Can you tell the difference?

DETROIT – Historically, I have to admit that I’m not much of a bargain buyer. I can never find the right item and the right price; However, times have changed and so have prices, so I am now working to find these deals like many of you.

We have therefore decided to oppose private labels to branded products. We bought all the basics you can imagine from paper towels to chicken and coffee.

Now I will tell you that I was amazed. I knew we would save money, but I had no idea how much we would save. We saved almost 50% by comparing the two invoices.

Saving 50% is a ton as it translates to a savings of around $40. That’s a lot of money. I will say that with some of the items you can taste the difference.

Private label coffee, for example, needs help, and so does peanut butter. However, I was shocked to see the basically matching paper napkins.

I should also mention when we shopped at Kroger, we got additional discounts by subscribing to the Kroger card. It’s free and saves you money, so why not?

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We all have to work to save money right now, and with the grocery shopping process increasing, you might as well shop around and compare prices and brands.

Again, I can’t believe how much we saved, and it will change the way I shop in the future.

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