Take a look at the Peterborough Coffee Company Masteroast as its 40th anniversary approaches

As Masteroast, based at Plantation House in Newark Road, Fengate, prepares to celebrate its birthday in October, bosses say they are proud that the company, which produces about one in seven cups of roast and ground coffee consumed at the exterior of the house in the United Kingdom, has taken the leap while preserving its independent status.

Remaining a small family business has allowed it to unleash a spirit of innovation that has allowed it to stay at the top of the sustainable development agenda, to be at the heart of the free trade movement and to made it a giant leap from a local business. become a player in the international market.

And last year the company started the £ 1.5million construction of a 2,500 pallet logistics building to focus on delivering its orders online as the Covid-19 pandemic changed the nature of its market.

Andy Fawkes, Managing Director of Masteroast, which has approximately 130 employees, said: “Reaching the 40-year mark is a huge achievement in any industry, and at Masteroast we are extremely proud to have achieved this goal while keeping our family independent and familial. owner status.

Founded in the 1980s, Masteroast, which today produces over 4,000 tonnes of coffee per year for major coffee brands and distributors, found itself in a relatively undeveloped market dominated by a small group of traditional blends and Europeans.

Mr Fawkes said: “Our success undoubtedly stems from our ability to bring the concept of better, fresher coffee to a mainstream audience – with our independent status allowing us to be quick and opportunistic in our approach. of the market.

“We’re not the only ones riding the wave of interest in great coffee these days, but we consider ourselves one of the few to have made a splash.

“We were also the pioneers of energy and emission friendly roasting technologies in the late 1980s, long before sustainability became the global issue it is today, and we are still leading the way. industry in this area.

He added, “Whether it’s helping the foodservice market understand that it could have a high quality, unique specialty coffee, roasted fresh to order, until it can break through the barriers in terms of Introducing Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance products to the UK market, Masteroast has always been ahead of its game and continues to innovate.

The move to Peterborough was crucial for the expansion of Masteroast

Mr. Fawkes said: “This has been a huge step in our transformation from a local family business into a professional entity operating nationally and, lately, internationally.

“Peterborough has been a great home for us, both in terms of access to expert staff and as a strategic location for distribution.

“Coffee consumption has remained fairly robust throughout the pandemic, and despite the challenges Brexit poses to shipping, we are optimistic about what the future holds.

“Even after 40 years, we continue to enjoy growth and a strong market share.

“We have had tremendous success supplying bespoke coffee brands to the UK – and now to 15 other countries around the world.

He added: “We look forward to what the next 40 years can bring.”

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