BuyKC encourages consumers and businesses to support

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – BuyKC hopes to encourage consumers and businesses to support local businesses not only on Small Business Saturdays, but throughout the year.

All listings are local to Kansas City and exclude corporate chains – companies headquartered in KC are allowed to join the movement.

BuyKC’s goal is “to increase the sales of all independent local businesses and to communicate these economic drivers to both consumers and business buyers,” according to a press release.

Businesses will be able to showcase their products or services using photos, search words, and demographics. They will also have access to a BuyKC logo that can be displayed online and on store fronts.

“Your most important step is to put the local first. When you can, support a small local business, ”said Jared Campbell, co-founder of BuyKC, in a press release. “Rethink your coffee. Access pop-ups for your holiday shopping. Eat at an independent local restaurant. … Think about how you can locate your supply chain. The choice is yours and the impact is important.

KSHB 41 News spoke to Cookies and Creamery owner Kiffany Bosserman about how this opportunity to support local businesses affects businesses like hers.

“Small businesses are struggling, and as a community and as a strong KC community, we can really support these business owners right now,” Bosserman said.

She said one of the benefits of shopping local is that customers know their money stays in their community.

“And during the holiday season there are a lot of wonderful local stores and candy stores that you can just go to and feel really good about your purchase,” Bosserman said.

To learn more about BuyKC, visit their website here.

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