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New York lawmakers took action this week to end “ghost guns”. What exactly is a “phantom weapon” and what does the law mean?

If you own a gun, you probably know that there should be a serial number and manufacturer on the gun. If it doesn’t have these things on it, it’s considered a “ghost gun”. The idea is that if a gun is used in a crime and it has these things on it, the gun can be traced back to someone who owns it.

According to the New York Senate, before this law was passed, there was a loophole called the “unfinished receiver” that would allow people to buy the parts they needed to build an untraceable and unregistered firearm without ever going through a background check.

“With gun violence on the rise across the country, now is the time to take action to close the dangerous loopholes that needlessly endanger the safety of New Yorkers.” – sponsor of the bill, Senator Anna M. Kaplan

The bill is called “The Scott J. Beigel Unfinished Receiver Act” and is named after Scott Beigel, a teacher who gave his life protecting his students during the attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

A second bill was also passed, titled The Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act. So what does the bill do? The bill seeks to ban the sale and possession of phantom weapons and ensure law enforcement has the tools to track the manufacture and sale of all firearms in New York City.

Here are the two laws and what they do:

Unfinished Receivers Act Scott J. Beigel

  • Defines what constitutes an unfinished frame or receptor
  • Illegal possession of an unfinished frame or receiver
  • Prohibits the possession of major components of a firearm, rifle or shotgun by persons who are otherwise legally prohibited from possessing such weapons
  • Makes it illegal to sell or transfer an unfinished frame or receiver to anyone other than a licensed gunsmith

Jose Webster Untraceable Firearms Act

  • Defines a “phantom weapon” as any firearm, rifle, or shotgun that is not serialized and registered according to state or federal law
  • Prohibits the possession of phantom weapons by anyone except a licensed gunsmith
  • Completely prohibits the sale of ghost weapons
  • Prohibits the manufacture or assembly of a firearm, rifle or shotgun by anyone other than a licensed gunsmith
  • Requires New York gunsmiths to serialize any unfinished firearms, shotguns, shotguns or frames or receivers they manufacture or assemble, and register any unfinished firearms, frames, or receivers that are not otherwise covered by the federal law on serialization with the State Police Division

How many in America: from guns to ghost towns

Can you guess how many public schools there are in the United States? Do you have any idea how many billionaires might reside there? Read on to find out, and learn a thing or two about the cultural significance and legacy of each of these selections along the way.

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Starbucks, flush with customers, lack of ingredients Fri, 11 Jun 2021 00:18:00 +0000

Tasha Leverette was in the mood for her favorite Starbucks drink, a frozen peach and green tea lemonade.

When she passed through the drive-thru of her regular Starbucks in Atlanta three weeks ago, she was told they couldn’t make the drink because they didn’t have peach juice. Shrugging, she went to another store. And another. And another.

Each stop brought disappointment. None of the locations had the full ingredient.

“I told them, ‘This is Peach State, isn’t it?’ Said Ms. Leverette, 33, who owns a public relations firm. “It’s surprising because Starbucks always seems to have everything you need. “

Across the country, patrons and baristas are taking to social media to lament not only the lack of key ingredients for popular Starbucks drinks, like peach and guava juices, but also the lack of iced and brewed coffee. cold, breakfast foods and cakes, and even cups, lids and straws.

A video on TikTok this week featured what appeared to be a group of employees screaming in frustration at a list of ingredients the store was running out of, including sweet cream, white mocha, mango dragon fruit, and ” all foods”. The legend also said that they lacked cold brew and “will to live”.

Starbucks isn’t the only company struggling with supply issues. Earlier this spring, the ketchup packs got hotter than the GameStop stock. Automakers have slowed down production because there aren’t enough computer chips for their vehicles. And homeowners wait weeks, if not months, for major kitchen appliances.

But Starbucks is running out of ingredients for Very Berry Hibiscus refreshments and almond croissants after being one of the big winners in the pandemic economy. During shutdowns, the cafe chain quickly shifted from its “third place” position, where people could linger to work or meet for long conversations, to focus on frictionless transactions with customers ordering via mobile applications and drive-ins. Company executives said this year that Starbucks had experienced a “complete recovery” in sales in the United States, returning to pre-pandemic levels.

In a statement, a Starbucks spokeswoman said the company was experiencing “temporary supply shortages” of some of its products. She said shortages varied by location, with some stores experiencing “various item failures at the same time.” She added that the company was working with its suppliers to restock items as soon as possible and that supply chain issues had not affected prices.

While most people are somewhat familiar with the issues of the global supply chain, some Starbucks customers are still shocked – even exasperated – by their inability to get their coffee exactly the way they want it. Others laugh at it.

“I was told they couldn’t give me an extra dose of caramel because there was a national shortage,” said Nicole Brashear, a 24-year-old pharmacy student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. , about ordering a caramel iced macchiato with extra caramel drizzle at the end of May. “I just sort of laughed and I was like, ‘Isn’t caramel just burnt sugar? “”

The problem for Starbucks is that it never just sold a single cup of coffee. For many, the experience of visiting the chain is a treat for itself.

Customers learn the language regarding sizes and drink specials, then share their custom 12-ingredient drink orders on social media. Many are eagerly anticipating seasonal promotions, like this summer’s Unicorn Cake Pop and Strawberry Funnel Cake Frappuccino, which are available for a limited time.

Orders aren’t barked by number like they are at other fast food chains, but instead are advertised by name, suggesting customers are friends or are part of the Starbucks club, said Bryant Simon, professor of Starbucks. story at Temple University and author of “Everything But Coffee: Learning About America from Starbucks.”

“Starbucks has done something remarkable – take a truly ordinary product, coffee, and remake it as an identifier of class, culture, insight and knowledge,” said Simon. “Starbucks is a way to communicate something about yourself to others. Although it has gotten more complicated over time, this drink still says, ‘I deserve a break in my life. I can afford to waste some money in coffee.

There had been previous indications that supply issues could arise for Starbucks. In a phone call with Wall Street analysts in late April, Starbucks chief executive Kevin Johnson expressed some concerns about companies in its supply chain struggling to hire the staff they needed.

“I anticipate that we will do a little more to invest and support our supply chain partners, whether it is the people they need for manufacturing or the people they need for distribution and transportation. “said Mr Johnson.

In late May, customers and baristas were reporting shortages of key ingredients or foods in stores across the country.

Fred Rogers knew something was wrong just before Memorial Day weekend when he opened his Starbucks app and an alert was issued that the company was experiencing shortages of certain items. He couldn’t order his 3-year-old daughter his favorite sandwich – sausage, cheddar and egg – at his nearby Starbucks in Burlington, NJ. His drink, a Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino, was also not available.

“I know if you leave after a certain time, some items are going to be missing,” said Mr. Rogers, a 33-year-old manufacturing specialist. “But it was 6:45 am.”

Customers may be unhappy, but Mr Simon said the scarcity of drinks or food is likely to only increase demand. One of Starbucks biggest challenges in recent years has been over-expansion, meaning it has lost some of the uniqueness that once made it special.

“I’m sure there are a lot of heated conversations in Seattle right now about supply chain issues, but someone on the brand side is going to tweet that the shortage may not be. not a bad thing, ”said Simon. .

Maybe, but problems could also be a risk if customers get too frustrated that they can’t get what they want, as they always have. When her daughter couldn’t get her favorite breakfast sandwich at Starbucks, Mr. Rogers took her to a nearby Chick-fil-A for breakfast.

And after driving to four different Starbucks and not having her favorite drink at the end of May, Ms. Leverette is no longer a regular customer.

“It’s disappointing,” she said. “You go there and you wait in the drive-thru, and you only go for one thing and they don’t have what they need to do it.

“I just stopped bothering to go.”

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Exciting news is brewing along the Warsaw highway exit | Local Thu, 10 Jun 2021 04:00:00 +0000

Despite the political climate and significant challenges most of the United States has faced with the supply chain over the past two months. Duplin County is still growing and businesses are stepping on the accelerator in new development projects. This is the case of the new Starbucks, under construction in Warsaw.

“I was on the freeway yesterday (June 3) and it looks like a construction frame for the proposed Starbucks is going up,” said Elizabeth Stalls, Duplin County planning director.

The specialty coffee retailer, with more than 32,000 stores worldwide, will be the first to be built in Duplin County. Coffee lovers and Starbucks junkies will be able to get their caffeine fix without having to leave Duplin. The new store is expected to attract more visitors to the area and stimulate community development.

“The direct impact for us is the improved property tax base,” said Scotty Summerlin, City Manager of Warsaw. “It will be a direct benefit for the city. Secondary to that, there is the economic impact that it brings thanks to our sales tax on local options, then also the traffic that it brings.

The new cafe is expected to be a hit not only with locals, but also with people commuting along the highway. This can potentially lead to an influx of tourism and increased business activity not only for Warsaw but for neighboring towns.

“This will be the first in Duplin County and the first in probably a zone of at least 30 to 40 miles,” Summerlin said. “As is in many cases, it can be a destination place (if people) are heading in that direction, so they will stick around and go to Warsaw and do other things. Were excited. “

According to a Starbucks spokesperson, the store will open this fall and employ about 25 to 35 employees. The 2,500 square foot store will feature a drive-thru window and 29-space parking area according to official design documents and will be located at 2704 WNC Highway 24 in Warsaw.

“They have different contractors who do different things,” Summerlin said. “You have one that does secondary work, you have one that does what they call hull building. There are simply too many moving parts to know when they might be finished. “

The building permit for the coffee retailer was approved about four months ago. According to the mayor of Warsaw, AJ Connors, there were some minor delays due to weather conditions.

“They’ve probably been under construction for at least two months now,” Summerlin said. They framed the building and started laying the plywood.

In addition to the harsh weather conditions, the construction industry has been affected by supply chain challenges, not only due to labor shortages, but also tariffs imposed on timber and timber. steel and increased building materials. However, despite all the challenges, Duplin County continues to press the accelerator pedal and we are seeing continued and steady growth. Another store coming to the area is Jersey Mike’s.

“They are under construction right now. They have their city permits and are working slowly but steadily, it seems, ”Summerlin said. “I think they had a more ambitious opening schedule, but because of the weather and the supply chains (there were delays).”

According to Summerlin, Warsaw has grown steadily, with many successful small businesses. In addition, the city has been working on the beautification of the city.

“The city has been very lucky over the past few years,” Summerlin said. “If you walk down Front Street, we have businesses thriving there – little stores. We are trying to continue our efforts to clean up the city, get rid of these dilapidated structures, and we hope that is starting to bear fruit.

Connors said he is grateful and hopes to see continued progress.

“We just hope for progress. We are grateful for what we have achieved, but we also hope that more will come in the future, ”he said.

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Bowie County Sheriff’s Office Weekly Report: 05/31 Wed, 09 Jun 2021 14:25:18 +0000

It’s time for another Bowie County Sheriffs report, this week Deputy Chief Robby McCarver prepared this report on Bowie County Sheriff’s activities, here is the report for the week of 5/31 to 6/6 2021:


Assault Causing Bodily Injury-West Front Street Texarkana

indecent assault-St. Michael’s Drive Texarkana

Ongoing Child Sexual Abuse – Farm to Market Road 1398 Hooks

Theft over $ 750 and under $ 2,500 – Meadows Lane Maud, caught: tire / rim, 3 propane tanks, minister sets, marine battery, 30 x 8 ‘tin sheets


Residential Fire-Farm at Market Road 1326 Dekalb

Counterfeit-James Bowie Drive New Boston

Dogs dangerous to livestock – Goodwin Road Hooks

Fraudulent Use or Possession of Credentials-County Road 2005 New Boston

Fraudulent use or possession of credentials-County Road 1101 Maud

Warrant Service (Parole Violation) -Jones Street @ Wainwright Street Texarkana, Arrested: William Glen Haywood

Warrant Service (Dangerous Drug Possession Probation Violation) – South Lake Drive Texarkana, Arrested: Kenneth Lamar Slaten


Dekalb-US Highway 259s Death Investigation

Interference With Child Care – Randy Drive Nash


Aggravated Assault With Lethal Weapon-Gun Club Road Texarkana

Warrant Service (probation violation for escaping arrest with a vehicle) -Gun Club Road @ Presley Road Texarkana

Disturbance-Orr Drive Texarkana

Assault Causing Bodily Injury (Domestic Violence) – Pintail Drive Texarkana


Possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) over 1 gram and less than 4 grams-East Avenue A Hooks, Arrested: Michael Leo Moore Jr.

Abandoned Vehicle-County Road 2111 Hooks

Vehicle burglary-South Kings Highway Texarkana, plug: catalytic converter

Warrant Service (probation-assault violation causing bodily harm domestic violence) -County Road 2302 Texarkana, Arrested: Kacey Rhea Wise


Avoiding Vehicle Arrest-US Highway 67 Maud, Arrested: Michael Scott Brewer

Debit or Credit Card Abuse-Forrest Villa Lane Texarkana

Money Order Service (Indecent Exposure) – Ronny Street Texarkana, Arrested: James Clifton Ahlstrom Jr.


Investigation into the Death-Jamiston Street Texarkana

Robbery-Farm Aggravated at Market Road 1840 Dekalb, taken: American currency

Cruelty to Animals Other Than Livestock – Old Spanish Drive Texarkana


46 people arrested by BCSO
14 people arrested by other law enforcement agencies and referred to BCSO
18/8 Civil documents approved / served by BCSO


29 detainees transported to court
5 inmates transported to Texas Department of Corrections
6 detainees transported for medical treatment
18 prisoners transported for other reasons

58 Total number of people transported (excluding arrests by BCSO)

4,827 Total number of miles traveled for the transportation listed above

WATCH: Here are 30 toxic foods for dogs

To prepare for a potential incident, always keep your veterinarian’s phone number handy, as well as an after-hours clinic that you can call in an emergency. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also has a hotline that you can call at (888) 426-4435 for advice.

However, even with all of these resources, the best cure for food poisoning is to prevent it in the first place. To give you an idea of ​​what human food can be dangerous, Stacker has put together a slideshow of 30 Common Foods to Avoid. Take a look to see if there are any that surprise you.

How many in America: from guns to ghost towns

Can you guess how many public schools there are in the United States? Do you have any idea how many billionaires might reside there? Read on to find out, and learn a thing or two about the cultural significance and legacy of each of these selections along the way.

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Starbucks, Chase Bank additions to Durham’s 9th Street greeted by some, others concerned Tue, 08 Jun 2021 21:32:57 +0000

9th Street in Durham, known for its small businesses, is changing.

A Chase bank recently opened and a Starbucks on Friday.

“I think a lot of my friends are going to go to that one-ton Starbucks,” said Duke student Harrison Chen.

But not everyone welcomes the national coffee chain. On the sidewalk in front of Starbucks, these words: “Boycott Starbucks. Buy local. “

Victor Loperfido is a regular at the Triangle Coffee House on Ninth Street.

Boxyard RTP, a food and retail space built from shipping containers

“I love the street as it is and it will change,” Loperfido said. “It changes who’s going to come here and it changes the mood as well. It’s not a small American town anymore.”

Triangle Coffee House owner Jermaine Bantum admits he’s annoyed that Starbucks opens almost right next to his cafe, described by many as having a “bohemian” vibe.

“Wherever they could have moved, they chose to move directly, right next door,” Bantum said. “Not at the end of the block, not around the corner. But right next door. It’s a bit boring. Plus, there’s a Starbucks across the street in Harris Teeter, so I have to compete with them on both sides. But I’m not concerned. I welcome competition. “

Durham-based company offers mocktails, a taste of the islands

He added, “When you support local businesses, you support our local economy, so when you do business with Triangle Coffee House, we get our baked goods from Ninth Street Bakery, which is another local business. Starbucks is wrong. do that. We buy some of our paper products and stuff from Not Just Paper on Main Street, which is another local business. Starbucks is not going to do that.

A Starbucks spokesperson sent a statement saying:

“We are proud to join the community of Raleigh, North Carolina. We are committed to being a good neighbor in Raleigh and having an open dialogue about community concerns. We look forward to serving as a gathering place for citizens and visitors to the community for years to come as well as building strong community connections inside and outside our stores. “

In January, Starbucks created a Community resilience fund to support small business growth and community development projects in neighborhoods of people of color.

Some national chains have had branches on 9th Street for years, including Panera and Jimmy John’s.

Some welcome new street businesses.

“Growing up, I lived just down the road and it was small businesses so it’s fun to see the different varieties that we have, the grocery stores, the little grocery stores and restaurants and different things to see” , said Debbie, a Durham resident. Griffin.

“I think that with the opening of Chase and Starbucks, it’s going to attract more people, so I really think that will mean there will be more money coming into the whole community to build the old businesses.” , said Alessin, a Durham resident. Johnson.

“I think having more options is good, but we really like the small businesses here,” Chen said.

Copyright © 2021 WTVD-TV. All rights reserved.

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Return to Corowa via some vineyards Tue, 08 Jun 2021 06:25:20 +0000

Day trips is a feature that offers ideas for day trips to North East Victoria.

Our lovely day trip to Corowa made us go back and investigate unfinished business.

We were told we had to visit the Wrenwood Gallery, the Farm Shop, and the Nursery. It is commonly referred to as “the big red shed” because of its bright color and Dutch barn style design.

Set back from the Riverina Hwy on the right at Bungowannah, it is 20 km from Albury.

We also wanted to have lunch at Jones Winery in Rutherglen and then investigate other wineries and places to eat that are new to us, or at least unknown to us before. We headed first for lunch.

*** Day trips: a Sunday drive to Corowa

Since the COVID-19 restrictions went into effect, most wineries with restaurants now have a two-, three- or even five-course prix fixe lunch menu rather than an ‘a la carte’ order, so be warned .

It didn’t bother us, the food was delicious and even more so because we sat outside on a perfect fall day northeast of Victoria.

We felt quite transported to France or to a small rural setting elsewhere.

The Iron Shed’s small tasting room and restaurant is refreshing and unpretentious and camouflages its excellent wines and food.

*** Day trips: A quintessential small country village

The blend of wine and food has been in the Jones family for generations.

It is one of the oldest and smallest cellars in the Rutherglen region. The sixth generation is already in place.

Brother and sister Mandy and Arthur Jones took over in 1998 after both having lived, worked, perfected their wine-making and their cuisine in Europe, particularly in France.

They bring a range of expertise on and off the farm.

*** Day trips: an indigenous education

Although known for their LJ Shiraz from very old vines and their Mousanne Rousanne blend, we drank Muscat Sec, which was unusual, neither sweet nor dry, perfect for lunch. We were happy.

After lunch we followed the signs to Howlong where we crossed the Murray River and then headed towards Albury.

You can’t miss the red hangar, it’s huge and very red. Although it looks old, it is only four years old and was built by the owner to house his wife’s collection of antiques, excellent quality bric a brac and collectable paintings. .

Lizabeth is a painter but also sells works by 20 other artists from around and as far away as Margaret River.

*** Day trips: artistic adventures

These are all contemporary works. How do I tell my husband that I love two?

The greenhouse nursery has a range of plants, including succulents. Her husband’s iron raised garden bed planters were very popular during COVID-19.

It was late afternoon so we rushed home through Rutherglen, slowing down as we approached the famous pie shop because we were told all the locals were eating at the Thousand Pounds restaurant next door. .

It’s small and everyone loves the ambiance and the tapas menu though. . . it is only open for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings.

*** Day Trips: Myrtleford via Milawa

Earlier this year, we stayed at the Tuileries and ate in the dining room, located in the old Jolimont cellars. We loved it and during this stay we walked all around Rutherglen.

There are a lot of cafes and an interesting history to study.

This time we didn’t linger but made our way to the perfectly located Moodemere Lake Estate with a view of Moodemere Lake (lunch Wednesday through Sunday, holidays).

We had never heard of it until the locals enthusiastically recommended Chef Jarrod Smith’s cuisine and location again. The menu offers two, three and five courses.

*** Day trips: return to Tatong

I had read that Ned Kelly had been to the lake, but not being a native of the Victorian era, he had no idea of ​​its location or its geology.

It is a natural lake of about two square miles that was once part of the Murray River. Australia’s oldest rowing regatta has been held on the lake every January since 1863.

To find it, instead of turning left onto Three Chains Rd, there is a little dog’s paw almost immediately after to the right where you will see the driveway and the sign for Lake Moodemere Estate.

There is an old farm and a garden, it is very pretty. Again we had another wonderful day trip.

– Suzie Pearce

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Restaurant Brands International CEO José Cil is Restaurant Chef of the Year Mon, 07 Jun 2021 13:07:18 +0000

Photo courtesy of Restaurant Brands International / Image of catering company staff

Restaurant Brands International CEO José Cil, whose company started a chicken sandwich war that has engulfed much of the restaurant industry, is on 2021 RBusiness estaurant Restaurant Chef of the Year.

Cil beat a group of distinguished finalists to win the award, which recognizes an industry CEO for their performance over the past year.

“I am very grateful to our talented RBI team, for their dedication to always doing the right thing, their commitment to putting people and their purpose first, and their persistence in overcoming the biggest business challenge of our lives,” said declared Cil. “They act like owners every day and are one of the main reasons the business is so healthy today.

“It’s also important for me to recognize our incredible franchisees around the world. Their partnership and long-term commitment are the foundation and strength of our business. “

Wendy’s Todd Penegor, Wingstop’s Charlie Morrison, Bloomin ‘Brands’ Dave Deno and Papa John’s Rob Lynch were also finalists for the award, which was chosen by a reader survey for the first time in six years of existence this year.

Cil has been the CEO of RBI, owner of Burger King, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Tim Hortons, since 2019. On being named Restaurant Leader of the Year, he joins a distinguished roster of senior executives, including Panera Bread founder Ron Shaich, Chipotle Mexican Grill CEO Brian Niccol and Union Square Hotel Group founder Danny Meyer.

RBI was formed when Burger King bought Tim Hortons in 2014. The company acquired Popeyes three years later.

In 2019, Popeyes introduced the Chicken Sandwich, a product so popular that its restaurants sold out in two weeks and the chain took it off the menu for several weeks. Meanwhile, the chain sourced more ingredients, staffed and provided more training and reintroduced the sandwich in November.

The result was the highest comparable store quarter for a single chain in modern industry history. Sales continued to show strength over the past year, even as dozens of restaurant chains introduced their own versions of improved chicken sandwiches. This includes Burger King, which launched its own improved sandwich this year.

It also moved Popeyes from a brand that relied on families to buy whole meals to a brand where solo consumers visit its drive-thru in the middle of the day.

“It is now becoming an opportunity for the single user, the traditional fast food customer who goes there for lunch,” Cil said in an interview. “You open this business, which we didn’t have much of. It brought in a ton of bulk, especially during lunch day.

At Tim Hortons, RBI had to rethink the company’s strategy after poor performance in Canada, where the brand is an institution. The donut chain reshuffled much of its management team there, upgraded the cafe, renovated stores and invested in marketing, only to watch the pandemic strike and block a turnaround.

Still, the chain has shown improved sales as Tims rethought its approach. “We had to take the time to figure out what we need to do,” Cil said. “Even before that, we had to build the right team for the long haul in Canada at Tim Hortons. “

RBI’s most notable achievement has been its international growth with Burger King, which Cil helped lead in his early years. The company has used a series of unique joint venture partnerships with major franchisees in different markets, a strategy that has helped accelerate growth outside of the United States.

The company uses this strategy with Tims and Popeyes. “For both brands, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth,” Cil said.

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Quezon City businesses are encouraged to: Secure Seal Certification Sat, 05 Jun 2021 16:00:00 +0000

Janvic Mateo (The Philippine Star) – June 6, 2021 – 00h00

MANILA, Philippines – Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte yesterday urged business establishments in the city to comply with the Safety Seal certification program initiated by the national government to ensure public health and safety amid the pandemic.

Belmonte joined Secretary of Commerce Ramon Lopez, Under Secretary of Commerce Ireneo Vizmonte and Under Secretary of Interior Jonathan Malaya at the launch of the QC Safety Seal certification at SM City North EDSA.

“We hope that our companies will take this opportunity to prove that they are taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of their customers,” she said.

“And in turn, we expect this to increase customer confidence and positively affect individual livelihoods and our economy,” Belmonte added.

She previously signed an executive order requiring all establishments to apply for and display a security seal as proof of their compliance with minimum public health protocols such as use of the KyusiPass accredited contact tracing app.

By decree, the city government adopted the joint circular issued by the national government mandating local government units to create a security seal certification committee that will inspect and verify the eligibility of registered business establishments that wish to participate in the program. .

The program covers shopping malls, wet markets and other retail stores; restaurants, fast food chains, cafes and restaurants; banks, pawn shops, exchange offices and remittance centers; car washes; and laundry service centers.

The following establishments can also secure the security Sela: art galleries, libraries, museums and zoos; sports centers, gymnasiums and spas; tutoring, testing and review centers; and cinemas and arcades.

Belmonte said there are two ways for institutions to obtain the seal: “First, they can apply through our online contactless process. Or as part of our regular daily check, the inspection team can verify the eligibility of the inspected establishment for the issuance of the security seal.

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Companies celebrate National Donut Day with many gifts Fri, 04 Jun 2021 19:58:00 +0000

UNITED STATES – June 4th marks National Donut Day, and sweet treat lovers across the country are making the most of this delicious holiday!

June 4th is National Donut Day and several restaurants are celebrating by offering donuts! © 123rf / sheilaf2002

It’s that time of year again – when donut lovers are treated to the best the country has to offer of these delicious treats.

Whether it’s a chocolate iced version with sprinkles or an old-fashioned frosting, anyone who enjoys delicious baking is likely to benefit from this blessed annual event – when fast food chains and cafes offer free donuts.

In addition to the local bakeries most people visit, Walmart, Starbucks, and other national businesses are also participating in the celebration.

DiGiorno got into the action by creating a Twitter Contest for the lucky winners to try their new “DiGiornut”, which appears to be a pizza version of the classic confection.

The official Peanuts Twitter account also shared a delicious photo of Snoopy lovingly holding the good bread in his hands.

And seizing the opportunity to promote a more serious topic, Planned Parenthood even shared a tweet with a photo of a box of donuts that read “Abortion is health care.”

Of course, Dunkin ‘Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Lamar’s Donuts & Coffee are also participate in the fun by offering gifts to customers between certain hours.

But watch out for foodies – some places set certain guidelines. Dunkin ‘, for example, only gives free donuts with the purchase of a cafe.

Still, it’s a sweet way to start the weekend.

Happy National Donut Day to all donut lovers!

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Best Restaurants, Foods in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, Lakewood Ranch Fri, 04 Jun 2021 18:34:35 +0000

Squeezing the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota and Manatee counties contain some of the best beaches in the country, a bunch of large parks and nature reserves, lots of fun things to do every weekend and a vibrant art scene. For many of us, however, the rich restaurant and bar scene is also one of the main reasons we call this particular beachfront corner of sunny Florida.

Our Celebrity Chefs include James Beard nominees Steve phelps Aboriginal people from downtown Sarasota and Jose martinez from White House on Longboat Key. White House was also inducted into Florida Trend magazine’s venerable Golden Spoon Hall of Fame alongside the stars of Sarasota-Manatee Beach Bistro on Anna Maria Island, Euphemia Haye on Longboat Key, Michael’s On East in Sarasota and Selva Grill in downtown of Sarasota.

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