Cafes face rising coffee prices

That caffeinated pick-me-up is going to cost you more.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pennsylvania – The rising cost of coffee is impacting your morning cup of coffee.

Cafes in Alfalfa County, like Common Grounds Caffé in Kingston, are seeing price hikes from suppliers.

“If they raise the price, we almost have to raise the price. We try our best not to. We want to stay loyal to our customers and keep things consistent,” manager Anthony Altieri said.

The rise comes after drought conditions and a cold snap impacted coffee crops in Brazil.

We found people queuing for their coffee at the Pour Coffee House in Wilkes-Barre. Staff there say they have already had to pass on some of the extra costs to customers.

“We’ve done this in the past, but we’re still much more affordable than more competitive chains. We keep our prices as low as possible,” said Katie Nelson.

In addition to rising coffee prices, stores in our area say they are also facing supply issues, such as getting cups.

“For me, as a manager, I shop, and we have to come and go to see what the best price is and where to go without compromising the integrity of our product,” says Altieri.

“Additives are also popular, and they’ve also gone up in price, like dairy and everything we use. So all of those additives are extra,” Nelson said.

Stores consume several pounds of coffee every day. As a small business, baristas say it’s more personal than just a cup of coffee.

“It’s not a nameless thing; there’s no drive-thru like, ‘Hey, the price went up.’ It’s like, ‘Hey, Carol, I’m sorry the price went up,’ so it’s a constant conversation with everyone,” Altieri said.

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