New Jersey locals are going crazy for this new Wawa coffee

So maybe you saw that, maybe not. wow has a new “limited edition” coffee and the people of Jersey are going “crazy” about it. Wawa occasionally offers limited edition coffees and this is the newest.

Shawn Michael

Shawn Michael

April had stopped by Wawa over the weekend and spotted this new coffee and after a quick message, the order was for mine, which she took home. Usually lately my favorite at Wawa is their “Cuban” mix which is a dark roast. This new coffee she found is medium roast.

Wawa is known throughout New Jersey and their coffee is a huge fan favorite. When we asked you at the house, you tell us that one of your favorite items at Wawa is their coffee and I agree that it is very good “real” coffee.

Wawa has its own “regular” blend and decaf. Along with French Vanilla and Hazelnut, all of these four are “sweet”. Their Colombian blend is their “medium” style. Their Cuban blend and dark roast are their “dark” blends.

Shawn Michael

Shawn Michael

So on this new “limited edition” Wawa coffee, I don’t think they’ve done it before, although I was willing to try it. April brought home their new peanut butter fudge mix. It’s a “soft” roast and yes, people are going crazy for it. Peanut butter coffee, I was curious but didn’t think I was going to “like” it. I’m not a big fan of “flavored” coffee, but wow this is good. It’s not sweet, it has hints of peanut butter, fudge and vanilla and it’s very nutty. I totally enjoy this new cafe and will definitely do it again. April says it might be one of her favorites.

Have you had the new Wawa Peanut Butter Fudge Coffee? let us know your opinion and post your comments below ☕

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