Eversys on the benefits of automation

Eversys customers explain the benefits of the world of automation once the fear of perception is eliminated and the results clearly speak for themselves.

There’s an old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but after 17 years of using a traditional espresso machine at Australia’s Savor Café, co-founder Matt Jefferis has made the leap to a super traditional Eversys machine.

“We wanted to achieve better coffee consistency, reduce our labor costs and scale the business with market technology without affecting service or quality with the rotation of baristas. We needed to streamline our processes,” says Jefferis. “We went to Brisbane-based Latitude Roasters and tested our coffee on their unique Eversys Cameo group and played with their automatic milk steamer. The coffee tasted the same as it did with our traditional machine, and the milk consistency and froth quality were really good.

But it was the moment Jefferis first laid eyes on the Eversys Enigma design that sealed the deal.

“We loved that it mirrored the design of a traditional machine. Switching machines was definitely something we were considering doing, but knowing that the COVID-19 situation was going to be difficult for businesses in 2021, it gave us an extra push to take the step,” he says.

“We were the first company in Australia to obtain the E’6M / Super Traditional machine in January 2021 through distributor Tiger Coffee. We were so aware of customer perception, if they would notice a change in the quality of our product, but you know what? Nobody ever asked or questioned whether it was an automatic machine or not. No one has commented on a difference in the flavor or quality of our coffee compared to when we used a traditional machine. »

Jai Lott, vice president of New York coffee brand Blank Street shared the same fear of public perception. However, having installed an Eversys Cameo and a 1.5 milk module in a two by three meter space, replacing the need for separate tampers and milk dispensers, he need not worry.

“We did a high volume daily for the first three months, and the number of people commenting on the type of machine was zero. No one cared what the machine was, they were just happy to have a barista who had time and wanted to chat while making their drink,” says Lott.

“Automation has really freed up our teams. I could do an entire shift on my own making great sales numbers, while spending time talking to customers about their dogs. Typically, in an American cafe, you walk up to the bar, order, and wait for the barista to call out your name for the pickup. There is often a disconnect and a staff member with their head down. But with the Eversys machine, the customer comes to the counter, you chat, tell me the order, and I watch you as I press the button for a double tap. All variables are checked and taken into account. It flows perfectly every time and I keep the conversation going without compromising the speed of service.

As a result, Lott says his American baristas make significantly more money per hour on tips compared to the rest of the industry.

Seeing a new opportunity to expand the small-format Blank Street cafe into New York retail spaces, Lott invested in 25 Eversys Cameos. Soon after, he learned of the release of the Eversys Shotmaster and its various milk calibration options to meet customer demand for oat and almond milk beverages, and ordered five models. to two groups with a steam lance. He now uses the Shotmaster at Blank Street and Cameo retail stores for his coffee carts.

“I demand a lot from our espresso recipe – 20 grams in, 40 grams out with a 35 second extraction, and the Shotmaster has to grind fine to achieve that. Once you give your recipe At the Shotmaster you follow the normal login procedure except the action is a push of a button. You choose your extraction time, your taste and adjust if necessary. It’s the same with milk. You dial it the same day the machine is installed and there is no temperature variation,” says Lott.

As for staff training, Lott says he’s at a stage where teaching the manual process of grinding and tamping is redundant. Instead, it explains the inner workings of the Eversys machine and how the various components contribute to the end product.

“It’s like having a clean slate from specialty coffee, where you can explain exactly what extraction is, pull back the curtain on what’s going on inside the machine, and show the button that corresponds to the action,” he said.

“The Shotmaster does the heavy lifting – it’s almost as if the coffee-making process is semi-outsourced. Rather than trying to control variables, the Shotmaster is more about time management: making sure that the cups are in the right place and get your hands moving.Once you understand how to use the Shotmaster, you move on to another level of productivity but with the confidence of coffee quality.

Unlike locations in the industry that are struggling with staff shortages and difficulty finding staff, Blank Street is opening an average of three Blank Street stores per week, with no shortage of job applicants.

“A lot of our recruits have no coffee experience,” he says. “While this is beneficial, we are not just looking for candidates with prior coffee experience. Instead, we focus on people skills, which are inherently harder to train. We’re looking for baristas with a unique ability to deliver a wonderful personal experience for our customers, from the moment they walk in to the moment they leave. Not having to focus 100% of their interaction time on making an espresso makes Blank Street a phenomenal brand and neighborhood ambassador.

Blank Street has opened 30 locations in New York over the past 11 months and plans to open more than 100 locations internationally this year.

“For us, the return on investment of a Shotmaster is greater than that of a traditional machine. Eversys allows us to deliver on our core value propositions of speed, friendly service, and quality as we continue to scale rapidly across America,” says Lott.

Daniel Kim, Eversys Business Development Manager for North America, says more and more high-volume companies are discovering the benefits of Eversys Enigma and Shotmaster ST as they look to serve quality coffee. simple in high volume areas. In the US, 75% of Eversys customers use Cameo machines, 25% use the Engima, and the latest Shotmaster is expected to have strong market adoption.

“Eversys was on the radar as a solution for many businesses including roasters, wholesale customers, offices, retailers, self-service marketplaces and airlines, but now COVID has accelerated what we have “Already started. Eversys’ motto has always been to deliver ‘real espresso with a twist’ and it shows in the market. The gap between traditional machines and super-automatic machines is closing closer than ever,” says Kim.

Savor Café co-founder Jefferis also feels that gap closing, with his Enigma ST producing 70-90 kilograms of coffee per week.

“The Engima does everything a barista does with a traditional machine, but faster. We knock out coffees a lot faster because we can pull six shots and run three jugs of milk at once, with two milk wands producing automatic frothing from two jugs and a third manual steam wand.We also added four hoppers so we can use single origin, blend and decaf from the same machine without a mountain of grinders on the bench.

Making coffee is now a multitasking job for one person behind the machine on weekdays and two on weekends.

“We knew that if we could save on overall labor costs, we could pay off the Enigma after a year, and every year after that is savings,” says Jefferis.

The other type of investment concerns the reduction of milk waste. Rather than baristas estimating milk volume per shot, the Enigma can be programmed to extract enough milk for six-, 12-, and 16-ounce cups.

“With traditional machines you would also often have channels and shots that you have to throw, but with the Enigma you set the parameters. We set our extraction to 35 seconds and if it deviates three seconds to each side, the machine will automatically change the grind to be finer or coarser to compensate, so less wasted coffee also due to grind consistency,” Jefferis says.

Engima’s automated cleaning cycle also allows Savor Café to run its machine until 4 p.m. closing time, with the cycle taking just 10 minutes.

“We are really happy with where we are as a company and with our decision to buy the Engima. Some hospitality venues have to reduce their opening hours or close because the costs are still there, but luckily we made the decision to change our machine and implement QR ordering into our business model, and that has definitely improved our financial situation,” says Jefferis.

He now has the confidence to open additional stores without the added pressure of maintaining coffee consistency.

“Automation is definitely the way to go. It makes sense to us, and if we grow we will look to use Eversys machines again,” says Jefferis.

For more information, visit www.eversys.com

This article first appeared in the March/April 2022 edition of the Global Coffee Report. Learn more HERE.

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