Everything you need to know about biking in Pittsburgh with BikePGH

BicyclePGH is a local non-profit organization that strives to make our streets safer, more accessible and more user-friendly for cycling and walking. Today, until Friday, residents are energized for their two-wheeled journeys with Bike Anywhere Week. The series includes an avocado workshopbicycle light reveal, WMNBikePGH Confident and comfortable cycling Workshop, tips for a bike-friendly workplace coffee to meet, and of course, Bike Anywhere Day.

Yesterday, BikePGH organized a question-and-answer session on its Instagramso we thought this would be a great opportunity to expand on some of these questions for all of you. Here’s our roundup of facts, tips, and helpful answers from BikePGH, so you can cycle safely in Pittsburgh.

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How good is Pittsburgh for bicycles?

While the lack of traditional street networks makes our city a bit more difficult to cycle through, the city’s features – like rivers and hills – also make it a beautiful place to cycle. Fortunately, More and more, Pittsburgh is suitable for everyday bikes. This year, Pittsburgh add hundreds of kilometers of new cycle paths to its existing networks. Here is the Pittsburgh Bicycle Map which details all the routes around the city.

A new poll shows most Pittsburgh voters are not opposed to bike lanes. In fact, city residents are eager to see safe streets with more investment in transportation, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

If I am new to city biking, where should I start?

Learning to ride confidently on city streets is a bit like learning to ride a bicycle. It takes practice and patience. Here is BikePGH List of tips for new Pittsburgh cyclistsincluding: practicing your hand signals and ABC quick control (air, brakes, chains).

Among the list of tips, there are tips to be aware of the route hierarchy:There is an unfortunate hierarchy on the road. Trucks and buses> cars> bicycles> pedestrians. As a cyclist, you are in the lower middle of this hierarchy. On the one hand, it means that you need to be aware of the dangers of cars. If a driver is aggressive, step aside. It’s not worth the fight. On the other hand, it means that you have to respect the rights of pedestrians. Give way to pedestrians at intersections. In Yinzer speak, don’t be a jagoff“, We read in the blog.

What happens with the bikes parked all over town?

Healthy Ride Pittsburgh’s bike sharing system makes getting around the city easy and fun on a bike. Here is how to get started with your first trip. You can pay as you go or purchase a subscription if you plan to rent often. Then you can park the bike at any Healthy Ride station when you are done with your ride.

Some neighborhoods in Pittsburgh are getting new cycling infrastructure. How do we use it?

In the past ten years alone, our city has seen over 90 miles of cycling and counting infrastructure. Learn more about the different routes and how to use them.

For example, did you know what a forked sharrow lane was? Maybe you did, but just didn’t know it was called that. These have stems in both directions and are often used on narrow streets to show that cyclists are encouraged to take this route.

(📸: @bikepgh)

Where should I buy cycling gear locally?

At The Incline, we always encourage our readers to shop locally. Buying bike gear from neighborhood stores will do more than just help the local economy; it’s also a great way to get involved in the local cycling community. Of course, BikePGH has you covered with a list of local bike shops to support. In addition, if you become a BikePGH member, you can benefit from discounts.

What is Pedal Pittsburgh?

PedalPGH is Pennsylvania’s largest bike ride. It’s a relaxed and fun ride that exposes people of all ages and fitness levels to the neighborhoods and geography that make Pittsburgh so unique.

What are Fix-it stations and how do I find one?

Fix-it stations are a resource with all the bike tools needed for repairs. Some organizations and businesses in town have them on hand to help bikers in a pinch. To find out more about the stations or where to find them on the map, Follow this link.

(📸: @bikepgh)

Can I take my bike on the slopes? And the T?

Yes, but there are some restrictions. For inclines, it depends on which one you are riding. On the Monongahela, one bicycle is allowed at a time and must be stored in the upper level of a wheelchair accessible car. On the Duquesne slope, two bikes are allowed at all times. And on the T, cyclists should load and unload their bikes only at raised platform stations, unless you have a folding bike. Learn more about it and how to load your bike onto the Pittsburgh Harbor Authority buses at this post everything about bicycles on public transport.

Where can I sell or give away a bike that I no longer use?

Through BikePGH’s twinning program, they connect people who have an extra bike with those who need it. Learn more about the program and how you can help more people ride their bikes.

Bike Anywhere Weekly Activities

Bike Anywhere Week is a celebration of all the reasons people cycle. If you are new to cycling or have always wanted to try a two-wheel ride, this is the perfect opportunity. Make the most of the outdoor weather you need, reduce traffic jams and improve air quality!

Tuesday May 18: Become a lawyer workshop

Wednesday May 19: Operation Illumination Bike Light Giveaway

Thursday May 20: WMNBikePGH Confident and Comfortable Cycling Workshop

Friday May 21: Bike Anywhere Day

Friday May 21: Create a bike-friendly Meetup Café in the workplace

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