Competition outcome is expected to boost coffee production in Western Negros

FOR a coffee grower in the city of Murcia, the fact that his robusta beans are rated “good” in the recent Philippine Coffee Quality Competition (PCQC) in 2021, encourages his fellow farmers in Negrense, especially those in the locality , to embark on the production of quality coffee. .

Teddy Cañete, one of the board members of Minoyan Murcia Marginal Coffee Growers (M3CG), said the PCQC result is a claim that the association can produce good robusta.

“This can be achieved by following the correct protocol in pre- and post-harvest processing of coffee,” he added.

M3CG is one of the established coffee growers in the Western Visayas to whom the Ministry of Agriculture (DA) has granted various high quality coffee plants, post harvest facilities and equipment to improve the quality of their coffee. .

Cañete said its members are also committed to observing good practices for participating in the following competitions.

He hoped to acquire continuing education for members on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), the acquisition of a centralized coffee processing facility, a quality huller and a moisture meter test kit, among others, to improve the quality of their coffee.

DA-Western Visayas said M3CG has competed in coffee tasting competitions for the past three years and has progressed as a specialty category in this year’s game.

In addition to the Murcia-based association, the Tongo Integrated Farmers Association in the town of Himamaylan also obtained a “fine” quality Robusta coffee during the PCQC.

The “fine” coffee grade indicates that the green coffee beans (GCBs) were free from primary defects and showed no more than five secondary spots.

DA-Western Visayas Coffee High Value Crop Development Program Coordinator Jairus Sirue said in a statement that achieving this performance is a milestone in the region’s coffee industry.

Thanks to this, Sirue said, farmers can expand their marketing chains and steer the price of their specialty coffee beans.

“This achievement is attributed to improved practices such as selective harvesting and proper post-harvest drying methods, hulling and sorting of the coffee beans used by our coffee producers,” he added.

The regional umbrella agency has conducted intensive technology training on sustainable coffee production to improve farmers’ knowledge of good cultural management and transformation practices.

The PCQC is an annual event to recognize high quality specialty coffee in the country.

It is a convergence company of the public and private sectors composed of the DA, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Agricultural Cooperative Development International and Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance, and the Barista and Coffee Academy of Asia Inc.

For this year’s competition, the region submitted eight entries through DTI.

Robusta beans from Bulalacao Calu-oy-Tula-Tula Sikap Organization from Sibalom, Antique also received a “fine” grade.

In the province of Iloilo, four coffee producers from Calinog, Igbaras, Lambunao and Barotac Viejo also contested their applications for the competition.

Igbaras also achieved a “premium” grade or a class of coffee showing that GCB contains no more than eight primary and secondary defects combined.

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