Popular Red Lodge teacher speaks out after school board decision

A popular teacher from Red Lodge College spoke about the school board’s action not to renew his contract. This, after pupils, parents and other community supporters filled the school gymnasium to express their support for Mr Steven Morris.

KTVQ-TV’s Casey Conlon was at the special school board on Thursday afternoon and filed this report:

Mr. Steven Morris spoke Friday morning on the radio program “Montana Talks with Aaron Flint”.

Mr. Morris: I am responsible for my conduct. I stand behind my character and my good name. And without entering into opinion or hearsay, I have not been fully briefed on the allegations that placed me on administrative leave on January 5th. I have requested this information several times. As a non-union, non-tenured teacher, I understand that there are restrictions in place that prevent me from accessing some of this information. I am very surprised with the result. But I will continue to serve the school district as they allow me.

Here is the full audio of our conversation with Mr. Morris:

Prior to the school board meeting, we heard from parents at Red Lodge who felt that Mr. Morris was being targeted because he was not a member of the teachers’ union, was openly Christian and served in the US Marine Corps.

Mr Morris says he is not resigning from his post and remains on administrative leave. He also proposed the following questions.

Mr. Morris: Why would I take away my right to privacy to allow the public to comment? Why shouldn’t I quit? Why would dozens upon dozens of Red Lodge School District students walk a mile across town in 20 degree temperatures to endorse a teacher they don’t trust? Why would members of our community take vacation days at 1 p.m. on a Thursday to support a teacher they don’t trust? And why, at the end of yesterday’s meeting, would I speak openly to quell the crowd’s reaction to the board’s decision.

Mr Morris also did an interview with Q2 later on Friday. Here is that report:

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