GUUD opens up access to credit for players in the coffee supply chain

The project with Mellower Coffee uses technology to help SMEs and producers increase their working capital

SINGAPORE, November 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – that of Singapore GUUD (Finance) Supt. Ltd. (“GUUD Finance”), the financial backbone of GUUD Group, a leading business technology company, has signed an agreement with Mellower Coffee (“Mellower”), one of the from China major specialty coffee chains to provide working capital loans through its coffee supply chain. The agreement marks GUUD Group’s first foray into the coffee market and is also important as it enables GUUD to provide upstream access to credit to farmers or coffee bean producers.

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The vision of the GUUD group has always been to simplify business processes so that everyone can access global trade. As a key player enabling the financing of all companies in the global trade cycle, this project is important for GUUD, as it enables all actors in the supply chain, whether they are coffee producers, roasters or retailers, to access trade finance through traditional and alternative finance. and free up their funds to be redeployed in the daily working capital needs of their respective businesses.

As part of this agreement, GUUD Finance will provide working capital of up to $ 12 million for Mellower by financing the purchase of Chinese coffee beans from Yunnan during the harvest season, providing farmers and producers with access to the working capital they need. GUUD Finance will also finance the purchase of coffee powder and other coffee-related products of Chinese origin for export, helping small businesses to China have access to working capital in order to be able to further increase their export volumes.

Mellower Coffee is a plantation-to-cup coffee chain of Shanghai who believes that a quality specialty coffee is synonymous with a high quality of life. As the leading specialty coffee brand in China, Mellower currently operates a chain of 72 retail stores in Mainland China, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam.

Mrs Cathy Lei, Founder of Mellower said, “We are delighted to partner with GUUD Finance as we continue to grow our business and begin to expand into more markets internationally. By providing working capital financing for all businesses up and down the coffee supply chain, GUUD Finance has helped all of our partners and producers to access finance, giving them the opportunity to acquire more inventory. for sale. especially for companies like ours, is invaluable as we expand into even more countries. “

GUUD Finance is working closely with Mellower Coffee to implement asset-backed financing across its supply chain, using the Internet of Things (IOT) for merchandise tracking and optimization of flows and business processes since the middle of this year. They closed their first successful funding deal earlier this month.

Sir Desmond Loh, CEO of GUUD Finance, said: “Helping small producers and SMEs access working capital finance has always been a priority for GUUD Finance. We are extremely happy to have this opportunity to partner with Mellower Coffee as they continue their plans to expand globally, supplying coffee to businesses and distribution chains around the world. In particular, we hope to help companies that have been affected by the various supply chain disruptions and are required to bundle their products for sale sooner. Likewise, we want to help companies that have sought to store more buffer stock than the just-in-time solutions they have traditionally worked with. We look forward to further supporting such businesses in the agricultural commodity sector and helping them access financing solutions that help meet capital needs. “

GUUD Finance, which is the “Pay” pillar of the GUUD group, helps companies access finance so that they can easily trade larger volumes of goods. GUUD’s digital business ecosystem, the only one in the world to connect all stakeholders in the trade facilitation process, helps businesses bypass long-standing barriers to global trade, allowing them to import or export goods seamlessly to any part of the world.

GUUD Finance recently launched RYTE in July 2021, a smart trade finance technology platform designed to simplify complex and traditionally manual trade finance processes, connecting business users to banks and alternative financiers, giving them greater opportunities to access trading options. financing to meet their working capital needs.

GUUD is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Singapore, with offices strategically located in Indonesia, China and Kenya, and projects spanning more than 17 countries.

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About GUUD

GUUD, a new digital way of doing business globally, is a technology platform and group of companies under the umbrella of vCargo Cloud. The GUUD Group refers to the UN / CEFACT Buy-Ship-Pay model to cover all aspects of trade facilitation, bypassing long-standing trade barriers and digitally transforming business processes to become more simple, more efficient and more inclusive.

Led by a strong team of industry and IT professionals, GUUD aspires to help everyone, especially micro, small and medium enterprises, to become a player in global trade and to export and import from n ‘ any part of the world.

Our mission is to do business in earnest, and guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we pursue what is good for people, businesses and economies, helping improve livelihoods, generating prosperity and creating efficiencies and technological improvements everywhere we go.

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About mellow coffee

Founded in 2011, Mellower Coffee is a leading specialty coffee brand in China, operating a chain of 72 stores in mainland China, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam. The company prides itself on being the key player, bringing excellent coffee products and an advanced specialty coffee culture into China coffee market.

With its unique and integrated industrial chain, Mellower aims to be the leading player in the Chinese coffee industry and not only owns its own 3,000 mu plantation in Yunnan but has also concluded strategic agreements with the main producers of specialty coffee in Ethiopia, Panama and Colombia, ensuring top quality and stable supply. Mellower also has its own roasting plant in Shanghai.

NESTLE’s only OEM partner in China, and the supplier of well-known beverage brands, such as Never Coffee, Nongfu Spring, LaiYiFen, Take-Away Café, Mellower has established itself as a leading beverage company and also cooperates with the world’s best beverage companies entire company to continuously develop new products.


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