Starbucks, Costa and Pret reveal recipes to recreate favorite coffee shops at home


Sam Trevethyen, head of training and beverage development at GRIND, a trendy chain of London cafes, revealed how to make a cappuccino at home.

Sam Trevethyen, head of training and beverage development at GRIND, a trendy chain of London cafes, revealed how to make a cappuccino at home. In the photo, a ground coffee


  • Nespresso compatible pod machine
  • Grind House Blend pods
  • French press
  • Milk or Mylk
  • Pan
  • Cappuccino
  • Chopped off


1. Fill the French press ⅓ with milk

2. Pour into the pan

3. Heat on the stove until it begins to bubble.

4. Fill the pod machine with filtered water.

5. Once the milk is heated, put it back into the French press.

6. Using the metal filter, pump up and down into the surface of the milk to add texture.

7. After the size of the milk has increased by 30%, take our metal filter

8. Place a Grind House Blend pod in your machine (our pods are Nespresso compatible) and put it in the Cappuccino cup.

9. Swirl the milk in the French press until it is glossy.

10. Pour into the coffee

11. Have fun!



As with everything, the fresh is always the best. However, not everyone has access to a quality coffee grinder, which is why there are so many different styles of ground coffee.

Once coffee is ground it can lose up to 50% of its volatile aromatics (the good stuff) in five minutes, so how it is stored and how it is ground is very important.

First, if the coffee is not in an airtight bag or container, it may taste weak or stale. This is especially true of coffee that is found in supermarkets or for weeks or even months. Second, if the coffee is ground fine enough to brew espresso, it will have lost a lot more flavor and intensity as it sits in the bag.

There are ways to do it. At Grind, for example, all of our tins are rinsed with nitrogen and then sealed instantly, for added freshness. The nitrogen replaces the oxygen inside the can, creating a natural environment that helps preserve the coffee. Another thing we do is only offer coffee on what we call “ Omni Grind ” – this is suitable for all types of filter coffee, including filter coffee, French press or immersion brew. Since it is a coarser grind, it helps keep the coffee fresher for longer. As with all things, the most important thing you can do is buy high-quality, well-stocked, well-roasted coffee.


The best milk hack at home is to fill a French press 1/4 full of milk, heat it until it starts to bubble, and put it back in the French press. Then, using the metal filter attached to the lid, hold it just below the surface of the milk and pump it up and down, quite vigorously. This will drag air and texture into the milk, and you can experiment with how deep you go or how fast for different results.

As a rule of thumb, once the volume of milk has increased by 1/4 it will be thick enough to bring you back to the last time you had a barista brewed coffee. You can even watch latte art videos and have a try!


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