Coffee Shop Financing – Zeleniy Coffee Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:01:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Coffee Shop Financing – Zeleniy Coffee 32 32 Isles of Scilly Steamship Co. unveils designs for new passenger and cargo ferry Fri, 11 Jun 2021 11:04:16 +0000

As Afloat previously reported, plans to replace the veteran Scillionian III of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, with designs for a new state-of-the-art passenger and cargo ferry were recently revealed for the first time.

Currently, the Scillonian III runs between Penzance, Cornwall, in the southwest of England, with St. Mary’s, the largest and most populous island in the archipelago. The ship launched in 1977 by Appledore Shipbuilders in neighboring Devon, operates the 2 hour 45 minute island lifeline.

Following an extensive consultation process with the Isles of Scilly community, the new 72m passenger ferry (video) will carry 600 passengers across three decks with a contemporary and comfortable seating arrangement, onboard cafe and retail area.

According to the Isles of Scilly steamboat, the new vessel will be capable of reaching speeds of 18 knots, which will reduce journey time by 20%; anti-roll fins to improve crossing stability; increased loading capacity with the possibility of transporting refrigerated and frozen products; better access for passengers with reduced mobility. A hybrid propulsion system for the new passenger freighter must reduce emissions.

In addition, a dedicated 45m freighter will replace the Gry Maritha, will have increased loading capacity, including more space for chilled and frozen products; a crane that can lift eight tons and a comfortable lounge that can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

The new inter-island launch will be capable of 12 knots, allowing much faster journey times between St Mary’s and the other islands; a 50% increase in loading capacity and a 55% reduction in fuel consumption.

The next step will be to start discussions with the shipyards on potential construction programs. The company has partnered with international shipping broker Blair Reid, which specializes in the sale and purchase of new ferries.

Blair Reid is currently in contact with 32 shipyards in the UK, Europe and the Far East to acquire expressions of interest and identify potential construction niches and construction costs.

Stuart Reid, Managing Director, said: “We have conducted an extensive consultation process and we have listened to what the Isles of Scilly community has identified as a priority for improving service. Their needs were at the forefront of the design process. We are proud of the proposals, which will ultimately enhance the excellent freight and passenger services we operate today and serve generations of travelers for years to come. “

The design, in partnership with Naval Architects BMT, involved consultation with islanders and stakeholders last summer. He found that resilience, reliability, travel time and affordability were the most important factors for future services.

Ian Howard, President, said: “We have taken a big step forward with the finalization of these designs. Now we have to select the right shipyard (s) to build these ships and secure funding for them. “

Kevin George, Director, said: “Green technology is at the heart of new designs; we aspire to minimize the environmental impact as early as possible while ensuring the reliability and resilience of this vital vital service.

“Going forward, we want to have the ability to adapt and modify the chosen propulsion system to ensure that we meet the government’s goal of decarbonizing the maritime sector by 2050 and keeping ships aligned with it. ‘evolution of environmentally friendly technologies. “

Sylvain Julien, Director of Naval Architecture at BMT, said: “BMT is committed to leading the way in designing ships that reduce the environmental footprint, and we welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with the ‘ISSG and the island community to work towards improved operations and increased sustainability by leveraging our in-depth understanding of advanced ferry designs.

The Company is currently working with the Council of the Isles of Scilly and the government on funding options.

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Affordable and labor-intensive housing on Spine Road would add diversity and opportunity to Gunbarrel Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:10:33 +0000

II am writing in response to a May 27 editorial from the Gunbarrel Community Alliance (GCA) (Re: “The Poor Door and the Legalized Segregation Model in Boulder”) and to encourage support for the Spine Road Project planned for the Boulder Planning Review from the council website on June 17th.

I am an affordable housing advocate who volunteers with the Boulder Housing Network and a member of the Better Boulder Board and the Boulder Arts Commission, although here I speak only for myself. Over the past several years my work has included research and writing on affordable housing and equitable land use planning for the Urban Land Institute and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, and I know how the reluctance against more housing diverse and affordable has amplified stress on our housing crisis in Colorado and across the United States

The Spine Road project is located off the Diagonal Highway on 9.7 vacant acres of the Celestial Seasonings property at the intersection of Spine Road and Gunbarrel Avenue in Gunbarrel. It includes 230 employees and affordable housing in 20 small two- to three-story apartment buildings with a variety of housing types, from studios and work-at-home units to three-bedroom apartments and townhouses. It is connected by walking trails, bike paths and a mobility center to help reduce car use. It also includes community and commercial spaces, such as a library, central park / open space, swimming pool and fitness center, meeting / event space, community garden, and cafe / cafe.

Local developer Andy Allison has met the city’s inclusive housing requirement of 25% affordable housing with 59 permanently affordable rental units for moderate-income households earning up to 60% of the region’s median income. (FRIEND). The project also has 165 rental units at market rates and six Habitat for Humanity townhouses for sale for middle-income households. Typical residents could be teachers, first responders, nurses, artists, catering staff, and other essential workers.

One of the reasons I love this project is that the workforce and affordable housing are located on the same site. This is unusual in Boulder, where developers often choose to locate affordable homes needed for miles as part of a one-time affordable project or pay cash instead of building them. This commitment is more complicated in terms of funding but promotes a more balanced community.

The affordable and labor-intensive housing of Spine Road would add diversity and opportunity to Gunbarrel with a wider range of household income and housing types. What Boulder needs the most, and what the Planning Council is currently considering, are “mid-digit” housing, such as duplexes, triplexes, townhouses and small apartment buildings. This will provide more options for people who cannot afford or need single family homes over $ 1 million, the type of residential zoning that dominates in Boulder and has directly contributed to our land costs. high prices and our exclusive housing market.

Another reason I love this project is its focus on art and community spaces. As an arts curator, I know the number one issue for the thousands of working artists in Boulder is affordable housing, studios and exhibition space. The Spine Road Project has scheduled spaces for a gallery, studios, art classes, events, nonprofits and a public art walk. Find out how the affordable Bus Stop Apartments and Galleries for Local Artists, built by Andy Allison and Thistle Communities, helped activate the NoBo Arts District.

GCA says the city and developers are continuing the “poor door” approach of providing less than affordable housing compared to market-priced housing. But if you take a look at the Spine Road sitemap, you’ll find that the amenities are shared, and the affordable, market-priced homes are adjacent to each other and also overlook the central open space. Coburn Architecture’s affordable and market-priced buildings are of similar quality in terms of design, materials and features.

The City aims to make 15% of housing permanently affordable by 2035, including 1,000 middle-income housing. In December, 8.4% of city housing was affordable. We still have a long way to go to meet our affordability goals and to create a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable city. The affordable homes of the Spine Road project would be among the first in Gunbarrel.

What really continues the story of Boulder’s classism and racism is the belief that more diverse and affordable housing (and the people who live there) do not belong in our neighborhoods. The real poor door is the one that opponents use to chase away people who cannot afford to live here, where they work. Let’s take a look at how a holistic view of this and other affordable and labor-intensive projects can help create the fair, diverse and resilient city we say we want.

Kathleen McCormick has lived, worked and raised a family in Boulder for the past 28 years.

This opinion column does not necessarily reflect the views of Weekly Boulder.

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Austin Convention Center redesign could be developed through competition to envision “fabulous world-class building” in downtown east side Tue, 08 Jun 2021 22:11:00 +0000

Austin officials have been pursuing a decades-old overhaul of the downtown facility for years. (Ben Thompson / Community Impact Journal)

On June 10, Austin city council may take action to advance the much-discussed expansion of the Austin Convention Center.

Two items on the June 10 board agenda relate to the planning process for how the facility renovation might go. If approved, the first item provided by staff would allow the board to revert to the Construction Manager’s risky contracting method for the project. This process would allow the hiring of a general contractor to oversee the entire partial demolition, reconstruction and expansion of the center while providing for the separate hiring of a group to manage the design aspects of the project. .

This allocation for an architectural firm’s exterior design work is the basis of the second related element, sponsored by District 9 council member Kathie Tovo, which would see the city launch a competition to solicit design concepts to make of the installation a public gathering space and “monument of great distinction” in line with the central library of the city. Tovo, whose district includes the convention center, said his resolution as it was written could be amended before its potential approval this week, but his overall hope was to open the door to outside proposals on a new one. Austin convention center in the near future.

“We have had a lot of conversations about the convention center and possible expansion over the past few years, and it is extremely important, in my opinion, that we have a fabulous, world-class building on this site,” Tovo said. “Hopefully we can get to a place on Thursday where we start a process that will lead to some really good design.”

The expansion of the nearly 30-year-old structure has been a topic of interest to the board for years. Officials commissioned in 2017 a study on the economic and cultural potential of the convention center that was released in 2019, and last year they re-committed to moving forward with its expansion. And while central to west growth plans were put on hold in April, the desire for a revamp of the existing property remains.

On June 8, Tovo also highlighted the importance, in his view, of involving city council more regularly in the design process compared to previous projects supported by the city, such as the redevelopment of the former HealthSouth property in North. She also said that a new functional facility design supported by the city should be linked to the on-going Palm District planning initiative to develop a new comprehensive plan for the Historic Central East Sector. town, and consider wider pedestrian access and a connection to Waller Creek. that the previous concepts did not have.

“We had a lot of conversations around the convention center. I don’t think the initial design that was proposed was one that members of our community found terribly inspiring or addressed their concerns about the interaction of the convention center and how it embraced the need. to be present and exciting for the residents, ”she said.

In a June 8 memo on the construction manager’s risky proposal, Trisha Tatro, acting director of the Austin Convention Center department, said the council’s possible action this week would only push the agenda forward. procurement process and would not lock the city into any planning or financial commitments. . The next staff update on the funding model and proof-of-concept of the redevelopment project is expected later this summer, Tatro said, and the city’s spending on the project would eventually begin with the selection and contracting of the project. ‘an architect.

“Financial modeling and proof of concept efforts are parallel processes to the selection of the design company and [construction manager at-risk]. Performing these processes sequentially shortens the time for completion of the expansion project, which would reduce the cost of the expansion, ”Tatro said in the memo.

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Cautious Chinese Consumers Offer Clues for Post-Pandemic World, Retail News, ET Retail Tue, 08 Jun 2021 07:03:37 +0000

Chinese consumers remain cautious even though the Covid-19 epidemic has been under control for much of the past year. This offers clues to the kind of spending patterns that emerge globally once pent-up demand wanes.

While China has not inflated consumers with stimulus checks, its aggressive control of the virus allowed the economy to quickly reopen and take real household income growth to 13.7% in the first quarter of this year.

Still, the consumer recovery has been weaker than expected, as economists identified two main reasons: an uneven distribution of pandemic economies and lingering concerns about the virus that prompted more conservative habits and slashed spending on services. – mastering an otherwise V-shaped recovery for the world’s second-largest economy.

Cautious Chinese consumers offer clues for the post-pandemic world
As in the United States and the United Kingdom, retail sales by value are above pre-pandemic levels in China, as they recover in the eurozone. Consumers in the largest economies amassed an additional $ 2.9 trillion in savings during lockdowns related to Covid, according to Bloomberg Economics, which is helping fuel the fastest global growth in 60 years in 2021.

The question is, what happens to spending on services and how sustainable the global rebound in consumption is? Evidence from China suggests the recovery may be slow despite the world’s largest 20 million doses of vaccine per day, with more than 40% of the population having received at least one injection.

Spending limits
Li Weiyao, 26-year-old tea shop owner and tea producer in Xishuangbanna, a famous tourist destination in southern China’s Yunnan province, says the impact of the pandemic on his business is far from over. to be finished.

“There are a lot fewer travelers now, and even those who come to the store are much less willing to make a purchase,” Li said. Monthly sales have plunged to around 2,000 yuan now, from 20,000 yuan before the launch. pandemic, he said.

“Now I only buy the things that I absolutely need,” Li said. “Before, I was a big fan of smartphones and always bought the latest model, but now I stay with my old phone. as long as it still works. And I only buy the most basic types of clothes.

This caution appears in a series of surveys conducted by the People’s Bank of China among 20,000 depositors in 50 cities. The survey for the first quarter of this year found that about 49% of those polled said they were increasing their savings, up from 46% in the fourth quarter of 2019. Only 22% said they were spending more, compared to 28% at the end. 2019.

An indicator measuring respondents’ confidence in their future income stood at 51 in the first quarter, rebounding from a low of 45.9 in the first quarter of 2020 but still below the 53.1 recorded in the last quarter of 2019.

“I am staying at home a lot more today than before the pandemic,” said Johnny Sun, a 29-year-old cafe worker in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. “I’m just very used to not going out after this year. I used to love going to nightclubs, but now I don’t feel like I need that anymore.

In-store sales
While business executives say business has rebounded, they also say there is a way to go before confidence is fully restored.

“We expect it will take time for same store sales to fully return to pre-Covid levels,” said Andy Yeung, chief financial officer of Yum China Holdings Inc. during the first quarter earnings call in April. Yum China is the country’s largest restaurant company and operates KFC and Pizza Hut in the world’s most populous country.

China’s retail sales rose 17.7% in April, much slower than an expected increase of 25%. Growth slowed to 4.3% in April on a two-year average basis from 6.3% in March, as consumption of food and beverage services weakened, shaking expectations that the consumer demand was beginning to replace investment as the engine of growth.

Certainly, part of the recovery in China could be clouded by an accelerated shift to online shopping, meaning that models have changed rather than demand. Consumption will continue to recover given the improving job market and the virus remaining under control, National Bureau of Statistics spokesperson Fu Linghui told reporters at a briefing. last month.

An index compiled by Baidu based on research for “shiye,” or job losses in Chinese, has fallen to pre-pandemic levels as household incomes are also recovering, according to Bloomberg Economics.

Pandemic scars

Shang-Jin Wei, a Chinese expert at Columbia Business School in New York and a former chief economist at the Asian Development Bank, said much of the difference in China’s retail rebound reflects the approach divergent from the stimulus with its main peers. Even if spending in some areas such as restaurant meals is lagging behind, consumption in other categories may close the gap, he said.

“It’s not too surprising that consumption growth is not as robust as GDP growth,” Wei said. “However, with enough people vaccinated, I would expect the growth in consumption to catch up as well.”

Yet the pandemic has left scars that have yet to fully heal.

While households have high savings at the aggregate level, this buffer is not evenly distributed. A portion of these savings is spent on real estate or high-end goods. An example: sales of luxury cars have exceeded demand for midsize sedans.

“Consumers aren’t necessarily cautious, but they are much more visible,” said Hao Hong, research manager at Bocom International in Hong Kong. “The long queues in front of luxury boutiques in Chinese shopping centers seem to confirm this observation. “

Shaun Roache, chief Asia-Pacific economist for S&P Global Ratings, said there was a marked reluctance to spend with savings rates remaining well above pre-pandemic levels at nearly 40% of disposable income.

“This is not what a recovery is supposed to look like, especially since revenues have picked up intelligently,” he wrote in a note.

Cautious Chinese consumers offer clues for the post-pandemic world
Bloomberg Economics notes that last year, the bottom 40% – the kind of buyers who typically spend – suffered a greater impact on their income growth than the better-off groups. Retail sales could grow about 9% this year and gradually come closer to their trend growth path towards the end of the year, Bloomberg Economics estimates.

The sentiment is also being challenged by sporadic outbreaks of the virus, including one in Guangdong province that has triggered a new round of social distancing restrictions.

Cautious Chinese consumers offer clues for the post-pandemic worldAlthough demand for basic consumer goods is not affected, discretionary spending suffers a bit, said Tao Shiquan, founder and CEO of Chongqing Jiangxiaobai Liquor Co., alcohol distiller. Extremely popular sorghum base in China. , and markets its brands to young adults.

“Some consumers are spending optimistically, while others feel uncertain about the next few years and are more careful with their spending,” Tao said. “Both situations appear.”

–With help from Daniela Wei, Jinshan Hong, Tom Hancock and James Mayger.

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Puebloans visit historic Holmes Hardware building for redevelopment Mon, 07 Jun 2021 11:11:27 +0000

The Puebloans got their first glimpse of the interior of the 1915 Holmes Hardware building during a visit Thursday ahead of a $ 15.3 million revitalization project designed to revitalize the downtown gem.

Denver-based commercial real estate developers Nathan Stern and Zach Cytryn have formed the fuel and iron project which envisions a five restaurant food court with a bar and cafe and an ice cream shop on the first floor as well as 14 apartments each on the second and third floors. The construction of the iconic building at 400 S. Union Ave. is scheduled to start on July 19.

If all goes according to plan, the downstairs food court will open in late spring or early next summer, Stern said.

The story continues below

Fuel and Iron developer Nathan Stern (left) chats with Pueblo city councilor Dennis Flores and Denise Gutierrez during a tour of the Holmes Hardware building on Union Avenue on Thursday.

Stern led two tours of the 33,000-square-foot building, giving people like Brian Estrada, director of the Southern Colorado Small Business Development Center and Mo Montgomery, director of the Culinary Arts program at Pueblo Community College, a chance to see the red brick building and hear about its vision.

After:Restoration of the Holmes Hardware building could begin July 19 on historic Union Avenue in Pueblo

“I’m surprised at how intact the building is and I think it’s good luck for Pueblo,” Estrada said. “It will mean more small businesses and it will be great for the students of the PCC apprenticeship program. ”

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Louisiana lawmakers attempt to strike tax deal for road works Sun, 06 Jun 2021 23:12:57 +0000

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (AP) – Louisiana senators brought forward several transportation funding proposals in a rare Sunday debate session, as lawmakers negotiated behind the scenes about ways to allocate more tax money to roads and bridges before the end of the legislative session this week.

Senate leaders are proposing to make permanent a temporary 0.45% sales tax passed in 2018 and send the dollars to infrastructure, rather than letting the tax expire as planned in mid-2025. But that idea seemed to be in trouble, in the face of significant opposition in the House.

As the proposal struggled to gain traction, senators began researching other approaches that could bolster state spending on projects in a $ 15 billion list of pending transport needs identified by the government. State. The Senate finance committee on Sunday approved two House-backed road finance bills that senators had previously set aside. These measures were sent to the Senate, where they could form part of any eventual agreement between the House and the Senate.

“It gives us some choices on what we’re going to do,” said Finance Chairman Bodi White, a Republican from Central.

These bills – sponsored by Republican Representatives Jack McFarland and Mark Wright – would gradually introduce a requirement that vehicle sales taxes pay for infrastructure projects; limit the use of the Transport Trust Fund to pay the operational expenses of the state transport department; and adopt other measures aimed at reducing the administrative costs of the agency.

Any ideas would make more money available for road and bridge projects, although this could leave funding gaps to cover health, education and other programs across state government by reallocating existing taxes to transport works with no way to replace them.

Republican Senate Speaker Page Cortez, White and other senators have made securing more infrastructure money a top priority in the closing days of a session due to end Thursday. But their preferred approach, centered on the state sales tax, has yet to gain support in the House.

This proposal, added by Senate leaders in an unrelated House bill, would remove the state’s 0.45% temporary sales expiration date and send the nearly $ 400 million received each year road and bridge works from 2025.

But the Louisiana Conservative caucus – 41 GOP lawmakers in the House – opposes the idea, calling it irresponsible to keep the temporary sales tax on the books as the state receives billions of federal dollars and that more money for infrastructure may be on its way. Louisiana currently has the second highest combined average sales tax rate in the country, at 9.52%, according to the Tax Foundation.

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The Best First Jobs for People Interested in Entrepreneurship Sat, 05 Jun 2021 19:00:00 +0000

June 5, 2021

7 minutes to read

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs.

When you’re young, time is like rich soil, in which you plant for the future. Aspiring entrepreneurs should be especially aware of their first career choices, as these may be the experience they need to prepare for their own business. At the end of the academic year, seniors across the country assess job vacancies and look for the best opportunities to start their careers.

Some students will be looking for a big tech name, some for the best exposure to their favorite industry, and others for the highest paying job. But many wonder what is the best job versus the best first job. Instead, first jobs should be stepping stones – a way to quickly capture knowledge and move on, versus a position that offers immediate gratification in the form of pay, perks, or a title. . This is especially important for future entrepreneurs.

If you are a young person considering becoming an entrepreneur, here are some tips and considerations for evaluating your first job. I approach this both as an entrepreneur myself and as someone involved in recruiting through my work. Think of these first job classes as paths winding to a beautiful beach – they each lead to the same beach, but each will offer different views and experiences along the way.

1. Great technology

“Traditional” tech giants provide opportunities to work on well-funded experiments, apps with millions of users, and network with brilliant individuals. However, working in one of the “Big Five” is no longer risky or particularly entrepreneurial and rather represents a conservative career choice. Joining the nation’s biggest companies is unlikely to lead to wealth of stock options anymore, but the opportunities for experience and branding power are hard to overstate. Being involved in recruiting for most of my life, I can tell you that the Big Five are incredible brand signals. Employers and venture capitalists use these signals to offload their due diligence, and having these signals is extremely valuable.

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2. Great advice

What should perhaps be called the “work your a @ # off” route, large consulting firms offer young professionals the opportunity to tackle complex problems for large employers, generally reserved for management of much later career. Companies like McKinsey, Bain, Deloitte and Accenture give their clients a volume of brainpower that they would be unable to hire directly. Getting your first job at these types of businesses means you could be working on a complex supply chain issue or branding concept for a national retailer very soon after entering the workforce. This type of experience is hard to come by, and building a successful portfolio of these projects is a great professional stepping stone.

3. Hot start

We are often told not to do “what everyone else does”. But when it comes to startups, the crowd has some wisdom. Pulling and exposure creates more pull and exposure, so it’s not a bad idea to pay attention to what are currently considered hot startups. Learn about startup lists like the ones on LinkedIn or List of angels. Be agnostic about the kind of jobs you can get at these hot companies. Jobs in fast growing companies move quickly and titles mean little. Go ahead, gain experience and make an impact. Please pay particular attention to the quality of their funding sources, as this is a key indicator of their stability and future funding availability. This means, for example, giving weight to startups associated with the best venture capital firms.

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4. Your friend’s sofa

I call it a “proximity bet”, a professional bet whereby physical exposure to a concentrated network of talent could lead to success. Like a young actor going to LA and “seeing what is going on”, young entrepreneurs make this bet of proximity for a good reason: sometimes it works. In any cafe around San Francisco, you’ll find people playing the same game, and there’s real power to that. So brush up on your pitch deck and go for it. But be aware that this direct “make or break” path may present the highest risk.

5. Jobs for money

100 hour weeks are not quite in the past for financial companies like Goldman Sachs. If you have the opportunity to join a large investment bank, hedge fund, or venture capital firm, expect to do well. I include these “jobs in the money” among the best first jobs for entrepreneurs because they don’t necessarily lead to a career in finance. People who understand finance understand business, and therefore a financial career offers an amazing option. It’s very common to see people come out of finance and become startup founders, not just because finance is good for building wealth, but because finance is industry agnostic. If you work in finance, you can translate these skills into the industry or area of ​​practice you choose to pursue.

6. Sales and customer service

Understanding people’s needs and learning how to meet them is really the fundamental learning of most successful entrepreneurs. Sales positions involve showcasing a product, which is helpful, but more importantly, they give you exposure to lots of outside people. Especially when you’re young and stepping out of school, sales roles are great for getting you out of your comfort zone quickly and forcing you to provide value to real people. Customer service positions are also great stepping stones that teach you problem solving, the principles of product and market fit, and how to treat people positively – all particularly valuable skills. for entrepreneurship.

7. Solopreneur

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.You can use your skills and time to deliver services immediately, regardless of your level of experience. The path to “solopreneurship” does not presuppose having a plan for a large corporation, but rather focuses on generating immediate income based on your own efforts. Stage work falls into this category and franchise-based entrepreneurship, which I personally tried during my studies. It’s the “just getting started already” or “bootstrap” mentality, which doesn’t require a gatekeeper to grant you access – whether that gatekeeper is a venture capitalist or a branded employer. There is no limit to any of these paths, and direct entrepreneurship / solopreneurship is no different – it can be a path you take for a few months, a lateral restlessness to make ends meet or a self-created business life – the choice is yours.

Successful entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, all professions and all ages. Remember that no job you hold will stop you from becoming an entrepreneur. Some paths can get you there immediately, some will create wealth so you can do it later, some will give you skills and experience, and some will give you the free time you need to develop your ideas. . Take the time to consciously choose your overall trajectory so that you can move forward with self-determination.

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Tata Consumer Products strengthens its coffee portfolio with the launch of “Sonnets By Tata Coffee” Sat, 05 Jun 2021 04:47:29 +0000

Tata Consumer Products, the consumer products company bringing together the main interests of the Tata Group in the food and beverage industry, announced the launch of Sonnets by Tata Coffee, a new offering in the top roast and ground coffee segment. range. This launch strengthens Tata Consumer’s product portfolio and marks its entry into the premium coffee segment.

Sonnets is for coffee lovers looking for a special coffee experience. Sonnets comes from the Tata Coffee plantations in South India. These are microlot coffees that are limited edition offerings and are treated on the estates in a distinctive way. Tata Coffee’s plantations meet the highest global sustainability standards, being Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and Social Accountability certified.

Consumers can buy on and can choose their preferred type of roast by choosing between light, medium or dark roast; they could also adapt to their brewing preferences and opt for a filter coffee or a French press grind. Microlots are special batches of coffee, selected for their high quality and unique flavor profiles. Current offerings include 4 microlots available in customizations across roast and grind levels and having distinctive aroma and flavor profiles.

Arabica Giling Basah – a well rounded cup with the demanding characteristic of a healthy creamy mouthfeel with swirls of luminosity and a glossy, smooth finish

Arabica Anaerobic Milds – a soft, smooth, pleasant and bright cup with a sweet aftertaste

Arabica Red Honey High Elevation – a luminous cup with a fair and delicate mouthfeel, lingering notes of orange, lemon, green apple and tangerine with flashes of sweetness and luminosity on the finish

Arabica Red Honey – a pleasant cup with the right balance of mouthfeel, shine and complex flavors with a sweet aftertaste.

The packaging design of Sonnets cues an artisan coffee, freshly packaged – and each pack in addition to the sleeve comes with a special label that captures the details of the garden, grind, flavors and notes of the signed coffee. by the Senior General Manager – Plantations.

Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages, India & South Asia, Tata Consumer Products Limited said, “The Indian consumer is embracing a new wave of coffee. Sonnets by Tata Coffee is our brand new premium craft coffee offering where we bring some of the finest coffees produced. in the fields of Tata Coffee to your cup. Our aim is to influence the coffee culture of India by introducing high quality Arabica coffee beans and making them the choice of choice for the Indian of the world who has traveled a lot.

He added, “Sonnets by Tata Coffee is the result of Tata Coffee’s 150-year legacy and the unparalleled experience that is reflected in this launch. We are a brand conscious in the sense that the estates we source from are all Rainforest Alliance certified and follow best in class farming practices. Our online shopping portal for Sonnets gives you all the information about our range of coffee, roast levels and various grinds such as Fresh Press and Filter Coffee.

Brand URL:

Besides the brand’s website, Sonnets by Tata Coffee will also be available on major e-commerce channels like Amazon, Big Basket, Tata Cliq Luxury and will be extended with a select listing in gourmet stores, etc.

Shares of Tata Consumer Products Limited were last trading on BSE at Rs. 686 from the previous close of Rs. 679.85. The total number of shares traded during the day was 88,202 in more than 2,782 transactions.

The action hit an intraday high of Rs. 689.85 and an intraday low of 675.15. The net turnover during the day was Rs. 60,507,808.

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The Holler Creative Expands Business and Services With SKED Loan | Local News Fri, 04 Jun 2021 14:00:00 +0000

CORBIN – You can learn a lot about a person by sharing a cup of coffee. Kevin Flora, Ph.D. and Josh Coppock found their intertwined interests and goals aligned at a cafe in Corbin in 2017. Three months later, they were in business together as co-owners of The Holler Creative.

For four years now, Whitley County entrepreneurs have created a successful digital marketing business with the common goal of making Appalachian businesses thrive in communities across the region.

“It was amazing how well our desires and our mission aligned from the start,” said Flora. “God really brought us together to achieve a bigger global goal – and we chose digital marketing as the starting point to conquer that goal of bringing hope and opportunity to Appalachia. “

Flora is a transplant from Ohio with Eastern Kentucky roots. Coppock is from Corbin. Together, they made their way through these Appalachian hills and use their talents, education and life experiences to help redefine the way people perceive their residents and the way business is conducted in the region. .

The Corbin-based business is a full-service marketing company providing services such as business consulting, marketing plan development, website design, e-commerce setup, media creation, advertising , video production, graphic design, analytical dashboards and more.

Some of their clients include Grace Health, Appalachian Wireless, Addiction Recovery Care, AdventHealth Manchester, and Kentucky Organ Donor Association. And the list continues to grow.

Today, they have 15 employees, including eight full-time employees and several interns.

They have partnered with the University of Cumberlands at Williamsburg to develop a paid internship program for students interested in careers in marketing. The internship program allows them to identify new talents for their team.

In 2019, The Holler Creative launched Lachian Clothing, an Appalachian-inspired clothing company, and in 2020 launched Forged Sign Company to create personalized signs for Appalachian businesses.

Holler Creative’s most recent venture is Explore Appalachia, a collaboration with Shaping our Appalachian Region (SOAR) and Ale-8-One aimed at bringing attention to the beauty, diversity and experiences of the Appalachians to increase tourism and bring showcasing the attributes of the region.

The company was named one of SOAR’s Top 10 Appalachian Kentucky Companies to Watch in 2021.

“This is a full service marketing company providing services such as business consulting, marketing plan development, website design, e-commerce setup, media creation, advertising , video production, graphic design and analytical dashboards, ”SOAR officials described.

In early 2021, with the company’s booming staff and projects in full swing, the partners determined their next step was to renovate and modernize the 10,000-square-foot, two-story commercial building they they own at 500 S. Main Street in downtown Corbin.

Funding for the project has become a challenge.

With a pandemic on the rise, traditional lending routes were limited, so they turned to a nonprofit lender they had heard of called Southeast Kentucky Economic Development Corporation (SKED). Like the founders of Holler Creative, SKED shares a similar mission of uplifting residents of Southern and Eastern Kentucky by helping them finance their small business dreams. They have been doing this for 35 years.

A few days later, The Holler Creative secured a loan to help finance their latest project, and the renovations began within weeks.

Coppock called SKED’s loan application process “efficient” and said he was pleased with SKED’s communication and staff’s encouragement and understanding of the challenges of owning small businesses.

Flore agreed.

“It’s rare to find a lender who wishes to have a relationship with you,” said Flora. “Chris (Coldiron) and Karen (Minton) were so easy to work with on a daily basis, and we also had the opportunity to meet other members of the organization along the way. This relationship will last well beyond our loan agreement.

SKED’s Director of Loans, Chris Coldiron, worked with partners to secure financing for their needs.

“Kevin and Josh have combined their talents and skills to develop and implement a successful business with a great mission at the heart of our service area,” said Coldiron. “It’s a pleasure to see their project move forward and SKED is proud to have played a small role in its growth.

You can follow The Holler Creative on, buy an item from their clothing line at, or Explore the Appalachians with them by visiting

Learn more about how SKED helps small businesses grow and finance their businesses to

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Group Behind Proposed Omaha’s Horsemen’s Park Casino Seeks $ 17.5 Million In TIF | State and regional news Thu, 03 Jun 2021 21:19:04 +0000

Reece Ristau Omaha World-Herald

The developers behind a plan to turn Omaha’s Horsemen’s Park into one of Nebraska’s first casinos are counting on the city to shell out $ 17.5 million in tax incentives to bring the project to fruition.

OMAHA – Promoters of a plan to turn Omaha’s Horsemen’s Park into one of Nebraska’s premier casinos are counting on the city to shell out $ 17.5 million in tax incentives to bring the project to fruition.

A $ 220 million plan from WarHorse Gaming Omaha – a subsidiary of Ho-Chunk Inc., the economic development arm of the Winnebago tribe of Nebraska – calls for a major renovation and expansion of the current Horsemen’s campus near 60th Streets and Q.

The project would create a “vibrant casino, racing and entertainment complex” that would include 1,200 slot machines, gaming tables and a stage for live performances, as well as a sports bar, dining hall, restaurant and entertainment center. cafe and a central bar, according to a city document.

Construction is expected to begin in mid-summer and could be completed by September 2022.

In November, about two-thirds of Nebraska voters approved constitutional amendments to allow casinos at the state’s six licensed racetracks and spend some of the money on a tax credit for landowners.

The election campaign was funded by Ho-Chunk, and its success paved the way for the group to pursue runway casinos in Lincoln, South Sioux City, and Omaha.

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