Best Ice Cream Shops near Woodland Hills

Ice cream and summer go together like… well… just about every other heavenly pairing you can think of: peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, Christmas and eggnog, pretzels and beer. As summer 2021 approaches and many of us start enjoying lean mask-wearing mandates, there’s no better time to frequent the local Woodland Hills glaciers and support small-scale homeowners. companies that endured hellish crisis, to say the least. last year.

In this overview, the Woodland Hills Magazine the staff are sharing our top picks for the best ice cream parlors to visit this summer, so get the family together and get ready to sing along to a brand new version of ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’.

Cup and Cone Ice Cream, at 4874 Topanga Canyon Boulevard, creates small homemade ice cream batches daily on site with fresh ingredients sourced from local markets and supplies. While the store specializes in old-fashioned, seasonal flavors, some of the more popular variations include some out-of-the-ordinary takes. Cookies and cream, mint chip, white chocolate and raspberry truffle, espresso coffee, Tahitian caramel brownie, Rocky Road, birthday cake, salted caramel, monster cookie, saffron pistachio with rose water, honey and lavender, cotton candy, banana health bar and much more.

Afternoon ice cream, with locations throughout the Golden State but located at 6344 Topanga Canyon Boulevard # 1075 in Woodland Hills, it’s more than its namesake suggests… it’s a lifestyle. Here, artisanal flavors and signature scoops of heavenly bliss form a foundation that keeps this store away from all the ice cream chains, with unique variations encompassing Milk and Grains, Cookie Monster and Jasmine milk tea. Of all After ‘ fan favorite flavors, the Milky bun reigns supreme, lulling the taste buds with a mixture of a frozen bun and one of the store’s ice creams stuffed in between; To seal the deal, the exterior of this delicious treat is heated for an incredible, otherworldly hot / cold effect.

Sloan Ice Cream, with sites in Florida, California, Nevada, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia but located The village of Westfield Topanga, 6250 boulevard Topanga Canyon Office 1560 in Los Angeles, began in 1999 with the goal of creating an “ice cream utopia” for the young and the young at heart. A range of unique flavors are all made with the finest ingredients, with award-winning ice cream keeping loyal customers always coming back for more – not to mention the heavenly aromas of freshly baked waffle cones, cookies and brownies in the air. An entire wall of loose candy, fabulous chocolates, chocolate apples, whimsical gifts and “fluffy friends” surround you and, like everything in Sloan’s, the decor is exaggerated with pink walls, glittering chandeliers, moving trains, and magical glass rest rooms.

Jeni, at 4751 Commons Way Following in Calabasas, remains dedicated to making better ice cream and bringing people together – the latter being something sorely needed right now. Here incredible ice cream is served in a sparkling and beautiful space, with each Jeni member of staff who believes that customer satisfaction is an art form. Ice cream Jeni boast a unique texture and buttercream body, with a crisp flavor and clean finish, the shop’s ice cream makers refusing to use any synthetic flavors, colors or blends available in the trade. Straight from the pint or perfectly melted into a fruit pie, birthday cake, crumble, crisp or cookie, Jeni ice cream is the perfect accessory for your dessert.

Wanderlust Creamery, with locations throughout Los Angeles, offers flavors inspired by the places its owners have been, the places they desire to visit and their own childhood memories, each unique and original ice cream formulated with all-natural dairy products, balanced fat and minimal excess for a gourmet experience that ends clean in the mouth. New flavors are created every month at Spirit of adventure, a list that includes seasonal offers as well as signature variants, the latter of which are available year round. If you are looking for something a little different from your average glacier, this will surely do the trick.

Magpies Softserve, at 18971, boulevard Ventura in Tarzana, likes to call itself a dessert shop based on a “scratch recipe”, its mix of soft drinks and all the toppings made in-house to exact specifications. Here you’ll find selections far beyond vanilla and chocolate, and flavors that will immediately take you back to your childhood from the first lick. With three locations in So Cal, Magpies distributes its “flavors of the day” menus among these stores, with the Tarzana branch offering delicacies such as Malted milk chocolate, sweet cream, corn kernel, fresh banana, Mexican hot chocolate, horchata latte, strawberry hibiscus and Lemon shortbread. This is a dessert shop that shouldn’t be ignored by any candy lover!

As always, we recommend that you contact one of the stores above to find out their operating hours during COVID.

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