Post Courier Coffee growers happy with price hike


A local coffee association in Morobe province comprising over 2000 coffee farmers across Menyamya district is pleased with the increase in the price of coffee.

Hamtai Coffee Group Limited (HCGL) sold 278 bags of coffee last month and brought in a whopping income of over K245,000 to its association and farmers.

President Den Anas said in July that HCGL members each provided 5-10 kg of dry coffee beans (parchment) to the association and made up the 278 bags.

“We took the bags to Lae and because we produce quality coffee, it was bought at K15.50 per kilogram,” he said.

“It made local farmers and members enthusiastic, motivated and really happy with the purchase prices.

“In the past 40 years since the introduction of coffee in Menyamya, we have not seen any buyers buying coffee at such prices. It’s the first time.”

Mr Anas said the committees split the money equally between farmers and associations, which motivated people to grow coffee.

Last week, MrAnas and his committee brought 500 bags of coffee (50-60 kg) to Lae to sell with the hope of earning around more than K300,000 from these bags.

In March, 713 HCGL members attended a two-week workshop and training led by coffee specialist John Kabuba, a trainer from Sucafina Specialty Morobe.

The training provided good garden management practices, proper post-harvest practices, processing and fermentation practices, including better pulping houses and utensils, best drying methods, solar-powered wet dryer to reduce humidity percentage and a coffee storage house.

All these trainings improved the quality of their coffee to be sold and bought at such a good price.

Keven Clement, a local farmer and committee member, said he was happy and motivated by the price increase, as in the past their coffee was usually bought at 3K per kilogram.

The association said that with the addition of the new coffee department, they look forward to working with the department.

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