Starbucks chief refutes reports of cup, syrup and coffee shortages

Kevin R. Johnson is a software engineer and businessman who has served as President and CEO of Starbucks Coffee Co. since 2017.

[Credit: Starbucks]

Amid rumors of major supply shortages, Starbucks chief executive Kevin Johnson said the coffeehouse chain has no shortage of coffee and cups, but admitted some baked goods are scarce.

“We’ve had shortages in the bakery case, that’s certainly true,” Johnson told CNBC’s Jim Cramer in a Mad Money interview last week.

The interview focused on previous reports, including one of the Wall Street Journal, who noted that some Starbucks stores were “hampered by shortages” of coffee cups and syrups, among other supplies, as store traffic saw strong rebounds from last year’s slowdown.

In other news, Starbucks employees said they couldn’t keep up with the growing number of mobile orders. They revealed that some stores do not have the capacity to meet demand for orders placed on the app, which also allows drinks to be completely personalized. See the story in Business intern.

According to a Statistical report Released in April, Starbucks had 32,646 stores worldwide in 2020, nearly doubling its footprint in the past decade. There were more international stores than in the United States; these figures were 15,328 and 17,318 respectively.

Of the US-based Starbucks stores, more than 8,900 were company-operated, while the rest were licensed. Starbucks posted its highest revenue ever in 2019, when it generated more than $ 26.5 billion.

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