Coffee Shop Financing

Top 2 stocks traded under $ 10

The cheapest stocks tend to have market capitalizations, which makes it a great way to quickly grasp a company’s long-term growth potential. Both trade below $ 10 a share, Curiosity Stream (NASDAQ: CURI) and Cafe Luckin (OTC: LKNC.Y) adapt to the law. Let’s explore the reasons why these small cap …

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PlantX to Acquire Plant-Based Deli, LLC from MKC

New Deli is a beach in Venice, Californiaretail location. New Deli is a sustainable, green neighborhood bodega that offers practical, everyday retail products ranging from housewares and personal hygiene products to frozen foods, pantry staples, snacks, beer and wine. New Deli’s mission to bring conscious, sustainable and healthy products to …

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