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Providing an easy way to brew cold brew coffee and keep it longer, the inexpensive Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker is flexible and ideal for hot weather. And, when the outside temperatures drop, it’s also a decent overflow coffee maker.


  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Does not require a refrigerator
  • Can make hot coffee too


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  • United StatesList price: $ 49.99
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Main characteristics

  • TypeThis is a cold brew coffee maker: you use cold water to extract the coffee from the grounds over a long period of time

Cold brew coffee isn’t particularly difficult to brew, but it can be tricky and a bit messy to brew. If you are a fan and brew this drink regularly, the Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker might be for you. With its vacuum-insulated carafe and pouring lid, this set includes everything you need to cold brew coffee – and you don’t even need a refrigerator.

  • Intelligent brewing system
  • Carafe keeps drinks hot or cold
  • Rather large

The Asobu Cold Brew coffee maker is a two-part appliance. At the top you have the coffee brewing unit, which contains a filter through which you pour water; at the bottom is the carafe in which you keep your coffee cold once brewed. Solidly made with durable components, the Cold Brew coffee maker feels like a premium product.

Making coffee is easy. First of all, you need about 85g of coffee and 750ml of cold water. Put a third of the coffee and pour more than a third of the water; let it seep through the coffee and strain. Then repeat two more times until all the coffee and water have been used.

Asobu Cold Brew coffee maker with coffee in it

Then all you have to do is glue the cover on and close the ventilation grille at the top. Cold brew coffee takes 12-24 hours to brew, so you just need to let it do its job. You can do this outdoors, but if you want to cool your coffee, the brew unit simply unscrews from the carafe so you can store it in the fridge more easily.

Ventilation grille of the Asobu cold brew coffee maker

Once the coffee is completely brewed, you are good to go. To put it in the carafe, you just have to attach the infusion part to the carafe, open the ventilation grid and then press the button on the front. This pushes a steel ball inside the unit, allowing liquid to escape. It works wonderfully, creating a perfect seal for brewing but allowing your cold coffee to come out quickly when finished.

Asobu Cold Brew coffee maker unlock button

If you do not keep the Asobu Cold Brew coffee maker in the refrigerator, you can now add ice to the carafe before screwing on the supplied metal lid. Stored this way, your cold brew coffee will last up to two weeks in the refrigerator. Out of the refrigerator, the carafe will keep it cool for up to 24 hours.

While you can pour straight from the decanter, Asobu also sells a pouring handle (around £ 10) that screws onto the top, which also provides a pouring spout for more controlled pouring.

In particular, this accessory is useful if you plan to brew hot coffee in the Asobu, as it is also a regular pour-over coffee maker – it makes sense to use it with the excellent Dualit Pour Over kettle. Once brewed, the carafe can keep coffee hot for hours.

Everything should be hand washed, but the Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker is easy to take apart for cleaning.

  • Easy to achieve desired strength
  • Excellent coffee

Much of the taste of the final drink will depend on the beans you use, but unlike iced coffee, which uses heat to make regular coffee, you have a bit more choice here. The cold brew extracts all the flavor from the coffee over a long period of time. As a result, cold brew coffee tends to be sweeter, with less acidity and bitterness than traditionally brewed coffee.

It’s also a lot stronger, so you’ll need to dilute it to make it drinkable. A 50:50 ratio is a good place to start, giving you about six servings of the Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker, assuming you’re using 250ml cups. It is also worth adding ice.

As I poured it, I got a cup full of black coffee. Although too strong to drink like this, a sip test showed the cold brew coffee to be rich and full of flavor. Adding water to the mix resulted in a perfect cup of cold brew: lighter and sweeter than iced coffee, and a great drink to have on a hot day.

Final coffee from the Asobu Cold Brew coffee maker

If you want to take it a step further, then the cold brew coffee here even works well in the Nespresso Barista, making a superior iced nitro: a shot of cold brew, water and ice cubes mixed together (I add a shot of flavored syrup just for something a little different).

Should we buy it?

If you love cold brew coffee and want an easy way to brew it, the Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker is definitely for you.

Casual cold coffee drinkers are unlikely to use it often, in which case it’s probably easier to brew iced coffee to taste.

A simple device to use, the Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker is exceptionally well designed and makes tedious work easy. With its vacuum insulated carafe, you can even brew cold brew coffee without going near a refrigerator, or you can turn your hand to pour coffee if you prefer your hot drinks.

The unit is quite tall when fully assembled, but the excellent ball valve at the bottom won’t leak, so you brew coffee only in the top unit and store the coffee maker in its two halves. If you’re looking for different types of coffee, check out my guide to the best coffee maker.


How do you use the Asobu Cold Brew coffee maker?

You need about 85g of coffee and 750ml of water. Add them in thirds until the water seeps into the coffee, then let stand 12 to 24 hours.

Can you make hot coffee in the Asobu Cold Brew coffee maker?

Yes you can – it acts like a regular overflow coffee maker.



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