The special Starbucks reserved for CIA employees

According to a Washington Post report, this particular Starbucks is there to “help humanize the environment” for CIA employees working under high pressure (and high security). These employees are also a captive audience of thousands of analysts, agents, engineers, mappers, and other workers who are typically “caffeine-addicted personality types.” Whether or not this Starbucks is the busiest in the world as some urban legends claim, it sees constant long lines stretching down the hallway during morning and afternoon rushes.

Although the interior of this Starbucks looks a lot like any other, in terms of decor (although there is talk of potentially redecorating with spy paraphernalia), it bears the indefinable “Store Number 1” on his receipts, although some regulars like to refer to them. as “Stealth Starbucks”. The baristas, who have to go through extensive background checks and are escorted around the premises, also don’t ask for the names of customers to put on the cups, not even pseudonyms, which apparently made some CIA guys rather uncomfortable. There are also no reward cards, lest the information end up in the wrong hands. Which is an important consideration when it comes to the safety and security of the world.

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