Olive Garden Employee Reveals the Chain’s Most Surprising Menu Items

Does Olive Garden really sell smoothies? It’s a weird question a lot of TikTokers are asking now, thanks to a woman’s viral video.

The TikToker, @mamapearlll, posted the clip immediately after his first day on the job at the Italian food chain. In the video, which now has over 400,000 views, she revealed several menu items that she was shocked to learn you could order there.

“There’s so much bullshit you probably didn’t know about Olive Garden that I didn’t know — that I know now,” she says in the video.

His music video is just the latest in a long line of viral posts about fast food and fast food chains.

In a recent Twitter thread, a former Subway employee shared the weirdest sandwich he’s ever made for a customer. In another, a former Starbucks employee debunked the myth that some places have worse service than others.

@mamapearlll’s video didn’t reveal any secrets, technically. However, it exposed some little-known menu items that many TikTokers said they had no idea.

First up: smoothies. As @mamapearlll explains, smoothies are technically a kids’ menu item, but adults can order them too.

The TikToker goes on to name several surprising menu items, including flavored lemonades, various coffee drinks, and different varieties of sparkling water.

“There’s an espresso,” she said. “OK, so you could have a latte, a cappuccino – like, did you know you could have that?”

Overall, TikTokers seemed excited about the video. Many complimented @mamapearlll’s enthusiasm for her new job.

“I love that you are so excited about your new job!” a user wrote. “It makes it even more fun and better.”

Others, who claimed to be current or former employees of Olive Garden, also intervened.

“I loved trying all the menu and drinks throughout my training,” said one user.

“I’ve been at OG for just over a year now and I love it there,” added another.

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