New Stir-Fry Restaurant Coming Soon to Hamilton Township, NJ

While shopping at Hamilton Marketplace on Route 130 North over the weekend, I couldn’t help but notice a sign advertising a “new to the area” restaurant coming soon. . It’s a stir-fry restaurant called Honeygrow.

My son now drives with his learner’s license, which allows me to look around a bit as a passenger in the car, instead of being the driver all the time. When we left Kohl’s and headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond on Saturday, I saw the sign on one of the empty spaces in the brand new building where Mission BBQ is (can’t wait to try this place as well).

I had never heard of honeygrow before so I did a quick google search. . . looks cool…fast food. The restaurant’s website says Honeygrow’s goal is to “bring people together through healthy, simple food.” They specialize in “appetizing and customizable stir-fries, salads and honey bars”.

This chain of restaurants started not far from Hamilton, Philadelphia in 2012. There are other New Jersey locations in Marlton, Cherry Hill, New Brunswick and Hoboken, as well as restaurants in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland , Virginia. , and Massachusetts. Click here to find the location closest to you.

View the menu here. Everything looks delicious. You can order online. You can earn rewards, and they’ll host a fundraiser for your organization (did you hear that, PTO/PTA parents?).

I will let you know when I have more information. Honeygrow will be located at 205 Marketplace Boulevard in Hamilton Marketplace.

To find out what the new location is, click here.

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