Finch Trading unveils POKKA drinks for the first time in Sri Lanka

Finch Trading, in partnership with POKKA Pte Ltd, unveiled on November 25 an exciting line of drinks from Asia-Pacific’s most beloved beverage brand, “POKKA”. Positioned as one of the most popular brands in the Singapore market, POKKA ready-to-drink drinks are renowned for their quality, taste and novelty and are considered a favorite among health conscious consumers.

With this unveiling, Finch offers Sri Lankans a selection of premium POKKA teas and coffees with invigorating aromas and flavors.

The range of exotic teas introduced in Sri Lanka includes POKKA Premium Milk Tea, POKKA Oolong Tea and POKKA Jasmine Green, available in ready-to-serve bottles of 500ml and 1500ml. POKKA tea is a real infusion and contains natural antioxidants, without preservatives or artificial colors.

The brand’s range of refreshing coffees consists of POKKA Black Coffee, POKKA Black Coffee (Sugar Free) and POKKA Premium Milk Coffee, giving coffee lovers a boost of energy to start their days off right. The coffee range, which is 100% real, infused from specially selected gourmet coffee beans, comes in 240ml cans providing the convenience of a cup of coffee in a can.

Speaking about the launch of POKKA in Sri Lanka, Fawaz Fassi, Founder and Managing Director of Finch Trading said, “POKKA is one of the biggest beverage brands in the Asia-Pacific region and we are very happy to present their products at Sri Lanka. Marlet. From the start, Finch has been committed to improving the lifestyle of Sri Lankan consumers by providing them with healthy, premium quality products that meet international standards and POKKA is another proud addition to our portfolio.

“In addition to their range of tea and coffee, POKKA also offers a wide variety of juices, functional drinks, sparkling drinks, milk-based drinks and Asian drinks. Our plan is to introduce these products in phases to the local market in the coming time, ”he added.

POKKA drinks will be available for purchase through the Finch Trading website from November 25 and in all major supermarkets and retailers on the island from the 1st week of December 2021 The brand can also be purchased online. delivery platforms such as UberEats, PickMe and Daraz.

POKKA Singapore, established in 1977 by parent company POKKA Sapporo Food & Beverage Ltd. Japan, manufactures and markets a wide range of beverages under the well-known “POKKA” brand in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. POKKA’s goal of delivering innovative, delicious and easily accessible drinks has helped it maintain its position among the best in the food and beverage industry over the years. At present, the POKKA brand has ensured its presence in more than 60 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Finch Trading is a growing FMCG distribution company in Sri Lanka specializing in a wide range of high quality international brands. Finch is Sri Lanka’s official distribution agent for several world famous brands including Bragg Live Foods (US), The Berry Company (UK), Kewpie (Japan / Malaysia), Cornish Sea Salt (UK) Uni) and the Nando’s Grocery brand (South Africa). Finch products are widely available at all major supermarket chains, retailers, hotels, restaurants and cafes across the island.

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