Heartland businesses hit by rising coffee prices

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – The cost of coffee is the highest in 10 years. That means local store owners pay more, and you could be too.

“I come to Ground-A-Bout maybe once a week,” said Sophia Hancock, a student at Southeast Missouri State University.

Hancock often makes time in his school schedule to stop for a cup of coffee.

“It’s definitely become a lot more popular. So many students go for coffee,” Hancock said.

However, this cup of Joe costs more to make, according to Ground-A-Bout owner Bob Schooley.

“I’ve seen some items go up to 100%. I’ve had multiple duplicate items like that,” Schooley said.

Schooley said he had to find new suppliers and even change a few ingredients.

“Unfortunately, we’re kind of biting the bullet, we’re handing out supplies now. We haven’t taken a cost increase in a while. Unfortunately, if things continue like this, we will have no choice but to do so,” he said.

Across town, at My Daddy’s Cheesecake, owner Kevin Stanfield said he’s had to make adjustments to keep up with rising costs.

“We had to raise prices in October, we had to raise them again in January, but we’re also trying to keep prices as low as possible,” he said.

Stanfield said he was paying at least 20% more for coffee and supplies than a year ago.

“It’s harder as a retailer to keep your customers happy, get the margin you need to operate, and not raise your prices too high,” Stanfield said.

Schooley and Stanfield explained that they worked as best they could with the prices they had to pay. In the meantime, the two said they appreciate customers sticking around and buying locally.

“When people show us grace, mercy, patience. When we’re short-staffed, or we don’t have enough supplies, or we don’t have the drink they normally get, patience helps us,” Schooley said.

Analysts expect the rising cost of coffee to continue through 2023.

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