Just Sayin ‘: Disappointing start to new ownership of Les Mets, DJ LeMahieu and state of sport PSAL

Are the Wilpons still in the house?

That’s what New York Mets fans are thinking about right now as they get impatient with new owner Steve Cohen, the billionaire hedge fund manager who was supposed to bring all the top players to Queens.

This was hardly the case for the first two months of Cohen’s ownership.

Of course, the Mets made some nice moves, bringing in relief pitcher Trevor May and landing 2019 All-Star wide receiver James McCann. May will fit in nicely in the backend of the Mets survey pen and McCann is an instant upgrade behind the plate.

But Mets fans want more. Much more.

They ask Cohen to bring in George Springer, the best center of free agency, and the best howler Trevor Bauer.

These moves have yet to happen and many Mets fans are disappointed.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were the Mets, whose baseball operations are led by Sandy Alderson, who has always been patient and deliberate with the moves he makes.

Signing the Mets with Springer or Bauer is always a possibility, but signing both is probably out of the question.

But until the team signs either one, it feels like Fred and Jeff Wilpon are still leading the show.


And New York Yankees fans are also complaining about the team’s inability to come to terms with DJ LeMahieu, the second baseman who beat a whopping .364 in the pandemic-cut short 2020 season.

It’s contracts like the ones the Yankees gave to Giancarlo Stanton, whom the Bronx Bombers never needed in the first place, that keep them from re-signing LeMahieu.


The longer the PSAL waits to bring the sport back, the more difficult it will be to start sports programs, which have been closed since last March.

The sports directors of these public schools in the city will have to do as Houdini to restart the programs in a moment.


With no PSAL sports on the horizon, you can cross the Staten Island High School Basketball League tournament from the calendar. One of the most anticipated sporting events on the island, the high school version of March Madness is normally held in early February.

It’s going to be difficult to organize an event with more than half of the teams not being able to play.


Has everything been eliminated? This is what happens when college football throws 20-year-old college bowl games to fans. From the famous Idaho Potato Bowl game to the Cheez-It Bowl game and everything in between, maybe it’s time for organizers to expand the college football playoffs from four teams to eight or more teams.

Anything but more fun bowl game names.

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