Fall River Chicken Fans Excited With Chick-fil-A’s Arrival

There are a lot of fast food chains on the South Coast who think they are lacking, but soon Chick-fil-A will not be one of them anymore. Yes, the lease has been signed, the plans have been approved and the work on a Location of Fall River Chick-fil-A at SouthCoast Market Plaza will be running soon.

I think many of us hoped that a Chick-fil-A would appear in this place; now those dreams of waffle fries are coming true. This is big news for those on our side of the south coast who have made the trip to Fall River Avenue in Seekonk to get their fix of Chick-fil-A.

We spoke with Jonas Williams, owner / operator of Seekonk Chick-fil-A, to find out what he could know about the new Fall River franchise and were told he “couldn’t comment on anything. it is for the moment “. Emails have also been sent to the Chick-fil-A representation in Massachusetts for the acquisition of new locations, and we will update this story with any information if and when they can provide it.

We know that the deed and funding agreements have been signed and filed, that the location will be in the SouthCoast Market Plaza on William S. Canning Boulevard, and that people are already excited about this news from the restaurant. If you’ve never been to a Chick-fil-A before, there are a few things you need to be prepared for.

Like the incredibly long wait. I’ve never even driven by a Chick-fil-A without seeing an epic line in the drive-thru. People start to pile up as soon as the restaurant opens and never seem to stop until it closes. Believe me, the food is worth it, but you will almost always have to wait.

Also, Chick-fil-A is not open on Sundays. No, no quick stop for a chicken sandwich before a soccer game at this fast food restaurant. The founder of the chicken chain, Truett Cathy, chose to close all locations on Sundays due to his Catholic faith and that has never changed. I’m sure that’s part of the reason the lines are so long every other day of the week.

When this new Fall River location opens, the first 100 guests online will earn Chick-fil-A free for one year. Pack your sleeping bags now, because this Chick-fil-A tradition is alive and well and will happen when the William S Canning Blvd location finally opens.

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