Montana Historical Society Raises Half a Million for Construction

If you’ve never been to the Montana Historical Society (MHS) building in Helena, you definitely missed it.

They have more amazing works of art and historical artifacts stored in their basements than most museums could boast on the ground floor. This is largely why the MHS needed a new building. And now they’re half a million dollars closer to doing it.

Thanks to significant contributions from recent donors, including the Stockman Bank of Montana, the Montana Historical Society has raised over $ 500,000.

According to MHS, “Bob and Genevieve Morgan’s family donated $ 115,000 in their honor. Bob Morgan, a renowned artist from Helena, was a museum curator and acting director of MHS, and served on the board of administration. His wife, Gen, was also a long-time supporter of MHS. “

Stockman Bank, which has 36 full-service branches across Montana, donated $ 100,000.

Bill Coffee, CEO of Stockman Bank: It is important that we help honor and preserve the history of our great state, not only for ourselves but for future generations.

Two other gifts totaling $ 60,000 were also received. The Montana Historical Society claims to have raised nearly $ 7 million of the $ 15 million it pledged to raise.

Here is a design of what the new Montana Historical Society building and complex would look like:

Credit Montana Historical Society

And here’s a video:

One of the most impressive aspects of the Montana Historical Society’s collections is, of course, Charlie Russell’s artwork:

The best-known works in our 8,000-piece art collection are those of Montana’s Cowboy Artist Charles M. Russell. This collection (numbering more than 200 pieces: 24 major oils, 33 major watercolors, 40 pens and inks, 15 original models, 60 bronzes and 34 illustrated letters) is one of Russell’s most important art collections.

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