CeraVe Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum Review

Founded by dermatologists skin care The CeraVe brand is highly regarded for its simple, effective and affordable products. Since arriving on our shores in 2018, the American company has also seen its sales explode thanks to the recommendations of its fans. fans on TikTok, which range from normal consumers to skin specialists.

It’s not hard to see why it’s so successful – we love its cleansers to treat our acne, its moisturizers to fight dry skin, and body creams for hydration after showering.

Most of its products are under £ 15 and there is something for all skin types. While its entire collection is available in the United States, for us Brits there is a much more streamlined range of everyday essentials to buy.

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As a result, new launches of CeraVe are rare and often generate enormous anticipation. In 2020, its cream-foam cleanser ended up competing with its best-selling moisturizing cleanser.

And 2021 is also proving to be an exciting time for fans of the no-frills, no-frills skincare brand, as it just unveiled the latest addition to its line: a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid.

Priced at £ 16.99, the brand calls it the perfect introductory serum for your skincare routine. It contains the brand’s signature ingredients and ceramides, and it’s designed to fight dehydration and help restore and protect the skin barrier.

To see if it keeps its promises, we got our hands on it and put it to the test. We rated it on the texture, absorption rate, how our skin feels, and the changes we noticed after using it.

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What’s inside ?

As the name of the product suggests, it contains hyaluronic acid, a non-exfoliating acid that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. It is found naturally in the skin, but our production decreases with age. Anyone with any skin type can benefit from adding it to their routine if dehydration is a problem. It works to attract and retain moisture while leaving the skin feeling soft.

The serum’s formula has a lighter texture than most moisturizers, and as a result, it can work just as well on oily skin as it does on dry or sensitive skin.

You will also find ceramides and vitamin B5 in the formula; the first forms a protective layer on the skin to prevent water loss and protect against environmental aggressions. Much like hyaluronic acid, ceramides are produced naturally in the body but decrease with age and due to other factors such as sun damage, and their depletion can lead to dryness and irritation.

Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, helps your skin retain more water to improve its smoothness and elasticity, often having a plumping effect that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Does it work?

At first glance, the product is immediately different from any other hyaluronic acid we’ve tried – they’re often colorless, globular liquids in dropper bottles.

This, however, comes in a pump tube that dispenses an opaque white cream that doesn’t look like our regular moisturizer.

Since it’s a serum, it should be applied to cleansed skin before the moisturizer, and we’ve found that just one pump is enough to cover our entire face.

The texture looks like a lightweight gel-cream hybrid, but it’s quick enough to absorb without leaving the skin sticky, too wet, or sticky.

It’s also instantly smoothing – our face felt baby soft for hours after application and that created a great canvas for our foundation.

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In a few days, using it morning and evening, we noticed a big difference in texture, especially on our cheeks prone to dryness.

Instead, the area gradually became smoother and plumper, giving a natural, healthy-looking glow that we had long lost due to lockdown.

The results weren’t drastic or life-changing, but CeraVe doesn’t claim it will – the brand calls it an introductory serum, and we couldn’t agree with that more. Evaluation.

It’s super simple to fit into your routine and if there’s anything we’ve learned from containment it’s that when it comes to our skin, less is more. Maybe it’s time to ditch the 10-step routines for something simple like this.

The verdict

It’s a great budget serum that does exactly what it says on the tin. Just like the rest of the CeraVe range, it’s simple but effective, and a daily essential that is now an integral part of our routine.

Not only that, we think it’s great if you have too much exfoliating acids and want something basic and soothing to take their place, to give your skin time to recover from any irritation.

We believe this will be another popular addition to CeraVe’s UK skin care line, and you will no doubt see it soon on TikTok.

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