Coffee prices saw further increases in September 2021 but volatility …

Price of ICO indicators
(US cents / pound) 06/10/2021


Composite ICO 174.97 + 0.7%

Sweet colombians


+ 0.7%

Other soft


+ 0.7%

Brazilian naturals


+ 0.9%



+ 0.5%

Press Releases

October 1st is #InternationalCoffeeDay

Every year on October 1, the world comes together to celebrate coffee and recognize the millions of people around the world – from farmers to roasters, baristas, cafe owners and more – who work hard to create and serve the beverage that we all love.

This year, our collective mission is to help coffee farmers around the world receive a decent and fair income. But to do this we need your help, find out more on: International Coffee Day

Latest ICO Studies and Reports

ICO Coffee Break Series

The ICO has published research on the impact of covid-19 on the global coffee industry.

Coffee Development Report 2019 Growing for Prosperity: Economic Viability as a Catalyst for a Sustainable Coffee Sector (Published October 2019)

Futures Markets: The Role of Non-Commercial Traders (Published March 2019)

Profitability of Coffee Growing in Selected Latin American Countries – Interim Report (Published March 2019)

Survey on the impact of low coffee prices on exporting countries (Published in March 2019)

Emerging Coffee Markets: South and East Asia (Published September 2018)

Guide to Accessing Green and Climate Finance: The Global Environment Facility (Published October 2018)

Role of Coffee Futures Markets in Price Discovery for Latin American Producers (Published September 2018)

National quality standards (published in September 2018)

Gender equality in the coffee sector (Published in September 2018)

Maximum residue limits (published in September 2018)

Coffee Country Profile: Ghana (Published September 2018)

Mixtures and Substitutes (Published September 2018)

Gender equality in the coffee sector (Published April 2018)

Development of coffee trade flows (Published in April 2018)

ICO Cafe Library

The OIC has a unique library containing an international reference collection, made up over 40 years of more than 13,000 monographs (books, reports, theses, brochures) and more than 200 titles of periodicals covering all aspects of coffee.
Learn more”

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