Student Life Saving Tips for Saving Money


Everyone knows the feeling when you come to the store to shop, take everything you need, stay at the checkout to pay for the purchases and realize that you don’t have enough money. To avoid finding yourself in such situations, follow these helpful tips to save money.

Plan your time

When you are a student, it is very difficult to eat normally and on time: you get up early for school, lessons end closer to the evening, there are extra lessons, a break is often not enough, and in the evening you are so tired that you only have enough strength to put on the kettle or run for a quick meal (pizza and all the rest). But to avoid this, try to plan your time. First, you can have breakfast without being late for school, and second, you organize your day well and have time to relax and do your homework.

Calculate your budget

This point will help you decide what to spend the most on: food or entertainment. You can have a separate notepad to track your spending or download an app to your smartphone.

Plan your menu for the week

Get in the habit of planning your menu for the week. Before you go to the store, make a list of the foods you need for the week. This will help you save a significant chunk of your budget, because without the “darling list” you are forced to buy yourself something unnecessary.

Don’t go to the store on an empty stomach!

Yes, yes, we didn’t misspell it! The point is, when we go to the store on an empty stomach, our body is ready to redeem everything in its path (edible, of course). So to limit foolish purchases, go to the full store!

Try to cook yourself

It is the most efficient way to save money. First of all you will cook what you want, secondly there will be a lot of food and most importantly it will be delicious and you won’t have to worry about what to eat for breakfast!

Bulk buy

If you go to the store every day (or almost every day), you have the option of spending your budget half the time. So make a list of the groceries you need, figure out how much you need to have enough for a week – and go to the store! So you can “kill two birds with one stone” if you buy everything you need at once and spend as little as possible. And don’t forget the promotional items!

Make a mini piggy bank

Do you have a lot of goals and desires, but no way to achieve them all? You can make a mini piggy bank. Take a few sheets of A4 paper, glue them together in envelopes, sign each one (for example, for a trip, for a gift, for a wedding, for a birthday, etc.), and hang them in a chain on the shelf. Instead of envelopes, you can use a shoebox, dividing it with small cardboard dividers and signing the cells. Then set a budget for your “deductions” on that piggy bank. For example, every month on your stock market or paycheck day, set aside a certain amount and divide it into those envelopes or boxes. You’ll save faster that way!

Use bank cards as little as possible

The more often we use bank cards, the more difficult it is for us to “stick” to the budget. We don’t see this currency, so it’s easier to part with it. So, to make sure our finances are not wasted at once, try paying with real bills rather than electronic bills.

Save money on bad habits

A huge amount of money is spent on satisfying bad habits, like smoking. Just count how many packs you smoke per day, then translate that into money, and you’re horrified. How not to think about saving money?

Take advantage of student discounts

Many institutions offer promotions and special discounts for students. For example, full-time students can visit the National Art Museum and Botanical Gardens with a 50% discount – $ 4 instead of $ 8 (which is a significant difference!). Sometimes cafes, cafes and various chain stores offer discounts of 5 to 15% for students. The main thing is to follow the news and announcements, and you can save a few rubles! As you can see there are many ways to save money, the main thing is the desire and the desire to do it. Well, we hope these tips help you save your budget!

Reasonable expenses

Buy textbooks online. If the library doesn’t have the books and textbooks you need, don’t rush to buy them from the nearest bookstore. You can find these same manuals much cheaper online or ask McEssay writers to help. You can also find students there selling textbooks that they have used before and no longer need.

Stock stores and second-hand stores. The clothes in these stores are much cheaper. Of course, to find something suitable it will be more difficult. But you can have fun with friends, trying on different outfits. Plus, you can find good branded things there.

Groceries in markets or in inexpensive stores. It is clear that in the supermarket to buy much more convenient than the market. But markets do have their advantages: they are traded, the produce is fresh, and there are probably fewer chemicals than in the produce sold in supermarkets.

Frozen food. Although they are not particularly healthy, they are practical. Frozen foods are stored much longer, so you can spend less money on them.

Inexpensive analogues. Expensive doesn’t mean the best. There are many analogues of products and drugs that are several times cheaper, but not less in quality.

Take advantage of discounts. These days almost all stores have discount and savings cards. Ask the administration how you can obtain and use them for your health. In addition, there are often promotional days or hours. This is also very advantageous.

Rent accommodation with someone. Living in a dorm, of course, is great for your wallet. But often you don’t want to live there, you want to live like a normal person, in an apartment. That is why it is very convenient to rent accommodation not alone, but with someone. It is even possible for 3-4 people. So it’s more profitable and more fun.


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