Coffee exports to North Africa accelerate

Indian coffee exports to North African countries are expected to rebound as shipments increase to countries such as Libya and Egypt as part of the downward trend in premiums for Robustas in recent quarters .

Libya emerged among the top five buyers of Indian coffee during the January-June period of this year, with shipments up 47% from the same period last year. Exports to Libya exceeded 7,794 tonnes in the first half of the current year, compared to 5,303 tonnes in the same period a year ago. “There is renewed interest among North African buyers,” said Ramesh Rajah, president of the Coffee Exporters Association. As Indian coffees have become more competitive with declining premiums, consumption has improved in many markets, especially in North Africa and neighboring countries.


Premiums on Indian Robusta parchment, which were between $ 950-1,000 per tonne above LIFFE prices in July 2020, have now fallen to $ 350-400 due to weak demand from traditional buyers in Europe, mainly in Italy and Germany. As a result, Indian cafes have become more competitive. Likewise, premiums on the Robusta cherry tree have now fallen to $ 175-200 per tonne above LIFFE prices from $ 575-600 at the start of July last year.

Traditionally, North African markets have been served by Brazilian and other suppliers, where Indian exporters try to expand at the expense of these countries, Rajah said. Indian coffee exports to countries such as Libya, Algeria and Morocco have declined in recent years, but have rebounded in the period 2020-21. .


Although North Africa is a small market for Indian exporters compared to Europe and Russia, any growth is seen as a positive sign in the current market, impacted by the Covid pandemic. In the first six months, coffee shipments from India increased 11% in volume to 1.92 ton lakh from 1.75 ton lakh in the same period last year. Shipments rose 16% during the period to $ 460.89 million from the same period of $ 395 million last year, thanks to strong purchases from countries such as Belgium and the Federation of Russia.

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