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They are as proud of their delicious single-origin coffee as they are of their in-store community market.

“We have a small retail section that has different small businesses specifically from the region that have also been created or affected by the pandemic,” said owner and founder Luis Moreno.

The retail section offers t-shirts, candles, books and more from local small businesses. Wendy and Cindy Alvarado are the owners of Pasadena Roots, a small pop-up plant company that uses the Mobars space to showcase their plants.

“It has been a huge benefit and a blessing for us to be able to collaborate with people in the community who have brick and mortar stores,” said Alvarado.

Mobar & Co.’s love for the community is also evident in the El Sereno Night Market, which was started by Moreno as a way to unite and showcase local small businesses.

In addition to the community retail section, ‘Mobar & Co. takes pride in its selection of coffee drinks and its unique Salvadoran coffee.

“It’s delicious, it’s our main place we go in town,” says Grant Jordan, a resident of El Sereno. “It’s really important for where you live, your neighborhood, your community. A big part of the reason we love El Sereno is small places like this,” says Jordan.

Mobar & Cie
4884 Huntington Drive S
Los Angeles, California 90032


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Iconic H&H car wash to close Thursday after 63 years in El Paso http://zeleniycoffee.com/iconic-hh-car-wash-to-close-thursday-after-63-years-in-el-paso/ http://zeleniycoffee.com/iconic-hh-car-wash-to-close-thursday-after-63-years-in-el-paso/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 21:35:12 +0000 http://zeleniycoffee.com/iconic-hh-car-wash-to-close-thursday-after-63-years-in-el-paso/

It’s the end of an era. H&H Car Wash, an El Paso institution since it opened in October 1958, will serve its end customer tomorrow afternoon. The restaurant is closing after 63 years.

“It’s about time,” Maynard Haddad, 87, told me this afternoon. “This is the love we have for this community. There is nothing like it anywhere.”

It has always been a family affair for Maynard. He grew up in business with his brother working for his father, who founded H&H. They then expanded northeast of El Paso, but closed it in 1986 and Maynard returned to the original location. He’s been there ever since, with his daughter Julianne who helped run the restaurant for him.

The Haddad family have always supported UTEP, and there are a ton of photos inside the cafe that pay homage to Don Haskins, Billy Gillispie, Doc Sadler, Sean Kugler and dozens of other popular miners. When Joe Golding was recently hired as UTEP’s men’s basketball head coach, he quickly made it a point to stop by H&H for breakfast and introduce himself to Maynard and to his team.

Haddad closed the car wash in January, but kept the cafe open as El Paso began to recover from the pandemic. It was not an easy decision for him to close the iconic restaurant, but the property was bought about a year ago by St. Clements. With TXDOT soon to take over the current St. Clements gymnasium, there is talk of the school gymnasium being rebuilt where H&H is currently located.

When I think of Maynard Haddad, I think of Don Haskins. The two men are local legends for different reasons. Their personalities are surprisingly similar, which is why they were friends. Anyone who has had the chance to speak to the 87-year-old will quickly realize that he’s a throwback to another era. Unfortunately, they just don’t make people love them anymore.

Tomorrow will be a day for thousands of people to stop at 701 Yandell Drive and say goodbye to Maynard, Julianne and all the staff who have made H&H Car Wash and Coffee Shop one of the landmarks of El Paso. Your best bet is to arrive early as they are sure to have plenty of clients who want to enjoy a last meal with Maynard.

America’s 50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants

YouGov surveyed the country’s most popular restaurant brands and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the results. Read on to browse the vast and diverse variety of American restaurants. Maybe you’ll even find a favorite or two.

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How to order McDonald’s Snickers iced coffee http://zeleniycoffee.com/how-to-order-mcdonalds-snickers-iced-coffee/ http://zeleniycoffee.com/how-to-order-mcdonalds-snickers-iced-coffee/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 20:40:03 +0000 http://zeleniycoffee.com/how-to-order-mcdonalds-snickers-iced-coffee/

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mary Everett

If you wake up in the morning already craving something sweet to start your day, first of all, ditto. Second, this viral McDonald’s Snickers iced coffee from TikTok should be added to your morning routine ASAP. Personally, I often wake up with persistent headaches if I don’t get sugar and caffeine in the morning, so when I saw this Snickers iced coffee hack that only costs $ 3, I knew that I had to try it.

While you may have heard of Starbucks’ Secret Menu, it turns out McDonald’s has a few secret drinks up its sleeve as well, thanks to TikTok. And luckily, with the convenience of mobile ordering, it was incredibly easy to place that order, and no early morning human interaction was required. To get started, find the McCafé section of the McDonald’s mobile ordering app. Select Iced Hazelnut Coffee and your preferred format. I followed the TikTok to a T and selected a size large. Then you can customize your ingredients: add a caramel syrup, a chocolate caramel syrup, a whipped cream and two caramel fillets. If you’re brave enough to talk to other people before your morning coffee and go for an in-store or drive-thru order, you can just verbalize this recipe. At my McDonald’s they asked me if I wanted to add cream or sugar. The standard recipe in the app is cream and sugar, so that’s what I chose.


I have to admit, I’m generally not drawn to McDonald’s for coffee, but you can’t beat a personalized drink for this price! My Starbucks coffees usually cost around $ 5-6 so paying a few dollars less was refreshing.

As for the drink itself, I was pleasantly surprised! I don’t necessarily think it tastes like a Snickers like the TikTok claimed, but the nutty nutty base paired with the chocolate and caramel made the coffee very well balanced. I had never tried McDonald’s nutty flavor before, and found it not as sweet as its other syrup flavors. I could really taste the coffee, a bit of nutty and a bit of sweetness with the added syrups and sauces, and all the flavors blended well.


MCDONALDS SNICKERS ICED COFFEE thank you @secretmenudrinks for this #mcdonalds #mcdonaldssecretmenu #snickers #snickerscoffee #mcdonaldshack #coffee

♬ original sound – Sarah Margaret

Although I enjoyed the drink it was not my favorite so I don’t think I will be ordering this exact recipe again. Next time, I’ll start with a medium hazelnut iced coffee without cream and add two caramel syrups, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I prefer less sticky and thick sauces and more syrups as they blend better with coffee for more flavor and smoothness. This drink was definitely worth a try once, and I’m sure it will become a staple for me with a few easy tweaks!

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Do you want to start your business? Don’t do it in New Jersey http://zeleniycoffee.com/do-you-want-to-start-your-business-dont-do-it-in-new-jersey/ http://zeleniycoffee.com/do-you-want-to-start-your-business-dont-do-it-in-new-jersey/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 20:18:20 +0000 http://zeleniycoffee.com/do-you-want-to-start-your-business-dont-do-it-in-new-jersey/

Are you looking to start a business? Don’t do it in New Jersey. Garden State is the worst state to start a new business, according to The best and worst WalletHub states to start a business in 2021. ”

To determine fertile ground for planting and growing new businesses, analyst Jill Gonzalez said the personal finance website compares the 50 states across 28 key metrics of startup success. This includes business costs, the overall business environment, and access to resources.

Starting a business is never easy and it has been even worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gonzalez said. This resulted in 200,000 more business closures than usual.

In New Jersey, it was even harder to start a business, which is why it ranks last (# 50) on WalletHub’s list. Business costs in New Jersey are among the highest in the country when it comes to office affordability. Labor costs in the state are the highest in the United States, which means wages are high.

Not only are labor costs, cost of living, and office affordability expensive, but New Jersey taxes are too.

On top of all this, New Jersey’s five-year business survival rate is one of the worst in the country.

However, there was a silver lining for the Garden State in that report. Gonzalez said he has done better when it comes to accessing funding resources. There are great assets for higher education in New Jersey schools.

“It’s just about making sure people stay there when they really want to start a business,” Gonzalez said.

Texas is the best state to start a business. Georgia is second followed by California, Florida and Idaho. While New Jersey is the worst state to start a business, Connecticut is the second worst, followed by Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wyoming. Neighbors to New York are 22nd on the list and Pennsylvania is number 43.

America’s 50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants

YouGov surveyed the country’s most popular restaurant brands and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the results. Read on to browse the vast and diverse variety of American restaurants. Maybe you’ll even find a favorite or two.

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CEREALS-Wheat for the sixth session on global supply issues; soybeans fall http://zeleniycoffee.com/cereals-wheat-for-the-sixth-session-on-global-supply-issues-soybeans-fall/ http://zeleniycoffee.com/cereals-wheat-for-the-sixth-session-on-global-supply-issues-soybeans-fall/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 11:48:30 +0000 http://zeleniycoffee.com/cereals-wheat-for-the-sixth-session-on-global-supply-issues-soybeans-fall/

By Naveen Thukral and Sybille de La Hamaide

SINGAPORE / PARIS, July 21 (Reuters)Chicago wheat rose for a sixth consecutive session on Wednesday as unfavorable weather conditions in major exporting countries raised supply concerns while soybeans edged down amid lower oil prices and the slowing demand in the main Chinese importer.

The corn was flat.

“There are certainly problems for the American and spring wheat crops, but we will know how big the problem is when the harvest begins, in about two weeks for the American spring wheat and Canada about a month later. said a Singapore-based trader who sells US wheat to millers in Asia.

Chicago Board Of Trade’s (CBOT) Most Active Wheat Contract Wv1 climbed 0.4% to $ 7.03-1 / 4 a bushel at 11:30 a.m. GMT, after hitting $ 7.10 a bushel earlier in the session and peaking on May 18 of $ 7.18 a bushel Tuesday.

Soy Sv1 lost 0.4% to 13.82-1 / 2 a bushel, while corn CV1 was unchanged at $ 5.65-3 / 4 a bushel.

The wheat market is supported by crop problems in North America and the Black Sea region.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA), in a report released after the market closed on Monday, rated 11% of US spring wheat as good or excellent, down from 16% a week earlier and below estimate analyst average of 15%.

The USDA forecast last week that US spring wheat production would drop to its lowest level in 33 years.

The agency left its good / excellent score for US corn unchanged at 65%, below an analyst consensus of 66%. He raised the soybean score by 1 percentage point to 60%, in line with expectations.

Chinese soybean imports from Brazil fell in June from a year earlier, customs data showed Tuesday, as low crush margins weighed on demand.

Declining soybean crushing margins have affected demand from China, which has been strong in recent months as a recovery in the country’s pig herd has boosted consumption.

Commodity funds were net buyers of corn, soybean, soybean oil, wheat and soybean meal futures on Tuesday, traders said. COMFUND / CBT

Price at 1120 GMT



Move PCT

End of 2020

Ytd Pct Move

CBOT wheat Wv1






CBOT corn CV1






CBOT soybean Sv1






Paris wheat BL2Z1






Paris corn EMAc1






Paris rapeseed COMc1






WTI crude oil CLc1






Euro / dlr EUR =






Most active contracts – US cents / bushel of wheat, corn and soybeans, Paris futures in euros per tonne

(Reporting by Naveen Thukral; Editing by Subhranshu Sahu and Chizu Nomiyama)

((naveen.thukral@thomsonreuters.com; + 65-6870-3829; Reuters messaging: naveen.thukral.thomsonreuters.com@reuters.net))

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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5 ethical coffee brands you can buy online http://zeleniycoffee.com/5-ethical-coffee-brands-you-can-buy-online/ http://zeleniycoffee.com/5-ethical-coffee-brands-you-can-buy-online/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 22:44:32 +0000 http://zeleniycoffee.com/5-ethical-coffee-brands-you-can-buy-online/

Check out these ethical coffee brands you can order online, so your morning cup can have lasting effects beyond your caffeine fix.

If your morning routine is like mine, you can’t leave without a cup of coffee (or more). But as coffee drinkers and consumers, we are part of an industry with a difficult history, which makes supporting ethical coffee brands essential to truly savoring every sip.

The coffee industry has its roots in the exploitation of people in Africa. This story has had lasting effects on marginalized communities to this day, especially as many large coffee companies still profit from their farmers. In addition, demand for coffee has led some coffee growers to abandon traditional methods of shade-grown coffee in favor of clearcutting portions of forests to create sun-grown coffee plantations.

You have the power to make sure every cup you pour has a lasting impact beyond your caffeine fix. Rather than buying coffee from the world’s largest roasters, you can support these five ethical coffee brands, each of which is committed to promoting positive social and environmental change, by ordering their coffee online. By making a conscious choice about the brands you buy your coffee from, you can help mitigate the negative impacts of the industry while bolstering the positive efforts of those companies.

Rehearsal coffee

Ethical Coffee Brand - Repetition Coffee founder Amy Pope holds a bag of coffee.
Courtesy of repeat cafe

Repetition Coffee is a locally owned, women-owned coffee company in Lawrence, Kansas that offers coffee beans from all over the world, including Uganda, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. The founder of Repetition, Amy Pope, dreamed of becoming a foreign diplomat, but changed course during a trip to Paris that led her to take an interest in the world of Parisian specialty coffee.

The company’s website emphasizes its commitment to ethical coffee sourcing and production; Pope personally traveled to South America to meet with farmers, check the quality of the coffee beans, and ensure the farmers were operating with sustainability and social responsibility in mind.

You can buy repeat coffee by bag, browsing the options, reading detailed descriptions of the origins and production of the coffee, and considering the flavor notes you crave. Then, once you’ve found your favorites, you can sign up for a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly coffee subscription.

Spirit Mountain Roasting Co.

Cups of coffee, coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and a bag of Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. coffee lie on a table.
Courtesy of Spirit Mountain Roasting Co.

A Native American-owned brand of coffee, Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. is located in Winterhaven, California. Founder Tudor Montague is a member of the Quechan tribe. With a portion of its sales, Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. supports Indigenous nonprofits including Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli / Indigenous Roots in Minnesota and Native America Humane Society in California.

The company considers its supply chain to be part of its community and is committed to ensuring ethical and sustainable operations throughout it. When possible, the company chooses to source directly from indigenous coffee producers. Additionally, Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. recognizes its responsibility to the health of our planet and uses biodegradable coffee bags made from renewable materials to package its ethical coffee.
You can buy Spirit Mountain Roasting Co. coffee by bag with clothing and other accessories. The company also offers its coffee wholesale.

Equal exchange

Miriam Perez from COMSA Co-op, Marcala, Honduras.
Courtesy of Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange combines two of my greatest passions: coffee and democracy. If you’re like me, you’ll be happy to learn more about Equal Exchange, a worker co-op based in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company is also a fair trade business, which means the company supports smallholder farmers around the world and pursues positive environmental and social goals through its supply chain.

As a worker-owned cooperative, Equal Exchange involves its employees throughout its decision-making process. When company decisions are on the table, every worker-owner (there are over 130 of them) gets a voice on the issue. They also receive a share of the profits, regardless of their position in the company. In addition, Equal Exchange strives to educate people about sustainable and equitable food systems by producing and putting together a solid wealth of resources on its website.

Equal Exchange sells its ethical coffee online in various formats: in sachets, individual pods and in bulk. Additionally, Equal Exchange is a wholesale coffee supplier, so you can buy coffee for your cafe, office, congregation, or any other group you are a part of.

Premium! Chocolate lovers, tea drinkers and snackers alike rejoice because Equal Exchange also has all of these delicious treats on offer.


Several products from Cxffeeblack rest on a table.
Courtesy of Cxffeeblack

Located in Memphis, Tennessee, Cxffeeblack is a black owned cafe with a mission to connect coffee drinkers to the African roots of the bean and provide opportunity for the black community of Memphis.

In a video on the site, co-founder Bartholomew Jones says: “[Coffee] both make the world go round and bring people together. But the lesser-known reality is this: coffee was scammed from Africa in the 16th century. And at Cxffeeblack, we believe re-engaging black communities in coffee is both a way to reclaim a stolen fate and to build generational wealth within the diaspora.

The company sells coffee by the bag and through its two-bag-per-month Anti Gentrification Cxffee Club subscription box, plus early access to exclusive coffee flavors, monthly 8 × 10 impressions, and music available only to subscribers. . Speaking of music, the company actually sells music, produced by Jones, as well as a variety of clothing and accessories. As you browse the cafe, you can learn about the African history of coffee, how colonizers and slave traders stole it to cash in on black labor, and the lasting impact it had on black people around the world. whole.

Portland Coffee Roasters

A photo of Portland Coffee Roasters coffee bags.
Courtesy of Portland Coffee Roasters

As the name suggests, Portland Coffee Roasters is based in, you guessed it, Portland, Oregon. (Sorry Portland, Maine.) The company has been in business since 1996 and has strived since the beginning to have a positive impact on people around the world.

For three consecutive years, Portland Coffee Roasters has received Gold Certification from the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work Program to recognize companies that operate according to sustainable and regenerative environmental principles. To this end, Portland Coffee Roasters compost all of its organic waste, power its head office and other buildings using 100% renewable energy, deliver its merchandise by bicycle for its local customers, and offer its used jute bags to anyone who might. use them.

In addition, the company supports community improvement projects in the coffee growing communities it sources from. These projects included the construction of schools, daycares and drinking water wells, as well as the planting of thousands of trees.
Portland Coffee Roasters sells its coffee by the bag, in individual cups and Nespresso compatible capsules, and in bulk. It is also a wholesale coffee supplier.

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Competitive Caffeine: Into the Wild World of Professional Coffee Tasting http://zeleniycoffee.com/competitive-caffeine-into-the-wild-world-of-professional-coffee-tasting/ http://zeleniycoffee.com/competitive-caffeine-into-the-wild-world-of-professional-coffee-tasting/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 20:30:00 +0000 http://zeleniycoffee.com/competitive-caffeine-into-the-wild-world-of-professional-coffee-tasting/

“Three, two, one, go! Taste, taste, taste !!” I watch a coffee tasting competition unfold onscreen, but as the contestants kick in, not a single mouth touches a cup. Rounded spoons plunge frantically into what looks like small soup bowls. A hand comes forward, placing a single bowl beyond a marked line on the table, then returns to the task of pouring coffee from the bowl to nose to mouth.

As the scene unfolds, techno music vibrates in the background and a crowd cheers on tasters just a few feet away.

This is the World Cup Taster Competition where contestants sniff, examine and swallow eight sets of three cups to identify the “odd cup” in each set as quickly and accurately as possible. This is a challenge known to those with sensory training as the “triangle test”.

“It’s about precision first, then speed,” said Jen Apodaca, who represented the United States at the 2019 Worlds in Berlin. “If a competitor finishes in under two minutes, but only gets seven decent cuts, he would get behind someone who took five minutes but got all eight cuts.”

The 2019 world champion, the Irishman Daniel Horbat won seven correct cups in just two minutes 33 seconds.

“It was very intense,” Apodaca said of the atmosphere of the competition. “There were competitors who ate mostly chicken and rice for 6 months to prepare for it.” This was done to protect their taste buds, and a full year before wearing the mask in public became the norm, competitors wore it to protect their highly calibrated sniffers from offensive odors.

Ken Selby, who represented the United States at the 2018 World Coffee Tasters competition, says there are good reasons for this rigorous preparation. “At Worlds, you are able to instantly advance your career, if you do well,” he said.

Selby believes taste is essential to success in the coffee industry. “I firmly believe that palate development is the heart and soul of your coffee career,” he says. “Whether you are a producer, barista, coffee manager, buyer, sourcer or roaster, all of these roles depend on knowing what is going on with the coffee and how it affects the taste.”

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Targeted enhancement of sensory skills begins with a ritualistic method of coffee tasting called a “cupping cup”. It is a complex, multi-step process that is made somewhat ceremonial by the rigorous execution of each step.

The coffee is weighed and ground (but only after the grinder has been thoroughly purged). Notes are recorded on the dry scent of each sample before they are coated with chemically balanced water heated to exactly 200 ° F. A timer is then set while panelists wait exactly four minutes to “break” the layer of grounds and oils on the cup with a spoon held at a specific angle. This releases a “wet aroma” and more notes are scrawled. This breakage must be done in the same order in which the sections were filled. The stages thus continue with pauses and precisely timed methods, all in complete silence.

“There is no discussion,” says Shannon Cheney, laboratory director at Coffee Lab International. Watching professional suckers at work is like watching a silent ballet with tasters swirling around the table in choreographed movements.

Several steps, each person will drink coffee from a spoon rather than drinking it. “We’re trying to absorb it,” Cheney says. This helps to release more volatile aromas in the nasal passage to help the taster get the best impression of the characteristics of the coffee.

“It’s all about the smell,” she says. “Once you start tasting, you just check out what you already think about the coffee.”

Once this aroma and taste are evaluated, the taster spits out the coffee to avoid massive caffeine consumption – an action so practiced and methodical it could be called elegant.

Take this ceremonial method, speed it up, add a cheering audience, an enthusiastic host, and a stopwatch and that’s pretty much what happens on the cup tasting competition stage.

At the final table of the American championships, Apodaca remembers the music roaring through the speakers. “It starts to play [Toto’s] “Africa” and the audience is all excited and I can see them dancing, ”she said. She was trying to concentrate, to identify the right cup. After going around all the cups once, then twice, she still couldn’t hear her own thoughts, “I totally old lady shouted, ‘Can you turn this music on. down? ‘ And he did. ”

And she won this competition.

Of course, Apodaca was used to tasting in silence, a skill she had to master to clinch an even tougher title than US Cup Tasting champion: Q Grader.

To earn the Q Grader designation, coffee professionals must pass a total of 22 tests to prove they have the sensory prowess and coffee knowledge to definitely rank coffee on the most unbiased scale possible.

Candidates must be the best tasters to perceive everything, not just the coffee. For example, a small portion of the test consists of nine identical glasses of what looks like water. Candidates must identify the three that are sweet, the three sour and the three salty. And then, within those three sets, they have to determine which is the “most” sweet, sour or salty, and which is less.

Even though Apodaca was already a decorated taster, “I wanted to prove to myself that I could pass the test,” she says.

Cheney says that becoming a Q Grader is all about calibrating yourself against other coffee professionals and adding objectivity to tasting: “You learn to eliminate subjectivity, even if it’s sensory, so there’s always a bit of it. of subjectivity. “

Once certified, the Q Graders assess the quality of a coffee in order to assign it a rating. These reviews allow farmers to earn more money for their crops, or learn where there are flaws and how they can improve to eventually get a higher score and a higher price.

There is a whole different kind of cupping competition in which Q assessors can develop their tasting skills, but this time as judges. Cheney has competed in the Cup of Excellence before, where she was one of the judges to help crown the best coffees in the world.

“So that the farmer can potentially get a better premium for his harvest. I think this kind of cupping competition is very rewarding for everyone involved, ”she said.

Cheney has spent his career refining his palate so that he can effectively judge coffees and thus improve the quality of coffee in the global market. After years of cupping and teaching other professionals to prepare them for the Q Grader exam, she sees “Speed ​​Cupping” as something new.

“It’s more like ‘I’m going to test my ability to know how quickly I can find an outlier’, but they are not meant for quality purposes or to support any particular producer or the quality of coffee in general.” , explains Shannon. . “This kind of competition is just fun for people. The point of suction cups is that it’s quiet work, there is no sound.”

Apodaca also says his days of competitive cup tasting are over, especially after founding his own coffee business, Mother Tongue Coffee. “I learned so much at the Worlds that I have some advice for people who want to go,” she said.

People like Selby, who qualified for the Cup Tasters stage at the US Championships in New Orleans this fall.

He says returning to the Worlds would already be a great opportunity to meet people from across the industry, but taking that first place on the world stage would require intense preparation.

“I spoke to someone who was very successful there [at Worlds] who cut out all the sugar and excess salt for four months so that there weren’t any taste distractions, ”he says,“ I don’t know if I would do that, it would be a big decision. “

But sacrificing flavor to train your palate is exactly the sort of decision a world champion coffee taster might have to make.

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Inflated prices disrupt buzzing activity on Staten Island http://zeleniycoffee.com/inflated-prices-disrupt-buzzing-activity-on-staten-island/ http://zeleniycoffee.com/inflated-prices-disrupt-buzzing-activity-on-staten-island/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 20:20:00 +0000 http://zeleniycoffee.com/inflated-prices-disrupt-buzzing-activity-on-staten-island/

Igor Yakovlev’s business is all the rage on Staten Island.

He started Beezy Beez Honey about seven years ago.

“We produce local raw honey for New York and we are also manufacturers of CBD for different hemp products,” Yakovlev said.

What would you like to know

  • Igor Yakovlev says inflated prices caused by pandemic are starting to impact his profits
  • Yakovlev changed the way they pack products due to the price increase
  • Brooklyn College economics professor Merih Uctum says blockages around the world have disrupted the global supply chain

As COVID-19 made its way through town and restrictions began, Beezy Beez was seen as essential, so it was business as usual for Igor. But he began to face challenges six months after the start of the pandemic.

“That’s when you started seeing issues with supply chains, issues with ingredients,” Yakovlev explained. “These are big bulk warehouses, so they get them from overseas as well.”

The delays are felt far beyond the city. It’s a global problem, according to Merih Uctum, professor of economics at Brooklyn College.

“Companies froze orders, they downsized, they reduced inventory, which created a large-scale disruption of what we call the supply chain,” Uctum explained.

Yakovlev said coconut oil is a main ingredient in many of its products. A drum cost him $ 350. Now it’s almost $ 100 more.

He even had to change the way he packages his products.

“I used glass bottles because it’s greener and stuff like that and I used to buy them overseas from Sweden. So now, because of all the tariffs, all the shipping problems, I can’t afford to ship glass jars anymore because a glass jar that cost me 25 cents is now costing me a dollar. So that’s almost four times the price and when it comes to small, discounted items, you know, $ 3.99 milk, $ 5.99 honey, that extra 75 cents is a big hit for a little one. company like me, ”Yakovlev said.

To generate more income, Igor started adding things like freshly roasted coffee to his list of products, but he said even coffee beans were getting more expensive.

“I don’t really increase my prices because customers are used to a certain price. I especially do not want to lower the quality of the product. At the end of the day, as a business owner, I lose money and my family lose money. I don’t want to have to fire an employee because everyone here is like family. Everyone here has been here for over two years, over three years, ”Yakovlev explained.

And yet he keeps a positive attitude and says he thinks the supply will come back and everything will be “Beerific! “

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7 Developers Submit Proposals Up To $ 140 Million For State Street Campus Garage Project | Local government http://zeleniycoffee.com/7-developers-submit-proposals-up-to-140-million-for-state-street-campus-garage-project-local-government/ http://zeleniycoffee.com/7-developers-submit-proposals-up-to-140-million-for-state-street-campus-garage-project-local-government/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 20:07:00 +0000 http://zeleniycoffee.com/7-developers-submit-proposals-up-to-140-million-for-state-street-campus-garage-project-local-government/

The existing 510-space State Street Campus Garage was built in 1964 and a 542-space addition was built at 430 N. Frances St. in 1982. This latter structure would remain and be connected to the new project.

“This is a unique opportunity to integrate an intercity bus hub into a new parking lot, as well as housing and other uses for the benefit of residents, university students and visitors,” said the mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway in a statement. “This site connects the university and downtown Madison. We are excited about the possibilities.

Seven developers are looking to replace the original part of the State Street Campus Garage, built at 415 N. Lake St. in 1964, for a project that includes a new public parking lot, intercity bus garage, commercial space and housing.


The redevelopment could be an anchor for a new State Street Graduated Tax Finance (TIF) district and provide an opportunity to create more lower-cost housing in the downtown area, officials said.

“It’s high time the city had an intercity bus hub again,” Ald said. Mike Verveer, 4th arrondissement, who represents the region. “There is a significant interest from developers for the creation of housing in this region. “

Ald. Juliana Bennett, 8th arrondissement, who also represents the area, said the redevelopment will serve students well. “More housing, more affordable housing and better intercity bus services are important to students,” she said.

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The story behind White Electric Coffee’s shift to a cooperative model http://zeleniycoffee.com/the-story-behind-white-electric-coffees-shift-to-a-cooperative-model/ http://zeleniycoffee.com/the-story-behind-white-electric-coffees-shift-to-a-cooperative-model/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 14:22:43 +0000 http://zeleniycoffee.com/the-story-behind-white-electric-coffees-shift-to-a-cooperative-model/
The West End cafe was bought by a group of workers in the spring.
Photography: Chloe Chassaing & Joelle Plante / White Electric Coffee and Nick Millard / Go Providence.

Caught between Frog and Toad and New Urban Arts on Westminster Street, White Electric Coffee has undergone a makeover. The cafe, which has offered lattes, espressos and the signature “Buzzo” (homemade latte) since 2000, is the first cafe in Rhode Island to transition to a union-owned, worker-owned cooperative business model.

“I’ve had fantasies about being a worker co-op for years,” says Chloe Chassaing, who has worked with White Electric for over sixteen years. “We were talking about it, but it was kind of a fantasy.”

The cooperative model of running a business – where workers own the business and participate in all aspects of its management – is gaining popularity in the United States. According to a 2019 report from the Democracy at Work Institute and the United States Federation of Worker Co-operatives, the United States has experienced a net growth of 35.7% in verified worker co-ops since 2013. The report also notes that the top-down pay ratio in these co-ops is two to one, which is in stark contrast to a typical workplace pay ratio of 303 to one.

In addition to fair wages, worker cooperatives consider the voice of every worker and often encourage more progressive hiring practices. These ideologies, coupled with the inequalities revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, led White Electric workers to write a letter of grievance to their employer. In June 2020, Chassaing and his colleagues contacted the owners of the cafe in writing with a list of demands.

“A group of us signed a letter that outlined different requests for change,” said Chassaing. “These dealt with various hiring practices, workplace issues and encompassed many suggestions, one of which was a transition to a worker co-op. “

In response, the staff who signed the letter were fired, prompting the group to form an independent union: the Collaborative Union of Providence Service workers, or CUPS. In a turn of events, the day they received their Union card check, they received an email from the owners saying they were selling the coffee. “It was very, very quick. It took us several days to talk and say to each other, do we want to do this? said Chassaing. “The first three and a half months of organizing CUPS focused on improving the workplace and organizing, and then we focused on the co-op once the previous owners put the coffee up for sale.”

They changed course, formed a work cooperative, and started raising funds to buy coffee. By January, they found out the owners would sell to them, and by mid-spring CUPS had secured the funds to buy the coffee.

Danny Cordova, first-generation Guatemalan and barista at White Electric, hopes this successful transition to a worker-friendly business model will motivate others in the industry to demand change.

“My greatest hope is that what we are doing right now can inspire many other workers in the service sector who feel like they have no hope,” Cordova says. “If we are successful, we can inspire other people.” 711 Westminster St., Providence, 453-3007, whiteelectriccoffee.com

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