve mornings with ultimate ease, convenience and joy. In the post-pandemic world, the morning rush is over. We’re excited to be at the forefront of companies that improve people’s lives in the new normal. “

In a recent internal customer survey, BaristaValet found that over 61% of respondents said this convenience would increase their likelihood of renewing their lease in the building, and 98.3% said this convenience improved their living experience. in the building. Many residents couldn’t say enough positive things about the service and management of their buildings: “You do an amazing job keeping residents happy – one of the best buildings I’ve lived in Manhattan. Well done to the management ”was a comment.

BaristaValet got off to a good start with the launch of the service this quarter at five New York City buildings. He delivers once in the morning (per building) to the individual doors, and returns again at the end of the day to collect the reusable containers. Building staff are not responsible for deliveries and do not have to be responsible for notifying or coordinating delivery with tenants, as communication and payment are all done through the BaristaValet app. The app offers tenants a wide variety of drinks to order and different roasts to try based on their preferences, while ensuring pre-dawn delivery. Its monthly subscription is half the cost of Starbucks to renters, at no cost to owners. Offering this service is sure to be one that additional landlords will quickly move on, as it seamlessly helps tenants adjust to post-Covid life.

Leong also hopes that by using reusable vacuum bottles instead of paper cups, it will both make a superior coffee drinking experience and help the environment. The durable packaging not only ensures that the quality of the product is “like you’ve put it back in a cafe”, but it also obviates the need for another plastic-lined single-use paper cup, cover, pouch, bag, receipt, etc. to go to the landfill or to the ocean.

The owners fully agree. “Innovation in sustainable packaging has been important to us,” said Bob Jones of Brodsky Neighbors. “We are delighted to be an early launch partner with BaristaValet and look forward to offering their services in more of our buildings. We have received a lot of good feedback from tenants and have seen a very high adoption rate. “

An Allegra Project Café USA survey this year noted that 45% of consumers said they would regularly order coffee if delivery was offered, estimating the out-of-home branded coffee market at $ 36 billion – figures that support Leong plans to expand BaristaValet’s offerings in 2021 and beyond. “We look forward to expanding our offerings to include provisions from local small businesses and happily deliver neighborhoods to doors. Coffee is just the start.

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