Is Starbucks opening a new store in Barnegat Twp., NJ?

Rumors are swirling!

Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of construction going on in Barnegat Township such as Barnegat 67 and the little mall down the street. This morning I heard to chatter about a new addition coming to town.

New construction in Barnegat Township.

An interesting post in the Barnegat Township Facebook Chatter Group says a Starbucks is coming to Barnegat in the mall along with AutoZone, Dollar General and AT&T on W Bay Avenue. There is no official reporting or confirmation yet.

Here’s a photo of the supposed new Starbucks site.

Credit: Google Maps

Credit: Google Maps

Mixed emotions about another potential Starbucks in Barnegat.

How are the residents of Ocean County reacting to the news? It’s interesting – a lot of people are excited about the possibility of the popular cafe opening another location. But he also encountered some confusion.

Many people said there was already a Starbucks in Acme. Some people lamented that they didn’t need another coffee.

Will there be a drive-thru?

The band members also wondered whether or not this potential Starbucks might have a drive-thru. Many were excited about this possibility! Some were dubious as the end stores are taken. Others worried about the traffic it might add to the area.

Are you excited about the possibility of opening a drive-thru Starbucks in Barnegat? I’m not going to lie, I love the idea. I know coffee addicts like me welcome any new store that will get us our caffeine fix (I’ll have a large iced peppermint coffee with soy milk, please!)

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