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Finding places to eat in a new city can always be difficult. You don’t know what is good or not, what is affordable or expensive and what is known as the best in town. While most of us have a routine and eat at the same places regularly, it’s nice to branch out and try new places once in a while. We usually rely on our friends and neighbors to guide us to a new place, and sometimes we just go to the one we see driving down the road. One of the most agreeable foods that is consistently good is pizza, and there are plenty of great pizza places around Twin Falls and Magic Valley. There may be a few lurking around you that you are not even aware of. Here are a few places you might not know about and might want to visit the next time you decide to host a pizza party.

Pizza Planet in Buhl is a hidden gem

hearing the name Planet Pizza, you might be like me and instantly think of Toy Story, but this isn’t the place. If anything, I think this one has been around longer. It’s tucked away in Buhl on Main Street and might be one of the best pizza places not only in Magic Valley, but in the entire state of Idaho. They usually have great deals, fresh ingredients, and reasonable prices. I’ve never had a bad experience with them and it’s one of my favorite pizza places. It might be a bit outside of Twin, but it’s worth the trip for the quality you get.

Maxie’s Pizza is a staple in the Twin Falls area

Credit N8 Bird

Credit N8 Bird

One of the first places I was told to try when I moved to Twin Falls was Maxi’s Pizza. I have been told how good the food is, as well as to go there soon as they are for sale. As long as no one has bought them, they continue to operate, making and selling delicious pizzas and pastas. If you like extra side dishes this is the place to visit as they have so much more than pizza. They also have amazing pasta, bread and lasagna. They are located on Blue Lakes near Kimberly Road, as well as another location in Kimberly.

Pizza Station is one of the best in Magic Valley

Pizza at the station is another hidden gem in the town of Buhl. It is located on the west side of town on Hwy 30. This place was recommended by several people I spoke with and is supposed to be one of the best pizza places in all of Magic Valley. Like Pizza Planet, it’s a bit of a drive from Twin, but worth it. If you’re in the area or looking to try something local that you can’t find anywhere else, take the 15-20 minute drive to Buhl and try the train station. Your belly will be glad you did.

Slice Pizza at Downtown Twin offers unique dessert pizzas

If you want to enjoy a great day of shopping downtown and enjoying the local area, a great place to grab a slice is…well Slice. Located on Main Street in downtown Twin, this spot offers a prime location, delicious pizza, and even fun drinks. Imagine having a perfect day with a cocktail, pizza and sitting outside downtown enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Be sure to stop by Slice the next time you want to grab a slice downtown.

Papa Kelsey’s offers pizza, subs and more at multiple locations

At Papa Kelsey’s has a few locations in the area. They are located on Blue Lakes and have a location in Buhl. One nice thing about Papa Kelsey’s is that they have more than pizza. They have subs, as well as breakfast burritos, breakfast subs, and even breakfast pizzas. If you’re craving pizza in the morning, be sure to check out Papa Kelsey’s. Their food is good and provides variety for those who don’t want pizza in your family on a night you do.

Lucy’s in South Market is truly a hidden gem

For a true hidden gem of a pizzeria, visit Lucy’s in South Market on 2nd. If there is a truly hidden place, this is it. The only way to find out is to go inside South Market. Their pizza is delicious, as well as their calzones. One of the benefits of eating here is the environment, as well as the selections around you. If someone doesn’t crave pizza, they can also try other types of food. There is also a bar area, ice cream or coffee. The variety of pizzas they offer will keep you coming back to try different kinds. They sell by the slice, so if you want a pizza, but don’t want a whole one, this might be the selection for you.

Eat all the pizza you want at the Pizza Pie Café

If you can’t decide what kind of pizza to order or if you want to eat until you can’t eat anymore, then the perfect place for you is Pizza Pie Cafe. It’s a pizza, salad and pasta buffet that costs less than $10 per person and will please everyone. Between their salad bar, pasta, breadsticks, dessert pizzas and regular pizzas, there is something for everyone in the family. It is affordable, delicious and will guarantee that everyone will have enough. They are located on Canyon Crest Drive next to Pole Line.

Idaho Pizza Company is for an Idahoan

It’s in the name. You can’t be in Idaho and not try Idaho Pizza Company at one point. Their breadsticks are perfect. They are right fluffy and soft and delicious. Their pizza is very good and I feel very plush middle of the road. It is neither too thin nor too deep. It’s just. They offer sandwiches for family members who might not be craving pizza. One thing I love about Idaho Pizza Company is that it reminds me of old school pizzerias back in the day. You can still walk in and sit at a stand, enjoy your pizza in the restaurant, and it even has the vibe of my childhood.

Big chains are always an option

Credit N8 Little Caesars

Credit N8 Little Caesars

If you’re more comfortable with what you know or trust the big chains more, that’s still a choice as well. Pizza Hut, Dominoes or Little Caesar’s are also interesting options. Sometimes it’s best to go with what you know and keep everyone happy. They can sometimes be a bit cheaper too as they are big chains.

Smaller chains also offer great pizzas

Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

If you’re determined to stick with one channel but don’t want to go for the bigger ones, Blaze, MOD, and Papa Murphy’s will offer you something a little different, but keep you in the channel category. They’re more regional channels, so you get a little more local feel without being too local.

The next time you decide to host a pizza party, be sure to check around and see if you can find a new local spot that you haven’t tried yet. There are many around the Magic Valley and some are tucked away in the surrounding small towns. These are just a few in the main area, but there are plenty for your taste buds to discover yet. Plug in and try out some new places and who knows; you might find a new pizzeria.

Maxie’s Pizza and Pasta in Twin Falls for sale

In August 2021, we learned that Maxie’s Pizza and Pasta in Twin Falls had listed the building for sale. More than 5 months later, the building remains listed as available.

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