I’m A Starbucks Employee – The Secret Hack That Will Get You Half Price Iced Lattes Every Time

A STARBUCKS employee has become everyone’s hero after posting the secret to getting half price iced lattes every time.

Apparently, you can order an espresso doppio over ice, then add the milk yourself for a $1.95 iced latte, Eat This reported.


Starbucks employees took to Reddit to share coffee secrets

The former employee posted on Reddit to share cheaper ways to enjoy your favorite drinks at Starbucks.

The user as u/jadium said, “An iced venti latte is around $4, a doppio (two shots of espresso) is $1.95 and a cup of ice cream with two extra shots is $1.20. $.”

“Because you can add as much cold milk as you want from the condiment bar (that island full of sugar packets and carafes) to whatever you drink, you can ALWAYS ask for an ice cold venti doppio, pay $1.95 then add the milk yourself. Half price lattes.”

The user went on to say that he often gives free drinks to uniformed officers as well as teachers.

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This is just one of many Starbucks hacks.

You can also enjoy a free drink from Starbucks on your birthday as long as you are a Starbucks Cardholder.

You don’t even have to make a purchase – just a complimentary drink from the house.

However, a Starbucks partner said it is limiting the drink to eight shots of espresso, much to the disappointment of some heavily caffeinated customers.

You may have heard of a “puppacino”, a small treat that Starbucks employees may offer dogs.

If you ask for a “puppacino,” a barista will fill a small sample cup with whipped cream, and they might really enjoy doing it.

“It’s actually one of the things we love to give away the most. Especially in the car if we can watch the dog enjoy it,” a Starbucks partner said.

“It takes less than 10 seconds to grab a sample cup and fill it with a whisk.”

And finally, Starbucks employees said to get what you pay for: order an iced coffee.

“The best drink to get if you want something cheap is iced coffee,” one barista said on Reddit. “You can add any syrup for free and make it taste better than lattes.

“Also, ask for steamed iced coffee if our coffee is too weak. The baristas will most definitely look at you funny, but we literally have to do whatever you tell us.”

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This comes as we revealed how you can still get a Starbucks drink after closing time due to a hidden rule.

And the colors of the aprons that baristas wear at Starbucks have a special meaning.

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