Starbucks will cover travel expenses for employee abortions

Starbucks will cover the costs of employees who must travel for abortion and gender affirmation procedures, the coffee chain announced Monday. join a growing list of companies offer profit.

By expanding the existing medical insurance available to its workers, the Seattle-based company will reimburse the transportation costs of workers enrolled in its medical insurance and their dependents who do not have access to procedures within 100 miles of their home. residence.

After several states enacted restrictive reproductive health care laws, companies including Amazon, Apple, Citigroup, Microsoft and Salesforce said they would reimburse workers who get abortions in other states. A decision of the Supreme Court of the United States which effectively nullify Roe v. wade could pressure other companies to similarly reimburse employees.

“Like many of you, I am deeply concerned about the Supreme Court’s draft opinion regarding the constitutional right to abortion that was first established by Roe v. Wade,” said Sara Kelly, Starbucks Acting Executive Vice President for Employee Resources. a blog post.

Abortion rights activists gather in DC to demonstrate and protest potential overthrow of Roe against Wade


The company provides health coverage to its 240,000 part-time and full-time workers in its US stores, but declined to say how many employees are enrolled in the benefit.

Starbucks said the expanded coverage would extend to store workers who have voted to unionize or are in the process of doing so. Starbucks earlier this month increase in salaries and expansion of training in its corporate stores, but not in more than 50 newly unionized locations or those where votes are in progress.

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