New (and affordable) indoor plant equipment from Target and 6 more new versions for the home

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting for the home products we want in our homes right now. This week: Target’s new plant gear, Bed, Bath & Beyond is launching a private label and more.

Hilton Carter x Target


Hilton carter, a plant enthusiast, interior designer and author, has teamed up with Target on a collection all about green and green. The collection includes everything from live plants and fake plants to planters and garden accessories. While live plants are only available in stores, everything else is available online with prices starting at $ 5. Some of our favorites include a spread stand, a fake cactus and gardener shears.

Price: $ 5 and more


Floyd outdoor furniture

floyd outdoor furniture


Floyd is already one of our favorite online furniture stores (his sofa and shelving system is particularly worth adding to the shopping cart). Now, the Detroit-based brand makes outdoor furniture, and it’s a winning collection. The brightly colored line includes a bench ($ 375), stacking chairs ($ 265), and two tables – one square ($ 525) and one rectangular ($ 845). Powder coated aluminum is durable and designed to withstand years and years of outdoor hanging and inclement weather.

Price: $ 265 and more


Bed, bath and beyond Simply essential

bed bath and beyond simply essential

Bed, bath and beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond really leans on its name with its new house brand, Simply Essentials, which focuses on low-cost, high-quality products for the bed, tub and, well, beyond. Simply Essential does everything a person might need for their home, from linens to cooking utensils. Nothing goes over $ 200 and some things are in the single digit price range. It’s so affordable that you don’t even bother to use BB & B’s famous 20% off coupons.

Price: $ 1 and more


Fellow Clara French Press

colleague clara french press


Fellow released his version from a French press earlier this month, and it’s about as Fellow as it gets. From the matte black construction to the thoughtful details, it promises to make a better cup of French press coffee. It features an ultra-fine mesh filter to reduce mud from your coffee, a stirring stick to help with coffee extraction, and a non-stick coating to help with cleaning. The only hesitation in getting one might be its price: $ 99 for matte black or $ 129 for matte black with walnut accents.

Price: $ 99 and more


Vermicular frying pan

vermicular pan


Japanese cookware brand Vermicular has launched an enameled cast iron skillet which is a lightweight option for heavy and bulky cast iron pans. A cover is not included and costs an additional $ 40. The smallest 9.4-inch frying pan weighs just 2.3 pounds; the largest 10.2-inch frying pan weighs just 2.4 pounds. Vermicular boasts the ability of its pots to evaporate water quickly and retain its heat. The only downside to the pan is its handle – although it looks good, it has low heat resistance and therefore the pan cannot be used in the oven.

Price: $ 155 and more


Osma Pro

osma pro


The whole difference around cold brew is that it takes a long time to brew and the result is a pretty dull cup of low acid coffee. Osma’s new countertop coffee maker, the Osma Pro, can supposedly brew cold coffee in just 90 seconds. Simply add ice, water, and coffee, and the Osma Pro essentially recirculates the water through the ground to make a three-ounce espresso or a 12-ounce cold brew in less time than it does. it takes to explain exactly what is going on.

Price: $ 695


Umamicart AAPI Heritage Month recipe kits

aapi umamicart heritage month recipe kits


Umamicart, launched earlier this year, has easily grown into one of our favorite online grocery stores to offer a plentiful selection of Asian groceries. Part of the appeal was how accessible the grocery store was, whether or not you were familiar with certain ingredients. With its recipe kits, Umamicart allowed buyers to quickly add everything they needed to prepare specific Asian dishes to the cart. To celebrate Asian-American Pacific Islander Month, Umamicart has expanded its selection of recipe kits and donated Send Chinatown Love and Dinner Heart, two organizations helping Asian Americans in New York’s Chinatown amid a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. Recipes include shio tonkotsu chashu ramen, braised pork belly and okonomiyaki, plus two recipes made in collaboration with 886 and Wing hinge, two restaurants in New York City, which have developed Taiwanese sausage fried rice and shrimp fried rice respectively.

Price: $ 18 and over


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