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Super Coffee, the number three ranked bottled coffee brand in the United States behind Starbucks and Dunkin ‘, continues to revolutionize the healthy coffee market and announced the expansion of its mission to mass produce energy globally with a new campaign, “Add Something Positive.” To do this, Super Coffee calls on consumers to radiate positive energy through “deliberate acts of positivity” with a TikTok challenge launched by fitness influencer Demi Bagby, as well as a variety of content creators who will produce digital content on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest to encourage consumers to take positive action and inspire their followers to do the same.

“Super Coffee was born from the idea of ​​removing negative ingredients and replacing them with positive ingredients. As we continue to thoughtfully develop the Super Coffee brand, it is important for us to reflect on our choices and let our values ​​guide our decisions, ”said Jordan DeCicco, founder and younger brother. “This campaign is a reflection of who we are as a brand; it’s our belief that if we see something that can be improved, we might as well add something positive.

Almost six years after its launch and revolutionizing the healthy coffee category, the brand continues to promote health and wellness with the elimination of sugar from the American diet. In 2020 alone, Super Coffee has helped eliminate more than 4,405,627 pounds of sugar and is on track to eliminate more than five million pounds of sugar by the end of 2021. Consumers more than ever before need more positive energy, with many stressors and desires in their daily lives. Lives. Super Coffee launches “Add Something Positive” campaign to bring positive energy and happiness to an overworked and stressed generation.

“Over the past year, we’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the brand and what we want to build here at Super Coffee. The Add Something Positive campaign is our foundational brand campaign designed to spark a positive energy movement, ”said Tori Hanna, Marketing Director of Super Coffee. “We all have choices to make every day, what we put in our body or how we react on a daily basis. We are a values-based brand and we want to encourage people to make the choice to add something positive to themselves, to society or to someone else through deliberate acts of positivity. .

Engaging content that triggers well.

To enable this behavior, Super Coffee enlists partners such as Connor Carrick, Dan Churchill, Andrew King, Monica Jones, Victoria Brown as well as investors, famous partners, loyalists and inspirational people to support every day.

This TikTok challenge will be broken down into three pillars throughout the month – Someone Else, Self, and Society. It will require consumers to add something positive in all aspects of their lives: for themselves, the people around them as a community and the life of one person. Challenge winners will be selected and receive Super Coffee surprises each week.

In addition to the TikTok Challenge, the brand will invest heavily in digital and social content, digital advertising, curated Spotify playlists, retail marketing and field marketing activations, as well as promotional giveaways and contextual activations. nationally at Barry’s Bootcamp and Soul Cycle locally at Hamptons. . This will encourage deliberate acts of positivity nationwide, with the brand projecting over 162 million impressions.

The three DeCicco brothers, who are all former D1 student-athletes, co-founded the brand with the goal of creating a world where everyone is energized and inspired to create positive change in their lives and in the lives of others, for a collective brighter. future. Today, Super Coffee is the fastest growing bottled coffee brand in the United States (Inc. 5,000, 2020) with notable investors and endorsers such as Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, Amy Jo Martin, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Baron Davis, Boomer Esiason, and more.

About the Super Café

Committed to excellence, the delicious, healthy and enhanced coffee products are enriched with additional benefits such as vitamins, protein, calorie-free natural sweeteners, MCT oil, L-theanine for relief. stress and antioxidants. The company’s comprehensive product portfolio includes ready-to-drink beverages, creams, espressos, cold infusions, pods, grounds, a herbal line as well as coffee subscription services. Super Coffee products are sold on and available nationwide at over 30,000 leading retailers; Target, Walmart, Kroger, 711, CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods Market and more. Super Coffee has been recognized as the fastest growing beverage company (Inc., 2020) and was included on the 2021 Best Places to Work list (Inc., 2021).

For more information:

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Here’s how to brew cold coffee at home without fancy gimmicks Thu, 10 Jun 2021 21:46:35 +0000

If hot coffee and hot weather don’t do it for you but you still need a dose of caffeine, maybe cold brew is for you. As Consumer Reports explains, by using a few simple tools that you probably already have, you can brew cold brew coffee at home and save a lot of money.

The editor of Consumer Reports, who covers everything coffee-related at CR, says his kitchen is full of coffeemakers and caffeine-related gadgets. But he also says you don’t need it to brew a good amount of cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee, as the name suggests, is brewed with cold water instead of hot water, and because of this, it has to brew for a much longer time.

The only supplies you’ll need are two jars with lids that can hold more than 3 cups of water, a coffee filter, funnel, and your favorite coarsely ground coffee beans.

A d

You will need a quarter of a pound of coffee (about a cup and a half) for 3 cups of cold water.

Mix the coffee and water until all the coffee is saturated. Leave to infuse for at least 12 hours at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Thanks to this long brewing process, you get a coffee that is much less bitter, a little richer and smoother.

After soaking, grab this second pot and place the funnel, then the coffee filter, on the open lid and slowly pour your infusion.

Think of cold brew as highly concentrated coffee, so you’ll want to dilute it using a ratio of one to one or one to one and a half of cold brew concentrate to water.

When ready to taste, you can simply add ice or milk and any sweeteners you prefer.

If you’re still tempted by coffee gadgets, consider Cuisinart Cold Brew DCB-10 Automatic Coffee Maker, which brews in 25 to 45 minutes and costs around $ 80.

A d

CR says that steeping your cold brew at room temperature helps extract a wider range of flavors. If you prefer to let your cold brew steep in the fridge, you can just leave it longer, around 18 hours. No matter where you steep it, your cold brew can be kept for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. You can also heat your cold brew and drink it hot.

All Consumer Reports materials are copyright 2021 Consumer Reports, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Consumer Reports is a non-profit organization that does not accept any advertising. He has no commercial relationship with any advertiser or sponsor on this site. For more information, visit

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10 Places to Pick Up Picnic Necessities in Greenville, SC Thu, 10 Jun 2021 00:56:13 +0000

How’s a picnic in Greenville, SC? Summer means eating out, and eating out is like having a picnic. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best options for picking up picnic supplies in Greenville, SC. These places will provide you with things to eat and drink, whether your picnic is by the lake, by the pool, or in the park.

Picnic basket to fill

Looking for a place to picnic in Greenville? Don’t miss our list of picnic spot ideas in Greenville, SC.

Here’s where you can buy some delicious food for your picnic in Greenville, SC.

* Menu prices are subject to change without notice.

Fork and Plow

the Fork & Plow Wednesday Night Fried Chicken Family Meal makes the perfect picnic meal.

Juicy hand-breaded fried chicken, cabbage, and gooey mac and cheese, this meal makes a delicious meal to enjoy on a weekday picnic.

$ 28 | Family fried chicken meal for 3-4 people with collard greens, macaroni and cheese and rolls


Local restaurateur turned deli supplier Chad Gangwer can create the perfect box of picnic supplies for your family! Whether you are looking for a meal or something to enjoy with a bottle of wine on an overnight picnic, Chadcuterie can help. The Mezza Tray is the perfect box whether you want to pair it with something else or enjoy it on your own.

$ 40 | The Mezza platter includes salami from Genoa, capicola, mozzarella, feta, manchego, olives, cucumber and tomato salad, local raw vegetables, EVOO, pita bread and rocket

White Wine & Butter

Spice up your picnic with the Cajun flavor of this caterer from Greer. White Wine & Butter will soon be occupying the Cartright Food Hall on Trade Street, but until that happens, you can contact them for custom menu items like jambalaya and donuts.

The cooks station

You can find everything you could possibly need for the perfect picnic at The cooks station. Wine, cheese, bread, salads, literally whatever you want. If your picnic needs sandwiches, Monte Cristo will elevate your picnic beyond PB&J status. Accompanied by a side salad and sparkling drinks, the people of the park will be jealous.

$ 7.99 per person + $ 5 | Monte Cristo sandwiches and medium container of potato salad

Bobby’s barbecue

The barbecue is the perfect picnic meal. If you haven’t had Bobby’s BBQ yet, you should plan a picnic just as an excuse! Bobby’s BBQ family meal is a good deal, and paired with sweet tea; you will be in picnic paradise!

$ 25 | Family BBQ meal includes one pound of pulled pork, (4) sandwich buns, one pint each of (2) different sides

Oak Hill Café

James Beard nominated Oak Hill Café offers small plates and tapas that make great picnic items. Because they source local ingredients available in season, their menu changes regularly.

$ 6 – $ 22 | Take-out options for small and shared platters

Kuka juice

If you are looking for a meatless picnic option, Kuka Juice has delicious sandwiches and salads ideal for eating while enjoying the outdoors. the You choose two sandwich and salad meals allows everyone to choose what they want and enjoy two different things.

$ 12 per person | ½ Sandwich & ½ Salad
(We recommend the All Kale Caesar Salad and the Pendleton Panini)

Sandiwch with Kuka juice

Tru broth

If you are looking to have a more exotic style picnic, Tru Broth in the travelers’ rest has one of my favorite things in the world to eat, and it turns out it’s perfect for alfresco dining. Grab a Thai iced coffee, a spring roll, and the cold noodle salad and you’ll be good to go.

$ 11 per person | Spring noodle salad with rice noodles, chicken, leafy greens, bean sprouts and citrus sauce.

Jersey Brothers Bagels

Enjoy brunch on a picnic blanket in the park! Take bagels with a schmear (it’s cream cheese) from Jersey Bagel Brothers, and go enjoy the afternoon.

$ 3.29 per person | Flavored Cream Cheese Bagel

Methodical coffee / cooking room

Head toward The cities and grab some coffee and sandwiches to enjoy it. The Bake Room offers freshly baked croissants with ham and cheese, and you can grab a soda or artisanal coffee from Methodical. You will likely walk away with more than sandwiches, once the smell of the bread hits your senses!

$ 4.50 / $ 5.50 | Ham & Cheese Croissant / Signature Soda

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Regulator Roasting Company in East Peoria has ‘a cup for everyone’ Wed, 09 Jun 2021 10:26:12 +0000

David Grimm, the owner of the Regulator Roasting Company, describes a cup of fine coffee in the same way that a seasoned wine lover would analyze a good vintage.

If Grimm were to take a trip to Costa Rica, he would be sure of his ability to find the specific trees that provided the beans for a Costa Rican black honey coffee that he called creamy in a way reminiscent of the Greek yogurt, with tangy notes. and a suggestion of strawberry jam. His flavor profile for the Ethiopian Natural Yirgacheffe that he currently has in stock includes notes of apricot, blackberry, raspberry and plum before finishing with a hint of milk chocolate.

“It’s really fruity and really juicy,” Grimm said. “If you bite into an apricot and it runs into your mouth, this is what the body of coffee will look like.”

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Coffee Roaster Market Outlook 2021 Pricing Strategy, Latest Industry News, Top Company Analysis, Research Report Analysis and Share by Forecast 2026 Tue, 08 Jun 2021 19:44:16 +0000 Analytics offers detailed insight into the impact of COVID-19 at the industry level, regional level, and subsequent supply chain operations. This personalized report will also help customers track new product launches in direct and indirect markets related to COVID-19, upcoming vaccines and pipeline analysis, and important developments in supplier operations and government regulations. .

The report entitled “Coffee Roaster Market Assessment, With Key Company Analysis, Regional Analysis, Application / Type Breakdown Data, and Forecast to 2016-2027” first presented the basics of the roaster: Definitions, Classifications, Applications and Market Overview; Product specifications; manufacturing process; cost structures, raw materials, etc. The report takes into account the assessment of the market definition as well as the identification of the most important major key manufacturers are analyzed forcefully in contrast to the competitive landscape, with regard to Price, Sales, Capacity, Import, Export, Coffee Roaster Market Size, Consumption, Gross, Gross Margin, Revenue and Market Share. Quantitative analysis of Coffee Roasters industry from 2016 to 2020 by region, type, application and consumption assessment by regions.

Get Free Sample PDF (Including COVID19 Impact Analysis, Complete Table of Contents, Tables and Charts) of Coffee Roaster Market Report @

The research analysis is a superb account of the macroeconomic and microeconomic factors that are influencing the growth of the Global Roasters Market. This will help market players make the appropriate changes in their approach to achieve growth and maintain their position in the industry. The global roaster market is segmented on the basis of product type, application, and geography. Each segment is evaluated in an outstanding element so that the players can know the high boom areas of the global coffee roaster market and develop their sales boom.

The segmented market is as follows:

Key Players of the Global Coffee Roaster Market Covered in Chapter 12:

Probat Werke, Behmor, Buhler Group, Genio Roasters, Toper, Nesco, Discaf Coffee Roasters – Mannah Inc., Giesen Coffee Roaster, Ambex Coffee Roasters and Grinders Inc., Sonofresco

In Chapters 5 and 14.2, on the basis of application, the Coffee Roaster Market from 2015 to 2025 covers: –

  • Factory, Cafe, Household

In Chapters 4 and 14.1, on the basis of types, the Coffee Roaster Market from 2015 to 2025 is majorly split into: –

  • Direct fire style, Semi-direct fire with half hot air, Hot air style

Impact of COVID-19 on the coffee roaster industry: The coronavirus recession is an economic recession that is occurring in the global economy in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the global economic downturn running into the trillions of dollars, speculation is rife that the recovery period may continue until early next year. The report offers a full version of the Coffee Machines market will include the impact of COVID-19 and the anticipated changes on the future prospects of the industry, taking into account the political, economic, social, and technological parameters.

Regional Analysis Of Coffee Roasters Market Include:

  • Asia Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Australia)
  • Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)
  • North America (United States, Mexico and Canada.)
  • South America (Brazil etc …)
  • The Middle East and Africa (GCC countries and Egypt.)

Do you have a specific question or requirement? Ask our industry expert @


Chapter 1: Roasters Introduction and Market Overview
1.1 Study objectives
1.2 Presentation of roasters
1.3 Scope of the study
1.4 Study methodology
1.5 Research data source

Chapter 2: Executive summary
2.1 Market overview
2.2 Analysis of the business environment

Chapter 3: Industry Chain Analysis
3.1 Analysis of raw material suppliers upstream of roasters
3.2 Main roaster players
3.3 Analysis of the Manufacturing Cost Structure of Coffee Roasters
3.4 Roasters Market Distributors
3.5 Analysis of Major Downstream Buyers of Roasters
3.6 The impact of Covid-19 from an industrial chain perspective
3.7 Regional import and export controls will exist for a long time
3.8 The Continued Decline in Global PMI Spreads

Chapter 4: Global Coffee Roaster Market, By Type

Chapter 5: Coffee Roaster Market, By Application

Chapter 6: Global Coffee Roaster Market Analysis by Regions
6.1 Global Coffee Roaster Sales, Revenue and Market Share by Regions
6.2 North America Coffee Roasters Sales and Growth Rate (2015-2020)
6.3 Europe Coffee Roasters Sales and Growth Rate (2015-2020)
6.4 Asia-Pacific Coffee Roasters Sales and Growth Rate (2015-2020)
6.5 Middle East & Africa Coffee Roasters Sales and Growth Rate (2015-2020)
6.6 South America Food Processing Equipment Sales and Growth Rate (2015-2020)

Chapter 7: North America Coffee Roaster Market Analysis by Countries

Chapter 8: Europe Coffee Roaster Market Analysis by Countries

Chapter 9: Asia-Pacific Coffee Roaster Market Analysis by Countries

Chapter 10: Analysis of Middle East & Africa Coffee Roaster Market by Countries

Chapter 11: South America Coffee Roaster Market Analysis by Countries

Chapter 12: Competitive Landscape

Chapter 13: Industry Outlook
13.1 Analysis of market drivers
13.2 Merger, acquisition and new investment
13.3 Product Release News

Chapter 14: Global Coffee Roaster Market Forecast
14.1 Global Coffee Roaster Market Value and Volume Forecast, by Type (2020-2025)
14.2 Global Coffee Roaster Market Value and Volume Forecast, by Application (2020-2025)
14.3 Roaster Market Analysis and Forecast by Region

Chapter 15: Feasibility analysis of a new project
15.1 SWOT Analysis of Industry Barriers and New Entrants
15.2 Analysis and suggestions on the investment of new projects

Reasons to buy this report:

➊ Analyze the market outlook with recent trends and SWOT analysis
➋ Market dynamics scenario, along with growth opportunities of the market in the years to come
➌ Market segmentation analysis including qualitative and quantitative research integrating the impact of economic and non-economic aspects
➍ Regional and country level analysis integrating demand and supply forces influencing the growth of the market.
➎ Market value (USD million) and volume (million units) data for each segment and sub-segment
➏ Competitive landscape involving the market share of major players, along with new projects and strategies adopted by players over the past five years
➐ Comprehensive Company Profiles Covering Product Offerings, Key Financial Information, Recent Developments, SWOT Analysis, and Strategies Used by Major Market Players
Analyst support for 1 year, as well as data support in Excel format.
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Human rights panel begins visit to Colombia over possible abuses during protests Tue, 08 Jun 2021 00:30:00 +0000

People try to topple the statue of South American independence leader Simon Bolivar during a demonstration against sexual assault by police and excessive force against peaceful protests, in Bogota, Colombia on 15 May 2021. REUTERS / Luisa Gonzalez / File Photo

Representatives of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) met with Colombian officials on Monday ahead of a three-day visit to gather information on possible rights violations during nearly six weeks of anti-government protests.

Dozens of dead and injured, many blamed on security forces, were linked to the protests. The government-confirmed death toll of 21 does not match that of protest groups and rights organizations, which say dozens more have been killed.

The IACHR, an autonomous branch of the Organization of American States, met with Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs Marta Lucia Ramirez, Human Rights Ombudsman, Attorney General and Prosecutor.

The meeting with Ramirez also included Emilio Archila, the senior official responsible for implementing a 2016 peace agreement, who is leading government negotiators during the suspended talks with the protest leaders.

“We had a long and productive meeting, with a lot of information, many questions from the commission,” said the president of the CIDH, Antonia Urrejola, during a speech with the mediator Carlos Camargo.

“National human rights institutions like the office of the ombudsperson are always allies of the commission in their monitoring work and that is why this meeting was so important,” said Urrejola.

Camargo said his office shared information about the human rights situation during the protests.

The IACHR will also meet with protest leaders, lawmakers and High Court judges and collect testimonies from victims of protest violence and their families.

Urrejola did not elaborate at a subsequent press conference on the recommendations the IACHR could make following the visit.

“Once the visit is over, we will analyze all the information we have received and the listening spaces that have been created and we will issue a public statement next week that will contain our observations and recommendations,” she said.

President Ivan Duque has said his government will ask Congress to approve more training and increased police oversight. A national strike coordinating committee has suspended negotiations because the government failed to sign a prior agreement reached late last month.

Government negotiators said the pre-agreement was a draft and the committee unilaterally ended the talks, which covered everything from health care to basic income.

The government has repeatedly called on the strike committee to condemn the roadblocks, which have caused shortages and hampered exports.

It is not for the IACHR to comment specifically on the negotiations, said Urrejola, but she urged Colombians to find solutions through dialogue.

Protests and roadblocks have cost the economy nearly $ 3 billion, according to finance ministry estimates, with barricades stopping shipments of oil, coal and coffee, and raising food prices.

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Beanvoy Coffee Lounge serves a robust blend of coffee, conversation in Southlake Mon, 07 Jun 2021 06:00:00 +0000

Wenxin Wang is co-owner of the Beanvoy Coffee Lounge in Southlake. (Karen Chaney / Community Impact Journal)

Southlake residents and business partners Wenxin Wang and Ray Li opened the Beanvoy Coffee Lounge in Southlake in June 2020.

“We haven’t given much thought to what might happen, the assumptions, and if we have financial issues, what about COVID-19,” Wang said.

Wang and Li considered several names for their coffee. They coined the word Beanvoy because it reminds them of the long international journey every coffee bean takes to reach their cafe in Southlake.

Before the opening, Wang said he had immersed himself in learning as much as possible about the industry. Along the way, he met Martin Rojas, an experienced roaster, who has proven to be a valuable asset in connecting Wang and Li with suppliers in the industry. Rojas also helped train business owners and baristas in the use of the equipment.

While opening the business during the pandemic was not ideal, Wang said he saw some benefits in hindsight.

“We learned a lot at the start,” Wang said. “It was pretty good for us that a lot of clients didn’t come together, so it gave us time to try different things. “

Their most popular dishes are espresso, cold brew coffee, and boba tea. In addition to their assortment of drinks, they offer homemade sandwiches and fresh produce from Pinch of Salt Pastries in Southlake and Main Street Bistro & Bakery in Grapevine.

Now that they’ve been open for a year, they’re happy to say they have a lot of repeat customers.

“We wanted to build a place for the local community to gather friends, have a cup of coffee and chat,” Wang said.

Beanvoy Coffee Lounge, 2801 E. Southlake Blvd., Ste. 100, Southlake. 682-477-4090 Hours: Monday to Friday. 7.30am-6pm, Sat 8 am-6.30pm, closed Sun.


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Ittybits & Pieces by Siobhan Connally: The customer is wrong | state Sun, 06 Jun 2021 14:15:00 +0000

The machine came to life with the push of a button, as intended, then released a giant exhale of air and an anemic stream of warm, brown water.

Not even a bite.

“Well, that’s a good how-to,” I thought to myself, with all the swear words I could muster and none of the old-fashioned words my grandmother would have used.

I tried again. I pressed the buttons and waited: this time only drops are dripping from the device.

The fancy new coffee maker was broken and, I’m not ashamed to admit, it put me on the proverbial warpath. Trying to have a good cup of coffee before I have had a good cup of coffee often leads me to dark places. Not to mention that this would be the second machine, just after its warranty date, to be unexpectedly decaffeinated.

“It doesn’t make sense,” I say to the air around me, unplugging and reconnecting the device, then opening and closing the levers. How could this be user error? I wondered as I continued this expensive experiment by pressing both buttons in various combinations and speeds as if the coffee elevator would get to my crazy floor faster.

The trial and error here was literally a waste – two inches of coffee would cost me $ 4 in supplies.

Rage momentarily obscures my rationality.

You know … because we’ve all gotten used to buying new because repairs are just as expensive and twice as inconvenient.

Showing me no other option but to take my credit card to the store and start over, after which I’ll be complaining about the latest in a series of disposable devices that I managed to drag to the edge of the alley mumbling about “highway robbery.”

“Or… you can Google the problem and see if anyone else has encountered it,” the boy said with a smirk.

A quick internet search sends me to the page of people like me who have indeed had this embarrassing mishap in their mornings. And they found solace and some success in running hot, soapy water through the chamber a few times.

I try it in vain. There is little buildup to remove, and subsequent test castings continue to gradually extract less volume.

The interwebs show me how to find the manufacturer’s eight hundred number, so I call him, happy to see the service number reaching real living human beings 24 hours a day. Apparently they applied the happy hour sentiment. – that is, it’s always ‘downtime somewhere’ – to the expensive world of coffee machines. Someone always wakes up with a mug of disappointment.

The voice that greets me after a moment of waiting is scripted in a dry monotony. His helpfulness is questionable. She can’t believe I’m unable to locate my account number or the receipt that would verify the age of my machine. She explains to me how to find the serial number, and as I turn the machine upside down, the water runs off my feet.

This is not going well.

I just want a simple answer to my problem, and it has a whole menu of steps to take for the next 12-18 minutes of a call that could be recorded for quality purposes.

“First you’ll need a paperclip and an unused toothbrush.… I’ll wait.”

I tell him that I have no more toothbrushes.

“She insisted. You will need some kind of soft brush. I’ll wait.

I could tell I was already a disappointment.

Not only was I a Luddite client without the sense that God gave a goat when it came to solving basic problems, but I was also unable to follow simple directions.

“Then you will need hot water … almost until it boils.”

“I’m in an office with no hot water,” I stammered. I’ll have to do it later. What is the next step ?”

“Don’t you have a microwave?”

I imagined she was laughing at me towards the other technicians on duty while she muted her end of the conversation.

“I… didn’t think about the microwave,” I stammer, intending to find all the other supplies she tells me I need, bar none. If I am not successful, I will claim otherwise.

“Run the machine until there is no more water in the reserve chamber.”

I hum as the machine moves forward, slowly throwing boiling water out of its spout towards the empty container. Everything is going according to plan until she asks me an open question: “How many times have you pressed the button?” “

“Six,” I said with improvised confidence because I wasn’t following.

“The room only has four,” she said derisively. “I’m going to ask you to reset the device to factory specs, then we’ll do some testing with used coffee capsules.

The reset consisted of holding a button down for five seconds.

“You’re going to have to count slower than usual for this to work.”

When she asks me to press the button again, I can tell that the output volume has also been restored to its original factory setting. Yet his belief in my competence has not changed.

I pretend to comply with his request to fill three separate cups to test the consistency of the serve. “They all look alike to me.

“They should all be 4.3 ounces … right?”

“And that’s what they are. Exactly.

Siobhan Connally is a writer and photographer living in the Hudson Valley. His column on family life appears weekly in print and online.

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Kiggundu’s fortune thanks to ginger – Daily Monitor Sat, 05 Jun 2021 18:12:11 +0000

By Phionah Nassanga

Many people enjoy spiced ginger tea, and this has seen the cultivation increasingly become an income-generating activity for many Ugandans. The culture, which is popular in Mpigi, Butambala and Mukono, changes the lives of many people.
Joy Kiggundu is one of the farmers who profit from growing ginger. Kiggundu, who is also the president of the Container village agrochemical association in Kampala, is 38 and has dropped out of school due to lack of school fees.

“I started to get interested in farming at a young age. During the school holidays, I visited my grandfather who was a famous coffee producer in Bugongo, in the district of Wakiso. While I was at his house, I worked on his coffee plantation with the rest of his employees, ”Kiggundu explains.

He says he had been in the banana and tree business for many years. He explains that he started making a lot of money in this farming business which prompted him to expand his garden, but in 2014 pine prices fell, causing him untold losses.

Venture into ginger
It was around this time that he heard about the cultivation of ginger from a friend. He started growing ginger and he never looked back because ginger has a ready market and a very good price.
He says he started with Shs 100,000 ginger seeds (planting material) which he bought from a friend in Butambala district. He planted it with the aim of getting more seeds because he didn’t have enough money to buy seeds, which took him another nine months before he could get into the real planting.

“In a year, I had harvested enough seeds to plant half an acre, which turned out very well due to the good soil and conditions,” he says, adding that the harvest was so rich that ‘he got seeds and sold the surplus and made some good profit.

He reveals that he used the profit to buy more land to expand his garden.
“In a good season, I harvest more than 35 bags of ginger, one bag of which contains 100 kilograms. A kilogram of ginger costs between 3,000 and 5,000 Shs; a single bag costs between 300,000 and 400,000 Shs, ”he says. This means he earns over 14 million Shs in gross profit per season.


Ginger multiplies by dividing the rootstock or rhizomes. The seeds are planted 30 cm apart in field seeders spaced 60 cm apart.
“To have good yields, they must have chosen a healthy rhizome with well-developed growth buds that are neither dry nor shriveled. Soak the rhizomes in water for 24 hours and then plant, ”says Kiggundu.
Mulching is also important because it keeps the soil moist and nourishes the ginger while the mulch breaks down.

“Not weeding means slowing the growth of ginger and when weeding it is best to use your hands rather than a hoe. This will help you avoid damaging the crops, such as digging up the rhizomes before they are ready to be harvested, ”says Kiggundu.
Farmers who grow ginger can improve crop yields by up to 30 percent by using compost coffee pod manure, as opposed to the original coffee pods and some bio-organic fertilizers in the farmer’s market.

This is because the pods are rich in lignocellulosic material, making them an ideal substrate for microbial soil processes that stimulate crop growth.
For the composition, coffee pods with the addition of cow manure, urea and phosphorus are mixed and then left in compost for a while and then applied before planting. They are distributed evenly throughout the field. To plant an acre of ginger, you will need 9-10 bags, or about a ton of rhizomes.

Harvest and storage
A mature crop shows yellowing of the aerial parts and wilting. The upper part finally dries up and falls to the ground. It is advisable to leave the crop unharvested in the first year and it grows back and is harvested in the second year. In this way, the yields increase. With good farming practices, management, and care, one acre of ginger will produce up to 10 tons.

Harvesting is done by pulling out the entire plant. Yields depend on many factors such as soil fertility, rainfall, and hopefully others.
“When harvesting, you have to carefully dig the sides of a clump to avoid cutting it or gently lifting the clump with a spade. Immediately after harvesting, the rhizomes are washed and air dried in the shade for one to two days. This helps partially heal the wounds before packaging and storage and the fully ripe ginger is sun-dried for longer storage, ”says Kiggundu.

Field hygiene is more important for managing pests and diseases. Avoid water stagnation, ensure adequate drainage, periodically remove weeds, apply only well-rotted compost to 25 tons of hectares and fully incorporate it into the soil, apply dolomite before sowing to increase soil pH. Sow ginger in raised beds at least 25-30 cm high and plan for mulching with leaves.

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Sweet Baby James officially opens today in downtown Alpena | News, Sports, Jobs Sat, 05 Jun 2021 05:37:10 +0000

News photo by Darby Hinkley Sisters Baillie James, left, and Mollie Allen pose in the middle of their new children’s clothing store, which opened today at 200 N. 2nd Ave. in the city center of Alpena.

ALPENA – “Happy little humans shop here.”

So says the sign for Sweet Baby James, a new children’s store in downtown Alpena. Big, happy humans, from parents to grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends, will also enjoy shopping here for unique kids’ clothes, toys and accessories.

Today is the store’s grand opening from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 200 N. 2nd Ave., across from Cabin Creek Coffee.

Sisters Baillie James and Mollie Allen are co-owners of the store. They came up with the name based on their maiden name, James. The idea has been in the works for about seven years, but they signed the lease and took over the space on May 1. This is the former location of Alpena Vintage Co.

“I would say for about seven years, we have been thinking about it” said Jacques. “And the building was leased, and we knew we had to grab it quickly. “

Along with their maiden name James, James Taylor’s song is linked to it as well.

“My dad was always a huge James Taylor fan so we kind of grew up with the song.” Allen said. “So we decided on the name of the store even before the store became a reality. “

James teaches in Birmingham and she has taught virtually this year. Her schedule was therefore more flexible, which left her time to prepare for the opening of the store.

James has an almost 8 month old baby boy named Trooper, who has modeled many adorable onesies and outfits on the store’s Facebook page in a segment called “Tuesday of the soldiers. “ Their nieces Lou and Wilder can also be seen on Facebook modeling many of the little girls’ outfits.

James said she noticed that the selection of boys’ clothing is usually quite limited and that she wanted to offer more unique styles for the little ones.

“I like to dress (Trooper) in pretty cute clothes, so I thought we should bring a baby store to Alpena”, said Jacques.

Some of the t-shirts and jumpsuits say things like “Be a good human” “Tree block”, “The heart that is in the Desert,” and “I love you at the beach and in the back.”

“We just saw a need. “ Allen added. “There’s really nowhere else than a big box store to go to. JCPenney is gone, and that was really the only other baby option.

Allen said keeping items affordable was also important to them.

“We really tried to hit different price points because you want everyone who walks in to feel like they can afford something” Allen said.

The store offers sizes ranging from infant up to 8 youngsters.

“The clothes you don’t see on a baby every day are my vision” said Jacques.

Her sister, meanwhile, specializes in clothes that children “Tuesday door.” In other words, everyday clothes come out, so they have a good balance.

The sisters said they had no concerns about opening their store during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I feel like things are starting to open up, and it’s kind of a light at the end of the tunnel for some people” said Jacques. “It’s something new and exciting, as well as other stores opening in Alpena, and we’re trying to bring people back to downtown Alpena. And I feel like this is a good opportunity to do so.

Sweet Baby James hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.

Allen is also a co-owner of Cabin Creek Coffee with his parents, Kevin and Peggy James. She co-owns The Local Basket Case with her significant other, Gary Compeau, also in downtown Alpena.

Despite the pandemic, “We had a very healthy summer last year at the cafe and The Basket Case, so I feel like people gravitate towards northern Michigan,” especially in the summer, Allen said. “I feel like a lot of people have moved to live here. So I feel confident. “

When asked if she is taking over downtown Alpena, Allen responded with a smile: “Not intentionally, but it seems to work that way. “

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