Fall River police arrest youth for gun and drug theft

FALL RIVER – Fall River Police yesterday seized a stolen gun and drugs from a County Street apartment, leading to the arrest of four young people in the town.

A 17-year-old boy has been arrested along with Nicholas Frizado, 21, Makenze Frizado, 20, and Jay Johnson, also 20, for drug trafficking.

Nicholas Frizado is also charged with Possession of an Unlicensed Large Capacity Firearm and Possession of Ammunition and Stolen Goods.

Police said on Wednesday that members of the department’s emergency services unit, which plays a role similar to that of a SWAT team, raided the house in the 300 block of County Street.

Detectives said they found an unlicensed Glock Model 17 pistol along with a loaded magazine during the search.

Authorities later found the gun was reported stolen in Virginia in 2015, police said.

Detectives also said they found about two pounds of suspected marijuana, about five grams of suspected cocaine and about 3.5 grams of suspected crack.

The research was based on information from the Intelligence and Gangs Unit, with assistance from a Boston-based Gang Task Force.

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