Caribou Coffee’s Monday deal offers discounts on coffee every week

You’re going to be stunned by this revelation, but people love coffee. They like it in the morning. They like it on Mondays. They also love him at other times and days. Almost every day.

We call these first two because they have particular relevance to the next few hundred words. Caribou Coffee is offering discounted drinks at these times for the next month. The Midwest coffee chain‘s new MonDaymaker deal is offering four different discounts every Monday through August 15.

However, if we are honest, it gets a bit complicated. Each week, Caribou will select a new MyDaymaker drink. This drink will be available at a reduced price. It will be $1 for a small, $2 for a medium, $3 for a large, and $4 for an XL. Every Monday, the channel will post the drink of the day of the week on social media and on this page. If you are a rewards member, you will receive an email with the Monday special on Sunday.

For Monday, July 18, the case appeared a little early. The drink of the week is a classic latte. No frills. Just an iced or hot latte.

Since the current deal is a little complicated, it’s probably worth noting that you don’t need to be a rewards member to get the deal. However, as always, you get points for more free drinks if you’re a rewards member. Turn those cheap drinks into free drinks.

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