Report: Jared and Ivanka aren’t winning any popularity contests with their Florida neighbors

When Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner moved from New York to Washington, D.C., in 2016, the duo may have assumed their next move would be much quicker — the less than two miles between their Kalorama mansion and the White House, which they thought they lived in when Ivanka becomes the first female president. [Pause for laughter.] Yes like Michael Wolff reported in fire and fury, the couple, had “made a serious agreement” between them that “if in the future the opportunity arose”, the two would not fight over who was going to be POTUS – not because neither of them was qualified remotely, but because they believed the choice was obvious. “She would be the one running for president,” Wolff wrote. “The first female president, Ivanka laughs, would not be Hillary Clinton; that would be Ivanka Trump.

Unfortunately for the women, it didn’t all work out quite the way Jared and Ivanka planned, and instead they were kicked out of town. Except that, thanks to their work over the previous four years and her father’s decision to incite a small insurrection, the couple’s old friends in New York didn’t exactly welcome them with open arms. So they did what any disgraced and ridiculously wealthy couple in their situation would do: they bought $56 million worth of real estate on a private island in Florida known as the “Billionaire Bunker” and decamped to the Sunshine State.

And that’s where they’ve been since last year, only they don’t live on the island they lost tens of millions of dollars on, where 79% of the people voted for Donald Trump, because their propagation is still under construction. Instead, they stayed in the town of Surfside, which lasted Joe Biden in 2020. And the locals are not thrilled!

According to a report from Washingtonian, while the town’s ‘mayor Trumpy’ is very excited about the couple’s presence, others would rather they move on. Eliana Salzhauer, a city commissioner, told the outlet that at first, “it was, ‘Oh, well, the city is being recognized.’ Then it was, “Oh, no, the psychopaths are coming. She added that she didn’t want Surfside to help burnish the couple’s image, which is fair. But others have more specific complaints. .

Speak Washingtonian:

On a sunny day last June, a Surfside resident spotted a tall blonde woman on the hard pack, with a small white dog on a leash. She watched as the woman led the dog out of the way to the beach, right in front of a sign that clearly stated that dogs were not allowed. The resident, a beach activist who finds high purpose in protecting Surfside’s loggerhead sea turtles during nesting season, has stepped up. “I was brisk-walking him and yelling at him,” she recalled. “I just opened my mouth and said, ‘You can’t go out with the dog!'”

When the surprised owner turned around, her face was instantly recognizable. It was Ivanka Trump, accompanied by her ten-year-old daughter, Arabelle, and their blue-eyed ultra-white pooch, Winter. “Oh-uh, I didn’t realize,” Trump said. The women were adjacent to the beachfront condominium where Ivanka and Jared, their three children and Winter (believed to be a Pomeranian mix) had relocated after their inglorious exit from Washington five months earlier – and a few not the big beach rules notice that Trump must have passed dozens of times by then.

“You are standing right next to the sign,” the neighbor told Ivanka. “Look, it says ‘No dogs.'”+

“Oh,” Ivanka said again as she pulled away.

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