More Funding Approved for Next Waxahachie Fire Station

Waxahachie City Council on Monday approved $3.7 million in additional funding for Fire Station 4, which is slated to be located at the intersection of Interstate 35E and Brookside Road on the west side of town.

Fire Chief Ricky Boyd told council the total cost of the station is $8.9 million and funding available for the project from 2021 bonds is $5.3 million.

“We know it’s a big ask, but it’s time to move forward with the construction of Fire Station 4,” Boyd said, adding that construction costs are rising astronomically. “Our execution totals are increasing, and so are our response times. The only way to fix it is to add Station 4.”

The bidding process for the project closed on March 17. According to the city, 189 offers were received.

Boyd said the city has added three firefighters every year for the past four years, so when Fire Station 4 is complete, it will be operational immediately. The city said Engine 4 is under construction and expected to be delivered this summer.

The money will come from the town’s unlimited reserves.

Groundbreaking for the fire station is scheduled for April 12 at 4 p.m.

7 Brew coffee

The board approved a Specific Use Permit (SUP) and Development Agreement for 7 Brew Coffee, a drive-thru cafe located at the northeast intersection of US 77 and Country Meadows Boulevard.

The store is expected to be 510 square feet in size and will include two drive-thru lanes. However, there will be no indoor dining area.

Permit for special events

The board approved two special event permits, including one for “Old Time American Music With Dan Levenson.”

Levenson will entertain the crowd with his fiddle and claw hammer banjo playing and storytelling.

The event, hosted by Leslie’s School of Music, will take place from 6-8 p.m. May 21 at Railyard Park, 455 S. College St.

The council also approved an event permit for the Spook Out Homeless Fun Run/Walk, which will run from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on October 22 at Getzendaner Park.

The event will be to raise funds for Daniel’s Den, a homeless shelter in Ellis County. It will include food trucks, face paint and more.

Pavement preservation

The council has accepted a service contract with Andale Construction, Inc. in the amount of $142,569 to apply high-density mineral sealant to eight sections of city roads.

These streets are: Audra, Etta and Myrtle Avenues from Brown Street to the cul-de-sac; Modene Avenue from Mariam Avenue to the cul-de-sac and from one cul-de-sac to the other; Annette Avenue from Audra to Morene Avenue; Mary Avenue from Etta to Morene; and Mariam de Brown in Modena.

The city said application of this product will protect and extend the life of the roads.

Airport box hangars

The board approved a ground lease and construction agreement with Don Jackson Construction Company, Inc. for the construction of six new private hangars at Mid-Way Regional Airport.

The airport board selected Don Jackson Construction for the project in 2020, but several factors, such as COVID-19, caused the project to be delayed.

In February, the airport board approved the agreements with Jackson Construction.

Under the agreement, Jackson Construction will construct six private hangars, totaling 10,800 square feet, with a total value of $1.1 million, along with taxiway infrastructure and parking spaces. Jackson Construction will lease the property at 30 cents per square foot for 30 years.

If a hangar is sold, the new owner will receive a new 30-year ground lease. The airport would receive 6% of the appraised value of the hangar and the annual ground lease payment.

There will be no cost to the Town of Waxahachie or the Town of Midlothian, which will vote on a similar item at its next meeting.

Amendment to the sanitation project contract

The board approved an amendment to the construction management and engineering services contract with Kimley-Horn for the capacity expansion of the Jefferson lift station in the amount of $273,610.

This project, which is in association with the sewage treatment plant improvement phase 1 project, will be covered by the local coronavirus tax relief funds.

The board also approved a $5.2 million change order to the construction services contract with BAR Constructors for the lift station project.

The city said many components of the Jefferson Street lift station were removed from the scope of the project about two years ago, but their re-addition will allow pumping capacity to increase by 28 million gallons per day. (mgd) to 32 mgd with the possibility of increasing to 48 mgd in the future.

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