Dunkin’s New Omelet Bites Receive Mixed Reviews on Reddit


Dunkin’s Omelet Bites are packed with protein – something that the American Society for Nutrition says may be particularly beneficial for muscle health and weight loss when eaten at breakfast time. . But despite this fact, many fans of the Java Store aren’t exactly crazy about the chain’s new protein-rich addition to its menu, as evidenced by the discussion that followed after Reddit user u / B0bFudge’s post. On the plate.

“I think they’re not bad, but not worth the price,” said the Redditor, which seems to be the general consensus around the meal. “I liked them, but I don’t think they’re worth paying more than $ 4,” u / it_me_the_rd said. Reddit user u / par337 was a little more harsh about the cost of the omelet bites, calling them a “complete scam.” Taste was another point of contention. Reddit user u / ArawakMan said the bacon and cheddar omelet bites were “surprisingly good”, and ultimately gave them a rating of 8 out of 10. Others weren’t so happy. “I was disgusted after trying both. Definitely not for me,” u / squishluv explained.

There seems to be a saving grace on Dunkin’s new omelet bites: the free drink coupon that members of the chain’s rewards program get when purchasing the bites (via Dunkin ‘website). However, this deal only lasts until January 11, so if you’re a member of DD Perks and trying to justify the $ 5 payout, now might be the best time to try them out.


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